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Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
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Dear Backers,

We have some very important news and wanted to share it with you first!

We are pleased to announce the online launch of our film, premiering in Easter Monday, April 2nd, exclusively on Vimeo on Demand: high quality streaming service and vibrant community of independent cinema, as we now set sail on a voyage to reach a wider audience of lovers of the sea, islands and traditions to help ensure these important skills stay alive.

And we would very much like you to be involved - please help us share this exciting news far & wide among your networks in blogs, websites & social media channels! 

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Prior to launching Vanishing Sail on digital, of course we will be delivering a very patiently awaited promo code to all who pledged on the Special Backer Edition Download!

Thank you always for your kind support along our journey, it was your initial enthusiasm that spurred us on to create something special with this film, lets keep this thing going!

Alexis & Justin





Schooners of the Cayman Islands


Dear Backers,

After a screening of our film in Suffolk, U.K. last week we received the below:

"I saw the movie last night thought it was a great accomplishment and much needed to stimulate more respect for the attributes of working with your hands to perfect a useful piece of beauty. This is a problem in the Caribbean generally amongst those whose generations have done just that and have 'raised' their standards of living to the point that working with your hands is a sign of an impoverished class. Cayman has similar tendencies because of tourism and the financial culture..." Herman E. Ross

The image above is the Lydia A. Wilson from a collection sent to Mr. Ross for his upcoming book & lecture series on Cayman Islands Maritime Heritage. He is pictured below [2nd from right background] aboard the ill fated Goldfield, the most beautiful in Cayman's fleet of over 200 schooners.

We look forward to meeting many more interesting people along our journey of special screenings of Vanishing Sail [click links below to book tickets]:

25 Jan: The Barn Cinema, Dartington, Totnes, Devon, UK 

27 Jan: Texas Premiere, The Bullock History Museum, Austin, Tx, USA 

1 Feb: London Oyster Week Crowdfunder Event, Newquay. U.K. 

8 Feb: Solent Gaffers Association, Salisbury, U.K.

With Thanks & Respect,

Alexis & Justin

Connecting with Traditional Sail on the UK South Coast.


Dear Backers,

Our screening tour of the U.K. South Coast has been an amazing journey, creating interesting and engaging dialogue with our audiences. From Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard to St. Leonards on Sea to Plymouth, Dartmouth and Falmouth, there is one single continuous theme that resonates all along the coast; Traditional Boatbuilding must continue, not only in Great Britain and the West Indies, but all over the world because there are just too many good reasons why future generations of people young and old can connect with their culture, themselves and the sea in this special way.

Our Cornish Premiere at the landmark Poly in Falmouth was a highlight indeed, introduced by Ben Harris, a local boatbuilder and woodsman who had gone to all the yards in the area inviting people to the screening and was truly moved to discover such a vibrant scene.

“I was just blown away by how much is going on here, how many people are at it, building wooden boats in the area… I felt an incredible sense of pride to be part of this community”

The next day, Justin was invited to interview the leading force behind one of Cornwall’s most important current educational projects; The Pellew!

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Many Thanks to Classic Boat and for being our presenting partners during this tour. Vanishing Sail is currently available for booking at cinemas and special events with Blu Ray & VOD coming in 2018.

Maritime Media Award!


Dear Backers,

Last night at the Institute of Directors, iconic landmark of London’s Georgian heritage, there was a black tie dinner held in honor of the nominees for the 2017 Maritime Media Awards. This is an annual celebration acknowledging exceptional contributions to the understanding of maritime matters in the United Kingdom and beyond. 

Vanishing Sail is the winner the Donald Gosling Award for Best Television or Film! 

“An absolutely superb film, with all aspects of it perfectly balanced against each other – very like Exodus herself, as rewarding a maritime documentary as you could hope for.” Rob White Chair, The Maritime Foundation. 

We sincerely hope this official honour & recognition will inspire support for our film to be distributed and more importantly, help us develop more boatbuilding projects for the communities of Carriacou!

Next Screenings:

Nov 11 - Dartmouth, Devon, UK
Nov 14 & 15 - Plymouth, Devon, UK
Nov 24 - Falmouth, Cornwall, U.K.

With Thanks,
Alexis & Justin

Caribbean Spirit

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Dear Backers,

We are gradually moving towards a wider release of Vanishing Sail, building awareness through special curated screening events with partnering opportunities for selected companies. Our ambition? The global ONLINE PREMIERE! 

To achieve this, we are looking for a U.S. based Producers Rep/Outreach Coordinator to join our team of two. The role will cover general production management for screening bookings, promotional campaigns for on/off line media, connecting with institutions and distributors in the film business, sailing world and West Indies diaspora. Digital marketing skills, a strong core belief in our project and LOVE of the West Indies VERY necessary, If you know this person [or company] please get in touch!

Next Screening Events:

We are much saddened by the overwhelming devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria to our sister islands here in the West Indies. Our thoughts are with the many communities affected by so much loss where it will take a long time and great effort for life to return to normal.

May the resilience & determination of the Caribbean spirit together with international and regional support make steady progress to rebuild as we continue through the last remaining months of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season.

With Thanks & Respect, 
Alexis & Justin