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A sculpture design that seems to show a jumble of fragments, but when viewed from two specific locations reveals hidden words.

This Project: A Design in Crystal

This project is for an innovative new form of sculpture, where etched fragments into a block of crystal reveal two different words or shapes from different views. The words are composed of straight lines in a 3D "cloud" of pieces, where only certain angles show the hidden forms.

It may not look it, but these three photos are of the same object

These images show a crystal that reads "form" from one side and "function" from another, using an old design and made as a test piece. My dream with this Kickstarter, though, is to make a new design that could go to hundreds of people! If you like these sculptures and want to support them, please consider backing my project. If you can't do that but like what you see, send me a message anyway; it's my first time designing for a public audience, and kind words would mean a lot.

Even though the crystals are cut by lasers, they're still designed by a real person (me!), and all of the design is done by hand using pencil and paper.

Design History

I came up with the sculpture idea when I was still in high school, and I've built a few different pieces using this method. The designs are done almost entirely on paper, with a scientific calculator or a spreadsheet for some of the harder math. 

My second sculpture, Work and Play

Before now, these sculptures have always been big - a few cubic feet at least - because it's simply easier to build. They were handmade out of metal, wood, or plastic, and were "tuned" by eye to line everything up.

Angel and Devil

The form/function design shown in the crystal above was commissioned by Northwestern University in 2005 to be designed and built for the Ford Design Center on campus. (A special thanks to Northwestern University and Professor Ed Colgate for their amazing support!)


  • Because we live in a three-dimensional universe, three images are the maximum number you can have where every piece of the sculpture is used in all views. If you took away that restriction, you could have a nearly infinite number of images, but the sculpture would work very differently. I do two images because the mathematics needed get exponentially more challenging, and some of the tricks I use to make it clearer don't work with three images.

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  • That design was made for the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University, so I don't want to produce copies without speaking with them first. I'll update this page if that design becomes available.

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  • I'm not sure yet! Past designs have been opposites (heaven/hell, work/play, good/evil, angel/devil, etc.) but I want to try and be a little more clever here. If this is a big determinant in whether or not you want to pledge, I'll try and finalize on a design at least a week before the Kickstarter ends, so you can check back to decide then. I promise you I'll work hard to make it generally well-liked!

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    Sculpture Video - You receive a video file of the existing Form/Function sculpture, which will show the image from all angles, and a huge thank you for supporting me!

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    Buy a Sculpture - I send you a 2"x3"x2" crystal of my latest design, along with my sincere thanks for being one of the first people to buy my work! (Please add $25 for each additional sculpture and $10 for international shipping)

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    Buy a Form/Function Sculpture - By popular demand, I'm also offering the form/function sculpture for sale. The higher price is due to economies of scale.

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    Inside Access - Receive e-mail updates on the design as it progresses: notes, concept sketches, photos, and other messages showing how it all comes together. Also receive a 2"x3"x2" crystal of the final design.

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    Buy One of Each - I will send you one of each sculpture design, both the form/function sculpture and the new design! Both 2"x3"x2".

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    Help Choose the Design - You and other members at this level will have input on the final sculpture design, and will in addition receive the updates sent to Inside Access contributors. Also receive a 2"x3"x2" crystal of the final design.

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    Commissioned Art - I will design a custom sculpture using words/shapes of your choosing. I will send up to five 2"x3"x2" crystals of your design, and if desired we can discuss a larger order. Consider pooling resources with friends for a shared design!

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