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Sail was once the life blood of the Caribbean. The film tells the compelling story of a tradition on the verge of extinction.
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Alexis Andrews

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World Premiere @ St. Barth Film Festival


The Time has FINALLY come!

We will be premiering our film @ the 20th Anniversary St. Barth Film Festival on April 30th - with the last remaining Sloops & Schooners of the West Indies in attendance on the dock in Gustavia.

The event will be followed by the West Indies Regatta - "Reconnecting the Islands with Traditional Sail". So if any of you wonderful backers would like to join us, you would be most welcome!

There will be further screenings at Film Festivals in the USA & Europe during the summer and fall. We shall of course notify you about these a well as eventual distribution and DVD availability.

Thank you again for your support!  

2015 - The Year of Completion!


With the picture now locked into a fine cut, we have begun working on the latest stages of our film: THE SOUND

Offshore Music Studios, Antigua
Offshore Music Studios, Antigua

Landscaped with music - the story is now coming alive with the original score by Torsten Stenzel, a truly remarkable talent.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Gus Koven, our sound designer has been adding layers of surround sound recordings to the mix.

Aboard the beach built cutter "Bequia".
Aboard the beach built cutter "Bequia".

Each part of the filmaking process has been all consuming and completely fascinating. We are very excited about the next stage...

Happy New Year to all our patient backers - this summer will see the first screenings of Vanishing Sail!

Progress Report


When will our film be ready?

Well there are a few more stages [months] still to go but this is what we have been up to: 

  • May - sailed Genesis to Carriacou with Justin our producer & sound recordist to obtain audio at sea as well as in the village of Windward to help really put you there when you finally sit back and watch this film!
  • June - spent 2 1/2 weeks with our editor in London doing final story structure within our rough cut.
  • July - actually took a break!
  • August - spent 4 weeks reworking final edit remotely through Skype with Justin in UK before forwarding the entire cut back to our editor in London.

Where are we at now? 

Project drives are going back to Los Angeles next week to begin the exiting & mysterious work of sound design + when we have actually listened deeply to the entire film - we'll do a final cut with a fine toothed comb before the color grade!

Hang in there - its getting good!

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Project now in London = Rough Cut Complete!


Dear Backers,

We have spent the last 2 weeks in London working with our editor cutting the story from an assembly edit of great material into an actual film. And now we have reached a crucial stage in the project:  The Rough Cut. This means we are ready to send the audio portion to a sound studio to begin dialogue restoration [all those rushed interviews that need cleaning up]. The rough cut also contains music cues to guide our composer in his work and the next time we meet with our editor in June, we can begin the process of fine cutting.

Once the picture is locked, we will be working again in Los Angeles for sound design, mixing, color grading and graphics.

Thanks again for your support!

The street with the edit studio
The street with the edit studio
Guy [our editor]
Guy [our editor]
Last minute arrival of archive film!
Last minute arrival of archive film!

Editing-Revisions & Reviews


Dear Backers,

The last six weeks have proven to be a creative maelstrom of revision, rewriting & plenty skyping between myself in Antigua, Justin in UK and our story consultant in L.A.

Whats taking so long?

Few people factor in the process of review and amendment, yet it is one of the major TIME investments in a feature documentary film. Because documentaries attempt to catch a reality, they don’t work easily to a script. You cannot plan what people will say or do. This is one of the exciting aspects of working in documentary. It also one of the most daunting! The content captured needs to be reviewed and evaluated and turned into a story which fits the original need, and also matches what was learnt through the filming process....THEN IT NEEDS CHANGING! So we need to factor in MUCH viewing, revision,  and amendment time into this production - because this is what will make it GOOD!

These critical stages are becoming complex and exciting - our initial 3 hour assembly has been edited down to 2 hours and this month we will continue working remotely with the editorial studio in Los Angeles as we get closer to completing the rough cut.

Thank you for your support & patience, we will keep you posted!