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Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
355 backers pledged $62,023 to help bring this project to life.

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Next Screening: America's Sailing Capital

We would like to extend a special invitation to any of our good backers that may be in the Annapolis/Chesapeake/Washington/Baltimore area to join us at our next screening at a really cool venue...Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts Auditorium, Sunday, April 3rd, 10 a.m. followed by Q & A with the director and moderated by world class sailor, author and President of the National Sailing Hall of Fame Gary Jobson!

“An insightful and poignant documentary that is part social history and part Herzogian portrait of resilience and determination in a far-flung locale.” INDIEWIRE

There will be several special guests attending the screening and hopefully even some from our wonderful original core support group - THATS YOU - please send a message if you would like us to reserve your VIP seats! 

Limited amount of tickets are on sale through the festival.

With Thanks, Alexis

The Journey Continues...


Dear Backers,

2015 was a whirlwind for sure; since our World Premiere at the St. Barth Film Festival in April, Vanishing Sail has screened at 13 festivals in 11 countries around the world including Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Toronto, Lunenburg, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Trinidad, Aruba, Bahamas, Havana, Warsaw and even Alaska, where diverse audiences came out to connect with our humble story.

“A truly special screening here in Lunenburg - the combination of excellent production values, a heartening story, the parallels between Alwyn’s community and ours, the local relevance and connections, it’s just a superb fit.” Pamela Segger, Co-Chair & Programmer, Lunenburg Doc Fest

Conventional wisdom says that after a film is finished, you then enter it into festivals, try to win some awards and hopefully land a distribution deal where you recoup some of the money you've laid out. We soon learned however, that for first time indie filmmakers the road to getting the film out there beyond the festival circuit is long and winding with many speed bumps along the way. And that we would need more time to raise $$$ to clear archive stock footage and music rights if we wanted our story to resonate with a true feel and sound of the era.

Meanwhile in support of the wider goals of the film, a friend in St. Barth’s commissioned a new 42’ Carriacou Sloop from the Enoe family in Windward. This wonderful distraction required us to manage the project, source materials and eventually launch and rig the vessel for her maiden voyage to Antigua…

Free in St. Barth is designed by the master Alwyn Enoe but built by his son Cal. This represents a milestone indeed because of the potential now for the skills to continue a little longer. The vessel is REALLY FAST and will race in the Antigua Classics where we are planning an official screening of our film on April 17th in the historic Unesco Cultural Heritage Site, Nelson’s Dockyard.

And even more good news: we are now seriously considering all kinds of interesting distribution opportunities [traditional as well as emerging] for an official worldwide release in 2016!

With Thanks & Respect,

Alexis & Justin

Delivery of your rewards


Dear Backers,

Many of you good people have been asking when you can receive your digital download and Special Backer Edition DVD of our film. 

The answer is after Film Festival circuit and prior to general release.

THANK YOU ALL for your patience & support, please hang in there...we really want to get the film to everyone soon but there is much work still to be done before before we reach distribution stage. This is the nature of the film business and it is important that we do this right.

With Thanks,


A new Carriacou Sloop for St. Barth!


Dear Backers 

While we have been busy promoting Vanishing Sail at film festivals, the Enoe family have been busy creating the latest Carriacou sloop! This one has been built by Alwyn's son Cal and is commissioned by our friend Thierry De Badereau from Free in St Barth, a big supporter of The West Indies Regatta. Launching is set for Sunday, 8th November, Windward, Carriacou. This event is going to be HUGE..."Reconnecting the Islands with Traditional Sail".

And as a celebration of the skills being passed down to the next generation, our film will have a special screening with The Carriacou Historical Society & Museum with support from the Grenada Tourism Authority in Hillsborough, Saturday 7th. November, upstairs Carriacou Health Services (CHS). Event: 6pm, Showtime 7pm - it will be wonderful to see you there!

3 festivals in 3 countries at the same time!


 Vanishing Sail wins the People’s Choice Award - Best Documentary Feature Film @ Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival!

This award is a VERY BIG TING because it represents the collective enthusiasm of a very cool and large festival. It is the THE MOST respected recognition because the audience is the jury and our audience is growing in a wonderful organic way - very gratifying indeed to see this film is meaningful to so many people.

Our 3 simultaneous screenings have been a very special and rewarding experience; with VS Ambassadors-at-Large Tom Gallant & Dan Moreland in Lunenburg, Justin Sihera in Amsterdam and myself in Trinidad all providing Q&A @ the theaters.

These screenings are part of our journey to connect with people all over the world who share a passion for sailing & creating works of art.

 At Ambacht in Beeld Festival our film was introduced jointly by Marianne van Dorst, from the Netherlands Open Air Museum, an institution that aims to preserve and bring to life aspects of Dutch culture before they are lost on the heels of progress and Alwyn's Dutch counterpart: Henk van Halteren, 7th generation shipwright and one of the last traditional boat builders in the Netherlands.

And @ Lunenburg Doc Fest our film was 1 of 8 selected from 900 submissions from 97 countries!

"Vanishing Sail is an absolute undiluted soaring triumph. And perhaps, like Rachael Carsen’s seminal environmental book and warning, Silent Spring, Vanishing Sail might just hold off it’s titles own prediction, at least long enough for us to build a big schooner or two [and more sloops] and carry on and grow the next generation of boat builders, shipwrights and citizen sailors in the islands. As long as the easterly tradewinds blow so we can sail the islands. And fish and trade and bring a load back from St Barts or St Martin from time to time, maybe. An amazing palm fringed monument and a powerful work of art; Alexis and all who made it possible – thank you so much!!!!" 

Daniel Moreland, Captain of the Tall Ship Picton Castle

Please know that ALL BACKERS are invited to our NEXT SCREENING!