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An epic, outrageous, feature length comedy based on the popular TV series.
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The Movie is Finished and Delivered!

Posted by Eric Falconer (Creator)


I'm very happy to report that our movie, BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE: THE RISE OF THADLAND is officially finished! We've completed post-production and delivered the film to our distributor. (I don't think I'm supposed to say who our distributor is, since they haven't made an announcement yet, so we'll call them "Bionsgate" for now… no wait… "Lionsbate". Yes, much better.) If that joke sounds familiar to any of you it's because I stole it from an old Simpsons episode. 

Anyway, we ran into a little snag a few weeks ago when the MPAA screened the movie and were so appalled by what they saw that they slapped us with an NC-17 rating. But we spoke with them, took out a few small pieces they had a problem with, and were able to get a rating of "R". Actually the official language from the MPAA reads… "Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, drug use and language throughout, and some graphic nudity." If that doesn't get you excited for this movie, I don't know what will. 

Now that the movie is delivered, our next steps will be to discuss marketing, release strategy, and release date with our distributor. I'm expecting those meetings to start up in the next month or so. 

SO! Now that the movie is finished and we're unshackled from the edit bay, we have the opportunity to finally direct our attention solely to taking care of those of you still waiting on outstanding rewards. Here's the latest on that for those affected, and what we plan to do about it…

Thread Me Up, our old friends, are still not cooperating. A few weeks ago I thought we had reached an agreement. One that we could all live with and that would save us from having to take them to court. Unfortunately, what I discovered after we'd agreed to terms, is that TMU had mislead us about the number of orders they've failed to fulfill. All along they've been telling us that there are only 177 outstanding orders. To which we said, fine, send us the merch and we'll ship them out ourselves. But it turns out the number is actually much higher than that. And we still don't know how high because TMU refuses to give us any accurate of useful information so that we can find out.  I don't know if this is total incompetence on their part, or if they're purposely trying to screw us over. Either way, the problem still lingers. 

BUT! Here's some good news… As part of our initial agreement with TMU, they owed us a large bulk shipment of merch, which they sent when we thought we'd all reached an agreement. So what we've decided to do, is to start fulfilling your orders ourselves using the bulk shipment. We're most likely going to end up suing TMU and who knows how long that will take. I don't want those of you affected by this waiting around any longer than you already have.

Bulk shipment currently sitting in my storage space.
Bulk shipment currently sitting in my storage space.

 If you live in Southern California and are still waiting for your rewards, Romanski and I will be showing up to your front door and delivering the items personally this week. No need to ship if we're neighbors!

If you live elsewhere and are still waiting for your rewards, Romanski and I will personally be packing your items and shipping them out to you! Please be patient with us, we don't know yet how many of you there are yet. How quickly we can get these out to you will depend on time and money since we're paying for this out of our own pockets.  SIDE NOTE: Romanski and I have talked about possibly doing a delivery tour across the US like a couple of Santa Clauses, dropping off rewards at your houses. Not sure how feasible this is yet, but I'll keep you updated if that becomes a real possibility. We may need to sleep on your couches. 

People waiting on the Denise Richards Package: Please message me through Kickstarter with a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Romanski and I will be calling you this week to personally update you on the situation. 

People waiting on anything else… glasses, shirts, tweets, customs issues, posters, etc… We're on it. Once we're able to find out exactly what you're owed, we will personally do everything we can to make sure you get it. Again, I ask for your patience. We don't have a company behind us to take care of this stuff. It's literally going to be me, Romanski, and any friends willing to help, packing, shipping, and delivering these items. But we will do our best to get them to you as soon as humanly possible. 

I'm so excited to finally be at this point! We're almost at the finish line! We should have a trailer for the movie relatively soon. I'll be sure to send it out to all of you the second I have it. Thank you for supporting us and hanging in there with us through pre-production, production, and post-production! 

You'll be hearing from us soon! Go Goats!


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    1. Brandon Parker on

      Hey guys, i heard the movie got released today. Have all the pledge rewards been shipped out?

    2. Sarah Hine on

      Received our rewards a few weeks ago, thanks guys!! But I am wondering when we should be receiving a copy of the script? Thanks!

