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World's first and finest leather charging cables; redesigned for extreme durability and fast charging, handmade for a sleek finish.
World's first and finest leather charging cables; redesigned for extreme durability and fast charging, handmade for a sleek finish.
World's first and finest leather charging cables; redesigned for extreme durability and fast charging, handmade for a sleek finish.
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    1. Missing avatar

      dcb on

      One of my 2 cables has stopped working. Please respond regarding repair or replacement. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      hello - my cable has completely stopped working. I love it and have been using it regularly but am super frustrated it's not working any more. Can you replace it?

    3. Pablo Legorreta on

      Love the cable, unfortunately, it appears that mine is defective as well as the connector for lightning fell off. What can I do to get it fixed/replaced?

    4. Richard Gould on

      Hi - I replied in October - and a few times since. No reply. Please get back to me. Thanks -

    5. Jim Schiekofer

      My cable stopped working. I really love the design and strength and continue to recommend but now I'm frustrated. Can you send a replacement? Who do I speak with?

    6. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Richard & Dirk: See your inbox for details regarding your queries.

    7. Richard Gould on

      I wrote a few months ago about how one of my cables broke after a very short period of time. The connector simply fell off. I've had no response for how to obtain a replacement.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dirk Meinzer on

      Hi, I have bought two cables and we love them. Great looks and fantastic performance. Unfortunately the lightning pin has broken and just fallen off on one of them. I can send you a picture if you need it. How can we fix this? Thank you in advance.

    9. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Elles & Matt: Your replacement cables were sent to you 2 weeks ago.

    10. Missing avatar

      Manickam Janakiraman on

      Hi, As I mentioned before. My cable stopped working. iPhone issues a warning that the cable is not supported. I can send you the screen shot of the warning message. Could you please replace my cable.

    11. Elles

      On June 10 u said you would send replacement. I emailed u several times since. I can't believe I am the only person whose cable doesn't work.don't buy this, not only does it fail after a short tim e, but there is no response and service.

    12. Elles

      @Matt Read..
      I assume you havent heard from them either? They are not replying to me. Cable worthless

    13. Elles

      Okay. Still waiting to return cable and get one that works. Are u still there? You are not replying..

    14. Elles

      15 days ago u said you would send me replacement cable.. when can I expect it please, and where do I send non-working one back? Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick

      Mine is in almost daily use in my car. It works well and looks so much better than tacky plastic.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt read on

      Hi. One of my cables has broken. The Lightning plug has completely come out of the plastic housing. Are you able to help? Thanks

    17. Elles

      Yes..same address..where do I send cable back to..and further, what happened? If you need me to confirm address, please PM me and I will..

    18. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Elles: Sorry to hear that but we are going to send you a free replacement. Is your address still the same that we shipped to last time?

    19. Elles

      I'm going to try once more..your cable has stopped working.. anyone else have this problem? I will search out other ways to contact you, but I just got it and this shouldn't happen.. please respond..

    20. Elles

      I loved this cable when I got it. I have been using it. Last night it stopped working. I can no longer charge my Samsung phone with my Samsung fast adapter and your cable. I can no longer hook anything g up to your cable and charge anything. Help please..

    21. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Kumar: I've sent you a message regarding your query. Let's take this to the private message.

    22. Kumar Vikash on

      Hi , i got Tracking number in 19th Feb 2016 but it is not yet delivered , tracking number is LJ161790747US departed USPS, but it still shows In Transit to destination, plz help me or one of my friend travelling to LA next week plz confirm if possible to handover to him..

    23. Missing avatar

      Manickam Janakiraman on

      Sorry, I am using Apple wall charger not a third party one. Currently my cable is unusable.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mona on

      Truly love these cables!

      First off, the packaging was wonderful and beyond my expectations. Cables came in individual, colorful magnetized boxes -- perfect for gifting (which is what I intended 2 out of the 3 cables I bought to be for).

      The cables itself are gorgeous. I bought the brown for myself, black for my dad, and pink suede for my mom. The suede cables are a tiny bit thicker than the natural hide cables, which I actually kinda liked. Colors are vibrant, leather quality is supreme, and I love the "craftsmen" look of these cables.

      Probably my favorite feature is the quick charging. I travel a lot for work and needed a cable that can quickly juice up my phone during a short 20 minute window -- this cable literally charged my phone in about double the time as my old charger. And not going to lie, pulling out my cable during meetings did make me feel pretty badass.

      Only downside I have to comment on was the delay in getting my cables. I was hoping to get them much earlier, but I understand that the issues that caused the delay were not in Mokot's control and there was not too much he could do about it. What I do appreciate is the constant, open communication and updates I received on shipping timeline. You can tell they actually care, and that's a nice feeling for a customer :)

    25. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Andrew: I'm glad you liked the cables. Yes, you could definitely purchase more via our website:

    26. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Daniel: Please send the pictures to and we'll be able to replace your cable. Very sorry to hear about the malfunction.

    27. Jean-Baptiste Thomas on

      Cheers, managed to track it down. Thanks.

    28. Daniel Patterson on

      After using the cord a dozen times, the metal lightning cable part fell off of the end of the cable. Pretty dissapointed that it already broke.

    29. Andrew Greaves on

      Hi guys. I have received my cable a couple of weeks ago and it works great. Is it possible to purchase anymore. Look forward to hearing you.

    30. Nicolas Masson on

      Hi, my cable is already not Working after only few days, What shall i do to use the warranty ?

