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Venus Patrol is a new videogame website in search of beautiful things, from former editor and IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer.
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Posted by Brandon Boyer (Creator)

What's this? One more bonus surprise? As we wind down into the final hours of the campaign, I've got another special thank-you gift for donators both old and new at all levels: a 1.5 hour live recording from DJ extraordinaire Baiyon, known best in gaming circles as the designer behind PlayStation 3 cult hit PixelJunk Eden and the upcoming PlayStation Move-enhanced audio-visualizer PixelJunk 4AM.

Baiyon was recently here in Austin to DJ a Saturday night party at Fantastic Arcade, and as we smoked our final cigarettes before the set he double-insisted that I make sure to be back inside for the first track. I couldn't imagine why, but dutifully obeyed, and when the set kicked off was treated to this:

Unfortunately, we couldn't get a great recording of that night's set, but Baiyon has very graciously donated a fantastic-sounding recording of the set he played in Kyoto's Club Metro -- more or less immediately after stepping off his flight back from Austin -- which also kicks off with the same danceable remix of 'Dark Flutes', the lead track from Jim Guthrie's SWORD & SWORCERY LP.

For a little taste of what you can expect, here's a little shaky/drunken-cam preview of the 'Dark Flutes' portion of Baiyon's Fantastic Arcade set, with the addendum that the direct-from-soundboard mix you'll be receiving a.) sounds far better and b.) remains as incredible throughout the rest of the recording.

Finally, as a teeny-tiny teaser for everyone, here's a bonus snapshot from Baiyon's extended stay of his visit to Venus Patrol HQ (aka my super messy bedroom), where he got one of the first hands-on sessions with Superbrothers' still-to-be-unveiled PC prototype you'll receive by donating $25 or more to this campaign!

Hope you're all as excited to hear this set as I am to be offering it! Stay tuned for more updates soon!


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    1. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Jamtastic. Much as the synth bugs my folks, I do enjoy booting up the Sworcery EP. Don't even get it myself; didn't expect to get as into it as I have.

    2. Ciara Oddminzer on

      Awesome! Trying to extrapolate as much gameplay from that screenshot as I can:
      YoYo Spotlight: Swing your way through zones themed around the primary colours, with your trusty Ultrayoyo as your only means of both self-defence and transport. First person Bionic Commando meets every schoolyard fad inside insane colour universe! How close was I?