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SETA: a universal, timeless and affordable smartphone stand that securely suspends your device and holds your charging cable.
2,477 backers pledged $91,187 to help bring this project to life.

Moving Right Along


I hope everyone is doing well. We only have a few more days remaining on our Kickstarter. I want you to know that we are working our tails off to get the SETA in your hands as soon as possible.  

I took some photos and video of what is going on inside 1.0 Innovations at this very moment. 

#1 Movie of our small laser cutting out 36 SETA faces. You will see why we need a bigger one. The laser is so weak it has to make 3 passes. We will have about 7,000 of these for Kickstarter. 1 foot pad, 1 face pad, 1 free pad for well over 2,000. 

#2 Getting ready to polish the SETA edges on the cork wheel. Notice the glamour shots of the SETA and XFLEX :)

#3 About a 1,000 boxes made...many more to go. This is about the only thing I do not like doing around here. I have to race everyone to make it fun. 

#4 Big Stacks of flat SETA ready to bend. 

If you would be so kind, please take a moment to share our project on Facebook and Twitter with your friends. Time is running out for them to get in on a great deal. 

Happy 4th of July to all my American Backers! I appreciate you all. Thank you for believing in me and 1.0 Innovations. 

George Bashaw

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    1. Creator David Casey on July 11, 2013


    2. Creator Cindy Coe-Verschage (deleted) on July 3, 2013

      I am so looking forward to mine. Thanks for the video and pics. Happy 4th to everyone!

    3. Creator Jeremy Andrew Buff on July 3, 2013

      So freakin' happy to see this!!

    4. Creator Matt Whiteley on July 3, 2013

      Looks great, there's already a spot reserved on my desk for when mine arrives :)

    5. Creator Tahseen Adeeb on July 3, 2013

      Congratulations on your hard work. Can't wait to get them in my hands.

    6. Creator Ben Avnon on July 3, 2013

      Looks great!

    7. Creator Pedro Fernandez Ruiz on July 3, 2013

      congrats for your work! all that looks amazing!