    31. Missing avatar

      You Kyung Choi on

      I received my brown leather esbee cable and I have been using it for couple weeks & loving it!
      * My first impression of the cable was how pretty it looked and the smell of genuine leather! (ok I sound a little weird.. but you all know what I mean)
      * Charging quality is amazing. I have Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and I was scared that it wouldn't charge as fast as the cable that came with it. However, it actually charges very fast! It even charges my boyfriend's Samsung Galaxy S5 really fast. Loving it
      * Bottom line, i love it. I love how luxurious and classic it is. Its my go-to cable!!

    32. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Jean: Your package had left via express DHL and I had personally messaged you the tracking number on March 10th. However, I have looked into the matter and seems like your package is on hold in Stockholm due to incorrect address. I've messaged you the address that I have on file. Please revise that to avoid any further delay in delivery.

    33. Jean-Baptiste Thomas on

      Also not received any info on shipping to Sweden. Can you let me know if I'm one of the few who won't get the cable?

    34. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Aaron Krill: Don't worry Aaron we have got you covered. I will send you a replacement. Check your inbox for further details.

    35. Ber Zoidberg on

      I've tried a few iphones, same issue. Other cables work fine with my iPhone as well. Pretty sure there's something funky with my Esbee.

    36. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Piotr: With all due respect I'm very sorry Mr. Piotr for making you think I'm ripping you off. I'm an honest person who values relationships far more than money. I always respect people more than they respect me.

      Kickstarter is a community where trust is all we have for each other and I hope no one ever plays with that. How beautiful was it that you guys pledged me your money even without knowing me and how could I ever think about betraying you.

      Yes, I have made mistakes, I admit that but my intentions have always been clear. I have fulfilled almost every order but towards the end fell short of the following colors by small quantities as mentioned below. Our craftsmen ended up wasting a lot more leather than we speculated and later became impossible to manufacture new leather in such scarce quantity. There's an MOQ for tanneries and its over 250 sq feet per color.

      Red: 15 cables short
      Blue: 8 cables short
      Green: 3 cables short
      Pink: 3 cables short
      Yellow: 1 cable short

      It was just a request for you to pick up the colors I have but if you don't want to, it is perfectly fine. It is your money that you pledged and you have complete right over it. I have submitted the refund from my end and it should show up in your statement within 2-3 business days.

      Wishing you nothing but happiness and prosperity.

    37. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Edgar: We have sold 2000 cables so far and have only gotten in total 6 complaints. Please think twice before calling the product 'useless' as we have worked hard towards making this happen. We have gotten the MFI certification for the cable and as per the Apple standard test every connector pin has to withstand a pull force of 22 lbs without loosening the connections.

      All that said, we do stand behind our product for one full year. While other companies may have turned this down saying 'abusive force applied', we asking no further questions are sending you a free replacement cable within a couple of days and will provide you with a tracking number once its out.

    38. piotr marczuk on

      This guy is ripping us off in a daylight!!! Now he informed me that he run out of colorful leather and I can choose only from black and brown....hilarious!!! I hope I can finally get my money back. To all who are still considering purchase - by all means avoid this unreliable guy!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      edgar rouwenhorst on

      Received the cable 2 weeks ago - after a 6 month wait - but the connector got stuck in the phone when I unplugged it a few days ago. Pretty useless quality.

    40. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Jesper: See your inbox for more details.
      @Aaron Krill: We perform various tests on each cable before they are approved for shipping to ensure that no issues like these exist. Have you tried using it on somebody else's phone? If the same issue arises we will replace it.

    41. Ber Zoidberg on

      It seems my cable may be somewhat defective, I've tried several chargers and USB ports (and many iPhones) but the phone keeps having a seizure every time I use it. The charge screen comes on and off, on and off, in rapid succession.

    42. Jesper Nygaard on

      I still have not received any shipping information to Denmark. Could you please help

    43. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @Mark: Your replacement cable will be shipped out within two days and we'll email you with the tracking number of the new package as well as the return labels for previous one that you'd want to exchange.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevelow

      Can you please respond to my post about exchanging or returning the brown cable I didn't pledge for?

    45. Mokot, LLC Creator on

      @manickam: All Esbee Cables are guaranteed MFI certified. For your satisfaction I'm providing the Apple MFI certified database:

      In the drop-down menu select brand and type 'esbee' in the search box to see the results. All our cables are certified and for further satisfaction, you can even match the barcode with your Esbee Cable box.

      That said, the problem could be with your wall charger. You could be getting the error because your wall charger is from a 3rd party manufacturer non MFI certified manufacturer.


    46. Missing avatar

      Manickam Janakiraman on

      Apple iPhone issued a warning: This accessory is not not supported so not compatible to use with iPhone. Now the cable is not charging. It's useless. Please work with Apple and resolve the issue. Why the cable is not MiFi certified by Apple. I thought the cable was supposed to be certified by Apple. Now my purchase is waste.

    47. Missing avatar

      tonymartins on

      Hi, this is backer # 509 have not received any info on the shipping or tracking number. This is the 2nd message, no response at all so far. Please advise. Thank you

    48. Missing avatar

      Manickam Janakiraman on

      Apple iPhone says it's not a supported cable. The wire is not charging anymore. It's unusable now. What to do?

      Also I received the wrong color.

      Could you suggest why it's not certified by Apple.

      Please work with Apple and make it compatible.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevelow

      I received my cable, but I ordered a red cable and was shipped a brown cable. When I contacted Esbee they said they'd run out of red and had shipped me a brown without asking my preference. I sent them a message requesting a black cable and instructions for returning the brown, but I haven't heard back. Not good service, not a happy outcome.

    50. Missing avatar

      Dmytro Goncharov on

      I still have not received any shipping information. Could you please help?

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