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A look at the history, the scenery, the wildlife and the people of the Appalachian Trail

The concept of a documentary on the Appalachian Trail came to me during one of my hikes. The scenery was so beautiful and the people were so interesting, I realized something had to be done on this. I want to go from state to state, Georgia to Maine, and show what I found along the way. I know that other videos have been done on the trail, but nothing in-depth. This project is a must for a number of reasons, including:

-Promoting America's need for exercise with the fantastic hobby of hiking

-Analyzing the rich history of the Appalachian Trail

-Showing the many interesting sites along the way

-Exposure to the interesting wildlife (bears, snakes, etc) on the trail

-Learning more about the people who have hiked the trail and how they did it

-Showing the difference in culture from state to state along the way

This documentary will likely take around a month to shoot and then another month to edit. I have done some preliminary research and the subject matter is enough for at least 90 minutes. It will probably end up being longer.

While I am not planning to get too personal with bears or copperheads, I want to get some footage of the wildlife for this piece. I am also interested in speaking with people who took time off to hike the whole trail. I would love to do it myself for this film, but cannot afford to take the time off. I want to look at the history of this trail and its significance during events such as the Great Depression.

The trail features historical landmarks such as a monument to George Washington that was converted to a sniper tower during the Civil War. There are historic towns and beautiful views along the way. I want to capture this on camera. It should lure a few history nuts out to the trail.

This is a project that I am probably too excited about. I love the trail and want the rest of the world to know about it. It might well get a few more people out on the trails, that's never a bad thing.

Please help me with this. It is a sound investment because a good hike always pays dividends!


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