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Greetings I am Otis L. Wilburn, Owner and operator of OverTymeMusicRadio, callsigns OTMR, an internet radio station that is streamed by Securenetsystems. My short link is rdo.to/OTMR. The reason I am reaching out to you is to see if I could offer my services to you by presenting an advertising/marketing plan to you in order to gain your business. I wish to gain your business by offering you space on my radio station website to advertise your clients products. The type of ads I am looking to place on my site are banner, mobile, flash and video ads. Also, I am only interested in either fixed priced ads or sponsor ads. No CPM or PPC ads. I really look forward if possible to speaking with you if you you are interested as I would like to explain to you in greater detail on what my radio has to offer you and your advertisements and what your advertisements can offer my radio station. I can guarantee you that your ads will be seen by many of my listeners as my radio is has thousands of listeners per day and I have many loyal listeners as well. I am sending you as attachments showing you a sample of my traffic and how I obtained the traffic and how I will continue to obtain traffic and more in the future. I am hoping that our partnership will provide more exposure in markets to which we may not as of yet tapped into. If you are open to hearing more or discussing on how we can make this possible partnership a reality please contact me at: OverTymeMusicRadio Twitter: OverTymeMusic Facebook: O.T. Wilburn Phone: 817-893-3174/682-301-1393 Thank you for your time. Looking forward to doing business with you. Sincerely, O.T. Wilburn

Risks and challenges

Data Pulled from August 2014 to January 2017
How visitors were obtained and how they will be obtained in the future.
Different types of traffic strategies will be discussed in this report.

I. Constant posts on free social networks:
A. Twitter:
1. Constant post of all songs that are played to Twitter. Many of those songs are often retweeted by followers.
2. Each tweet includes the name of the song, artist, name of the radio station along with radio station’s call letters and a link to the radio station.
3. Also, other tweets that may include various upcoming programming that is related to the content of the radio station.
B. Facebook:
1. Songs tweeted on Twitter are also posted on Facebook as the song is playing.
2. Many of those posts are shared throughout Facebook.
3. Monthly paid advertisements on Facebook as well.
C. Pinterest:
1. A post is made to Pinterest every time a song is played. Anyone who clicks on that post pic will be sent to my radio station.

II. Additional promotions on sites to which traffic was acquired from.
A. Social Traffic from social sites comment sections have brought a great deal of traffic from sites those mentioned above and others such as Instagram, Dailymotion, Reddit, YouTube, Blogger, Google+, LinkedIn, Vimeo, LiveJournal, WordPress, and Disqus.
B. Direct Traffic which is basically all of my returning visitors to the radio station, which may be due to the website/radio station url being saved in the browser and parts of, or the whole url being typed in either on purpose or by accident causing the visitor to directly being navigated to the website/radio station. The way to continue to receive a lot of direct traffic is to increase the traffic from the sources already mentioned above and, also by:
1. Promoting a more simplified url: rdo.to/OTMR will be promoted everywhere as the main gateway to OverTymeMusicRadio.
2. Continuing to build brand awareness by continuing to market and promote the radio station as often as humanly possible with the use of social media and word of mouth.
3. Increase return visitors and listeners by continuing to provide our listeners the content to which they were seeking when they came across our radio station in the first place. My radio station offers our listeners exactly what is promoted: The Absolute Best in R&B, Soul and Hip Hop from last four decades. Our listeners return to this station because we play the best music of this genre of the 80s, 90s, early 2000s and new music from established artist from those eras. We do not bait and switch or be inconsistent in what we offer and what our listeners want to hear.
4. And finally will follow through on the offline strategies such as business cards, ads in the newspaper, and other forms of print advertising.
C. Organic Traffic is unpaid traffic to which comes from search engines and traffic that is directly from another website or social network site. The plan to continue to get a lot of organic traffic is to merge my radio station player website with an actual website with new daily content.
D. Referral Traffic is traffic that came from other sites and sources outside of its search engines. We will utilize this more by leaving comments on all kinds of related blogs and social sites such as YouTube and music related articles and blogs.
III. Optimization of interest of visitors
I will optimize the interest of our visitors to the radio station by utilizing Google analytical interest reports by using them to know and better understand likes, interest and habits of our visitors and listeners. By knowing what our visitors and listeners interest are, we will tailor the website/radio station to their taste and interest, which will allow my website/radio station to stay current with layout and content.

In conclusion, I would like develop a partnership with any perspective marketer/advertiser and build a strong and successful relationship by gaining their trust be demonstrating that I can provide a lot traffic to their advertisements as I continue to provide listeners to my radio station. I will utilize every ounce of resources that is allotted to me to which fits into my budget to bring in as much traffic each day, month, and year.

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