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Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
355 backers pledged $62,023 to help bring this project to life.

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Screening @ the Source


Before we take the film to festivals worldwide, there was one pressing issue. Alwyn Enoe, our main character could not make it to the premiere, so we decided to set sail right away from St. Barth's to Carriacou along the old smuggling route - this time with a different cargo: a projector and giant screen!  

On arrival in Windward we set up the outdoor theatre at the Dover Primary School where the community gathered eagerly to take their seats.

The crowd grew to over 200 people as they watched for familar faces and all stood and cheered at the ending & final resolution of the film. A very touching moment for all — especially Alwyn, who had not seen any of his footage during the 5 years of filming.

A big thank you to the community of Windward for their wonderful support and encouragement & to ALL our Kickstarter backers for being part of making this happen!

Submissions to film festivals have now been made — stay tuned to find out when Vanishing Sail is coming to a location near you!

The First Screening!


The world Premiere of Vanishing Sail - what a night! West Indies sloops & schooners from up and down the islands gathered on the dock for the 20th anniversary St. Barth Film Festival. By nightfall the crowd swelled to 350 + people, a brief intro and the music of the sea began. The dock became wrapped in silence, only the creaking of mooring lines, the vessels all swaying together lit by the moon, all feeling the story as one. Very powerful indeed to finally see our film come alive on a huge screen with such a wonderful audience followed by a standing ovation...THANK YOU ST. BARTH!

Director, Alwyn's Sons & Producer
Director, Alwyn's Sons & Producer

The film will be screened at selected Film Festivals during this summer & fall prior to a general release. For further info please sign up for news @

World Premiere @ St. Barth Film Festival


The Time has FINALLY come!

We will be premiering our film @ the 20th Anniversary St. Barth Film Festival on April 30th - with the last remaining Sloops & Schooners of the West Indies in attendance on the dock in Gustavia.

The event will be followed by the West Indies Regatta - "Reconnecting the Islands with Traditional Sail". So if any of you wonderful backers would like to join us, you would be most welcome!

There will be further screenings at Film Festivals in the USA & Europe during the summer and fall. We shall of course notify you about these a well as eventual distribution and DVD availability.

Thank you again for your support!  

2015 - The Year of Completion!


With the picture now locked into a fine cut, we have begun working on the latest stages of our film: THE SOUND

Offshore Music Studios, Antigua
Offshore Music Studios, Antigua

Landscaped with music - the story is now coming alive with the original score by Torsten Stenzel, a truly remarkable talent.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Gus Koven, our sound designer has been adding layers of surround sound recordings to the mix.

Aboard the beach built cutter "Bequia".
Aboard the beach built cutter "Bequia".

Each part of the filmaking process has been all consuming and completely fascinating. We are very excited about the next stage...

Happy New Year to all our patient backers - this summer will see the first screenings of Vanishing Sail!

Progress Report


When will our film be ready?

Well there are a few more stages [months] still to go but this is what we have been up to: 

  • May - sailed Genesis to Carriacou with Justin our producer & sound recordist to obtain audio at sea as well as in the village of Windward to help really put you there when you finally sit back and watch this film!
  • June - spent 2 1/2 weeks with our editor in London doing final story structure within our rough cut.
  • July - actually took a break!
  • August - spent 4 weeks reworking final edit remotely through Skype with Justin in UK before forwarding the entire cut back to our editor in London.

Where are we at now? 

Project drives are going back to Los Angeles next week to begin the exiting & mysterious work of sound design + when we have actually listened deeply to the entire film - we'll do a final cut with a fine toothed comb before the color grade!

Hang in there - its getting good!

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