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r/evolving circus's video poster

Transforming stories of treasured objects into a free bicycle-powered pop-up art gallery that travels the world. Read more

Batavia, IL Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on November 3, 2012.

Transforming stories of treasured objects into a free bicycle-powered pop-up art gallery that travels the world.

Batavia, IL Public Art
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About this project

How it all began...

Last fall I came up with the idea to create, through my oil paintings, a body of work that weaves the individual together with the community, evolving as it is shown. Popping up in public spaces: parks and bike paths and in communities such as nursing homes, prisons, low income housing areas, schools, factories, farm fields, and more. Gathering stories from the people at each location, then painting these- continually adding new segments to create an ever-changing  contemporary collective story. I shared this concept with my friend and fellow artist James Jenkins and he engineered and built an amazing carousel large enough to carry my 6' x 6' paintings. 

Under Construction
Under Construction

The Name

r/evovling circus = Our Evolving Circus .The carousel's bright, whimsical and engaging paintings are meant to stand out against the ordinary and not only bring art to the people but activate the creative spirit in all of us.


 As the circus r/evolves I am inviting viewers to submit an image of their cherished object along with a description of why it is meaningful to them. I will then select from these and continually create new paintings to panel the carousel. 

Trial run… it works!
Trial run… it works!

re/joice… and disappointment

Our trial run went well. We had an enthusiastic and supportive home town crowd. Shortly after this I was headed to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York to unveil the carousel for its world premier. Unfortunately, the complexity involved in setup was to great and I had to face the real disappointment of failure.


The next time I set up, Jim was at my side. We constructed the carousel at the local high school and set up time ran close to 6 hours. This experience helped us both see that the carousel's scale was too large to meet its goal of being easy to display.


We decided that in order to make the structure quicker to assemble and more mobile that it needed to be half the scale and powered by human energy(and bicycle) instead of an electric motor. 

Thank you! Your support is vital to bringing this free, joyful, interactive art installation to the public. 

More paintings and news about r/evolving circus

Carousel Maker James G. Jenkins

Graphic Design created by Flo Kat

Website provided by Start Interaction

Stretch Goal- $5,000

Why am I stretching the goal? Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform that allows you to raise money beyond your goal and I needed $3,000 as a bare minimum to pay for my rewards, pay 10%to Amazon and Kickstarter and to pay for the redesign and retrofit of the current carousel. The show will go on but to accomplish all of the goals below by the summer of 2013 I will need to raise more money.  Thank you for your support!

Carousel redesign and reconstruction
Purchase or build a bike cart to pull the circus
Retrofitting or replacing my bike with a Folding Bike
Materials for new paintings
Promotional materials
Canopy to protect from foul weather
Colorful, bike safe Ringmaster costume
A custom made hand cranked musical device with spinning speakers

Great r/ewards

A set of 10 postcards- all of original paintings
Posters featuring treasured objects(see below)
Commissioned  artwork—18"x24" paintings
The original and iconic Carousel Horse oil painting 62"x56"

New Pledge level… BIKE SNOB NYC

To thank Bike Snob NYC for all of the project views I'm adding a new pledge level of $65. At this level you will receive a 12x18 poster of an original painting of the crappy mix tape submitted by Bike Snob NYC. If the backer limit is reached at this level I will send the original painting to Bike Snob after the r/evolving circus completes its summer tour in 2013.

Bike Snob NYC crappy mixed tape
Bike Snob NYC crappy mixed tape
Dawn's Typewriter
Dawn's Typewriter
Maude's Tricycle
Maude's Tricycle
Boston Commons Carousel Horse
Boston Commons Carousel Horse

Risks and challenges

One risk is that the carousel will not be well received, that it will not engage the casual passer-by. How to engage a jaded audience? My approach to each pop-up situation will have to evolve with the situation, be adaptable to weather and human conditions, as well as current events. I am committed through my art to finding a commonality that bridges social groups and geographic boundaries. Creating a carousel that is physically manageable will encourage my commitment to surmount these challenges.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    Thank You!
    Your name will be listed on a handprinted scroll that will be displayed during the travels of r/evolving circus.(optional)

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    Pledge $10 or more

    13 backers

    I will send you an amazing, dynamic "r/evolving circus" Sticker for your collection and the above Thank you reward.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    17 backers

    Postcard Package:
    You will receive 10 postcards(5"x7") all from different original paintings I have made.
    Think Instant art gallery in your home.

    Plus your name(if you chose) on the scroll and the fabulous sticker.

    International shipping($10)

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    One SIGNED Poster 12x18
    you choose: Typewriter,Tricycle or
    Carousel Horse.

    Plus(If you chose) your name added to the list of Patrons of the Arts, a set of ten Postcards and the amazing sticker.
    International shipping(15$)

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    Pledge $65 or more

    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    Bike Snob. In honor of Bike Snob NYC poking fun at r/evolving circus I am meeting his challenge and painting the crappy mix tape. Your reward at this level is one SIGNED 12x18 Poster of Bike Snob NYC's crappy mix tape. International shipping ($15).

    If the limit is reached at this level I will send the original painting to Bike Snob NYC after the r/evolving circus summer 2013 tour.

    Read more:

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    Three SIGNED 12"x 18" Posters!!!
    Wow you don't have to choose.
    They make great presents.

    Plus 10 pack of Postcards, the Super Sticker
    and (if you chose) your name will be displayed on the scroll.
    International shipping(15$)

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    Pledge $500 or more

    2 backers Limited (3 left of 5)

    Your very own Painting on a stretched canvas
    18"x 24"
    you pick your favorite color and send me an image
    I will paint it in oil so as soon as it is dry I will ship it! (sorry US only or write me for international shipping rate)

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    The Carousel Horse (62" x56" oil on scrolled canvas)
    is yours and already painted and will ship to you pronto.(US only)

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