    3. Rickard Malm on

      Still no backer rewards received . Just hope they will get here sometime .. moved more then once since i pledged =(

    4. Missing avatar

      MrSelatcia on

      4 months without an update... c'mon guys, give us something.

    5. Missing avatar

      benjiman francis on

      Still have not had a reply to my message regarding the Denise Richards pack. Anyone else have the same issue?

    6. Robbie Hamilton on

      I friggin love that Alex Winter likes this update!

    7. Matthew Mc on

      Such a shame a lot of backers haven't got their rewards yet.
      After seeing the amount of people who haven't I'm surprised I got mine all the way over in Ireland!

      Any updates on the movie? The anticipation is killing me, I also really hope you have a way for international viewers to get their hands on the movie!

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Pietrykowski on

      Gotta be honest, haven't received one thing. No tshirt, no glasses, just really disappointed I spent 75 bucks and we haven't had an update in 2 months. Very disappointed.

    9. Jan Mønsted Jensen on

      I tend to agree with Albie Goulder..

    10. frank pierson on

      I never heard anything back from the richards rewards package after i emailed you guys. Just curious whats happening with that and if there is any news on a release yet any time soon.

    11. Adam Duun Gottlieb on

      Can we expect another update sometime soon? Regarding rewards and the movie`?

    12. Rodrigo Menezes on

      You guys are great <3. Looking forward to it.

      Sorry TMU has their finger in your asshole!

    13. Missing avatar

      Albie Goulder on

      Mr. Falconer,

      I feel as though you are not living up to the expectations of your backers (at least me personally). We (the backers) gave you our hard earned money because we loved the show and wanted to support this movie. During this process of making the movie we received little to no updates. Now you have posted that the movie is complete. Please (at the very least) do us the courtesy of letting us know when we will have the copy of the movie that we helped finance! Something along the lines of "We hope to have the digital copy of the movie delivered to you __." I truly feel that this is the very least you could do.

      -A Frustrated Backer

    14. Missing avatar

      Mathew Hasegawa on

      Looking forward to the trailer!

    15. Missing avatar

      Omar Dahboul on

      so its been almost a year and still havnt gotten my rewards yet.

    16. Daniel Hikkup Schommer on

      Broken record here
      But rewards updates?

    17. Missing avatar

      Elias Strizower on

      Any updates as to when we should expect the rewards to come? Thank a lot guys !

    18. Jose Avendano on

      So am I going to get my rewards before the movie comes out because if it's going to be in theatre's I want to represent and have my gear to make people jealous of me because I was a Kickstarter backer and they weren't

    19. Midhat Khan on

      BMS email not working need update on the vine

    20. James Mann on

      Can't wait, thanks for sorting this out yourselves guys!

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrick Esdam Nielsen on

      Glad to hear it man. Can't wait to see it.
      About the rewards, I'm also missing out, just thought I'd throw my hat in there.

    22. Robert Galvan on

      I am in so cal (OC) but am always in LA. Is there a place for pick up or would mine be one of the products you guys are short on?

    23. Ron Clancy on

      So excited for this project! My friends and I are huge fans! I don't suppose, North Bay, Ontario will make the list on the road trip to deliver merch (I got my pint and shot glass, but no mascot door sign yet). However I am prepared to offer a bribe to get on that list - free beer! I own a craft brewery starting up here in North Bay and we would love to have you guys. And of course the beer would be on us! You can also stay on my couch! So in the unlikely event that you are interested in this, fire me an email at


    24. Missing avatar

      Alex Yang on

      Hi so happy for this movie and can't wait for it! I was wondering when I'd be expecting my two t shirts? I know you've guys been working super hard but would appreciate some updates on that end :) thanks!

    25. Niels van Arendonk on

      Great work guys, can't wait to see the trailer and movie!
      also still awaiting all my rewards, happy you are doing everything you can to fix this! keep up the great work!

    26. Maycon Maia on

      Wainting my package yet...

    27. Sarah Hine on

      Thank you for the update! How frustrating on both ends this is but I'm glad you guys are still trying to work around these guys the best you can. I wish I still lived in the CA area so I could receive my rewards though.

