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An epic, outrageous, feature length comedy based on the popular TV series.
An epic, outrageous, feature length comedy based on the popular TV series.
23,999 backers pledged $1,911,827 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Graydon Stewart on

      I am really happy this is the only Kickstarter that has ever screwed me over. Kick starter should be happy also because I am pretty sure they would have been out of business if they all treated their backers like this

    2. Saige Madison Byers on

      Just sad... really all I wanted was my door sign... never got anything

    3. Diego Alonso Pyatt on

      It’s sadly to say did I have being waiting this long to get my items but I haven’t gotten anything. Eric said did my items have being delivered but I moved house and I made sure to change my address and they required for my packages to be delivered to me.

    4. John Amaral on

      Still haven't received a damn thing for this...

    5. Mikael Ors on

      So, I received the poster which was nice and I'm glad about that. But the rest of the items were never received..

    6. Nicolai Danekov on

      Guess they used up all the money and decided to give the middle finger to the people helping them out.. Nice job, guys! Never got my t-shirt or any of the other stuff I was promised..

    7. Chris Wilson

      Never got anything. No email, no message, no response on Twitter. Completely unacceptable.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Banda on

      Finally got my poster! I completely forgot about it

    9. Missing avatar

      David Guffey on

      Holy shit, i got my poster today!

    10. paul luna on

      Still nothing. This is bullshit

    11. Missing avatar

      Rick Schipper on

      It's completely disrespectfull to us backers to not even get a response after all this time. Not even a freaking apology. I paid a big amount and even shipping costs for something i've never even received. He could've just send me the movie link but even that was to much effort.

    12. Emil Giveitall Rahmberg on

      Talk to us. What has happened? Kickstarter can not contact Eric either and will not do anything about it.

    13. Jay Patel on

      I still never got my vine and I've been waiting for three years. What a waste of my money!

    14. Graydon Stewart on

      money well wasted indeed. Didnt get anything and watched the movie on netflix :-/

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Schipper on

      I'm just gonna keep posting here, Got no movie, nothing, it's bizar that stuff like this happens. It's been like 3 years...

    16. Anders Hamfeldt on

      So is there another way of contacting them? Still haven't received anything, and haven't gotten any replies for more than a year...

    17. Moriz Schw on

      didnt get anything...

    18. Simone Rajah Roberts on

      Can we report them? I didn't get the majority of my stuff (and never even got the movie or instructions for how to access it, that I'm aware of).

    19. John Amaral on

      Still haven't received anything. And we didn't even get the digital copy of the movie, as was promised in the rewards.

    20. Missing avatar

      Patrick Esdam Nielsen on

      August 3 years later, and still no backer items.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rick Schipper on

      Still havn't received anything either.. money well wasted.

    22. Diego Alonso Pyatt on

      It's being more than a full year since i heard from any one about this and I still haven't received anything from any one I made sure to change my address so my package would get deliver to the correct address but nothing and its being 3-4 years waiting for something we believed on and helped made with out donations.

    23. Kyle Damon on

      So I never received my rewards either. Totally forgot about it until I logged into my account here... seriously??

    24. Missing avatar

      David Guffey on

      well...he logged in 3 days ago but still no update?

    25. Bram Dierick on

      Absolutely love the fact that you guys went on, made the movie and tried to deliver all the rewards. Would have given up a long time ago. The personal and honest replies made me completely forget that I haven't received everything yet and to be honest... the movie made up for it. Thank you to the creators, actors, crew, backers, etc for this movie! Love it!

    26. Ryan Lanser on

      I still haven't received any rewards. There is no longer any communication either. This is such a joke.

    27. Patrick Bourrie on

      I haven't gotten anything but the poster. This is a joke.

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Any updates on the shirts and other items? I haven't received anything in the mail.

    29. Daniel Poulsen on

      Ye haven't got anything yet fucking scam

    30. Missing avatar

      Francis Pessolano on

      So I again contacted Kickstarter and this is response I got.

      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our Terms of Use:

      These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn’t fulfill their obligations under the agreement. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    31. Missing avatar

      Christian Guimond on

      It's almost been three years and I still haven't received my jerseys, what the hell man.....