    28. Shawn McLelland on

      Thanks for the update guys. I can get you a killer rate at the best casino in Albuquerque, NM if you guys are ever passing through. let me know on facebook. you guys rock.

    29. Missing avatar

      benjiman francis on

      Wondering what happening with the Dennis Richards package? I messaged you as requested regarding it but have still had no response as yet? Any update?

    30. Missing avatar

      Sven Reinhard on

      Waiting on vine still

    31. Jan Mønsted Jensen on

      Still waiting for my package...

    32. Shane Kelly on

      Waiting on vine still

    33. Joshua Huddleson on

      I had the Denis package

    34. Irene Keogh on

      Do you guys need help? I live in SoCal and am free on the weekends if you need some extra hands.

    35. Randy Hansen on

      Hey I have a shit ton of shipping experience and a bunch of flyer miles. Let me know if I can help.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeff Rees on

      Wish you would not have pussed out and cut scenes for an R rating. No one under 17 should be watching this anyway. Hopefully the Blu-ray/DVD will have a full unrated version.

    37. Kelly Roberts on

      Thanks for the update & caring about the fans!
      We love you guys and everything BMS!!
      P.S. - You'd DEFINITELY have a couch to crash on in Denton, TX!

    38. Missing avatar

      jonathan matthews on

      Firstly, I'd like to give you a huge thank you. The level of professionalism and genuine concern you have shown is astonishing. Shows you really care and that goes a long way to increasing the loyalty and love your supporters and fans have towards you. We really appreciate what you guys have done and continue to do for us.

      I'm in Jamaica and I got my package in the mail a long time ago. I was almost surprised, I cant say I fully expected to get it living where I do. But what a day that was! I've worn the shirt passport pictures lol.

      You seem to have answered all my questions in your comment but just a few things. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we'd definitely want to see the uncut version that you intended for us. That delivery-tour-road-trip thing seems like a greeaaat idea. I'd just ask that you like record it via vlogs or w.e cz that just seems fun and would make me feel more involved. Also I share william larssons sentiment. I'm available for any assistance you guys may need if you can get me there! All my visas and such are in place. :D

    39. William Larsson on

      Pay my plain ticket to you from sweden and ill help you pack the orders :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Kandice Gray on

      You guys seriously rock. Thank you for caring about your backers!

    41. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      Hi, I'm a backer that bought the Denise Richards Package and I'm from Italy.
      How can I contact you for this package as you said in this update.
      Could you contact me through email?
      Thanks a lot

    42. Missing avatar

      CORNEAU Damien on

      Hi, Nice to know we will be able to watch the movie soon.
      What about the rewards for people outside the US?

    43. Missing avatar

      Samuel Phillips on

      Hey Eric, glad to see some good news. Hope to see my Thad Goat shirt soon!

    44. Nic Monnier on

      Is there any way besides here to let you know what we are missing, like we only received a partial order?

    45. Missing avatar

      Ty Huffman on

      For the people that should be receiving a digital copy of the movie as part of their reward package, you should make sure that that copy is the version before it got edited. Would love to see how the movie was before it got nerfed.

    46. Scott LaVare on

      I was relentless in my pursuit to have my broken beer glass replaced...haha...jokes on me. TMU would send an email with a case # and then say that your problem has been solved...this circle went around for months and months...I can't wait for the movie. Thanks for all the updates and bringing back sloots and mojitos.

    47. Fredrik Josefsson on

      Great to hear guys! Maybe I can finally get my $50 reward package sent to Sweden now :)

    48. Brian on

      Solid update. The honesty is refreshing and appreciated.

    49. Missing avatar

      Asger Høyer on

      Sounds great. I'm so psyked :-).
      Can't wait to see the cast, making magic on screen. Goats4life :-)

    50. MONTET Renaud on

      Hey! I'm happy to know that the movie is ready :)
      About the items, what will you do for people who received broken glasses and shots and had to pay a fee tax (28€!!!) because TMU put a value of 65$ for a 20$ pledge...

      Whatever, GO GOATS!