    32. Lloyd Davis on

      I thought they were taking out to international backers who got screwed by customs due to the misslabelling of invoices....

    33. Missing avatar

      Francis Pessolano on

      How are people making contact? I'd like to try and get an update and despite reaching out to Kickstarter and Eric I really have heard nothing.

    34. Diego Alonso Pyatt on

      I got an email from Eric Falconer informing me did they have send my items to an old address...
      Funny part is did i went through the required page to change my old address to my new address, after I got this email I haven't heard anything from any one.

    35. Emil Giveitall Rahmberg on

      They had to remanufacture some jerseys and Alan Ritchson has been out of the country most of the year. He should be back by now, and Eric should fix the autograph as soon as he meet him. Hope it does not take too long.

    36. Jon Hougaard on

      @Emil: What information?

    37. Emil Giveitall Rahmberg on

      I have been contacted by Eric now and it's good. Nice with some information.

    38. Missing avatar

      David Guffey on

      Here's his Twitter: Let him know how you feel since he hasn't logged into kickerstart since October:

    39. Missing avatar

      Salinger on

      Yes, Kickstarter replied to me since as well. It's exactly as you say. Eric got his money for the movie, Kickstarter got their cut, and we as backers have zero rights.

      Essentially, the creators are under no obligation to fulfill anything. They can complete the project or not complete the project. They can send out rewards or not send out rewards. They can pretty much do anything they want, and they are under no obligations to follow through with any of what they promised. It's been a real eye opener for me. I will NEVER back anything on Kickstarter again.

      Oh, and as for giving Eric time to reply, I first wrote him almost a year ago, and I've sent three messages since, and not a single reply. So I wouldn't hold out much hope. He seems to have moved on now and given us the middle finger.

    40. Emil Giveitall Rahmberg on

      Very sad that it happened, but really hope that Eric get in touch so we can solve this in some way. Kickstarter says we should give Eric time to respond, it's his first Kickstarter. Very poor response from them. Tried to get a real e-mail to Eric but right now it seems they do not give it out. What they have done is sent a message to him that he most answer us. Talk about Kickstarter do not care a damn about this now that they got their money from the projects. We just want to have answers to why it takes time. And if it depends on shipping to Sweden can I pay the shipping cost again so I can put this behind me.

    41. Missing avatar

      Salinger on

      That's horrible Emil and yes, that is a lot of money for anyone! What's so frustrating is, there doesn't seem to be anything we can do. Eric just ignores messages, you say Kickstarter doesn't reply. We've essentially had our money stolen, and have no recourse.

    42. Emil Giveitall Rahmberg on

      Contacted Kickstarter last week about that they do not respond to the message. The last contact I had was in September where Eric sent to me that they are not forgotten me. Do not understand how BMS can treat its fans like this. I paid $ 500 to get my Jersey. There is a lot of money for me and now i'm never going to get anything for it ... :( :(

    43. Missing avatar

      Salinger on

      Hey everyone. Being ignored is completely unacceptable. This was the first Kickstarter I ever backed, and thanks to the way Eric and the gang have treated me (and obviously many, many others) it'll be the last.

      I did find a way to contact Kickstarter and lodge a complaint. If everyone who has not received all their rewards, and that's pretty much everyone because they never did deliver the "downloadable digital copy of the movie", then maybe Kickstarter might get some results the rest of us have been unable to. They take you through a few clicks, but eventually you get to the area where you can write them and open a ticket.

    44. Jon Hougaard on

      Any one know how to press charges?

    45. Joe Robert Evans on

      never got my rewards..... estimated delivery aug 2014, the date 16/01/2017

    46. Ryan Small on

      Only thing I received was the script and the tickets to the premier ... stopped responding to my emails about the rest of the rewards

    47. Nicolai Danekov on

      Still missing my rewards.. Never accepted them due to customs demanding crazy amount..

    48. Graydon Stewart on

      Pebble 2 refunded the pledges would be nice if Eric would also to those who arent getting stuff. As Jon said when the guys tell you that you are Sh!T out of luck (my phrasing). That was the only thing he told me you get annoyed and he stopped replying

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