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Most MDF Terrain out there is limited by right angles, So lets try something different this time!!! perfect for all your battlefields!!
85 backers pledged $5,797 to help bring this project to life.




Here we go again!!!

We have some new interesting pieces of terrain I want to share with all of you and could use some help before we go into full production.

Most of the Medium Density Fibreboard terrain out there consists of straight line boxes and is limited in what you can do for your gaming layouts.

So we are going to try and spice it up a bit with some fresh angles.

  • I Have designed this set to go back to the roots of the 1st Kickstarter we ran 2 years ago, these platforms are made so they can be taken apart and stored flat, 
  • All the columns are reinforced with 3 layers of MDF so they won't snap and will support any heavy miniatures you wish to put on top.
  • The side short walls are made so they pop out so you can plug in Full walls, walkways and other accessories (full walls and other things will appear as unlocks later on)
picture for scale, 2 tier small with a 28mm scale miniature on top
picture for scale, 2 tier small with a 28mm scale miniature on top

More Items will be revealed as this Kickstarter moves along in the next month and we are very exited about these kits and it has performed really well under fire.

About delivery for this Kickstarter. we are going to try something new. I will be shipping the pledges in order of when your pledge was made. and will start shipping on January of 2015. planning on shipping 20 pledges per month so we might end before or after October depending on how many orders we get. there is only 1 pledge level (Thanks SDE)

Just first come first served.

The first 20 pledges get a 20 dollar bonus!!!

(All spots claimed in the first 45 minutes, Thanks all)

Pledges from 21 to 40 now get a 10 dollar bonus as well!!!

Claimed on Day 2

Final early bird bonus: Pledges from 41 to 60 get a 10 dollar bonus.

BONUS changed to 10 dollars on 12/28

PS to qualify for these early bonuses you must spent at least 30 dollars to qualify for the 30 dollar tier pledge.

I will update you all every 20 orders shipped so you will know how close we are getting to your order.

1st update will have pictures of miniatures on the buildings so you can judge scale and you can see the great paint Job by Dave Monty!!!

Alright Lets see what we got this time around!!!

So what do I get for the base 30 dollar pledge?

  • Pick up to 30 dollars from the items in the menu bellow
  • If you were lucky enough to get in early then you picked up some bonus credits. I'll message the first 60 people once it ends and let you  know how much extra cash you get
  • all pledges 30 dollars and above get a free beacon
  • every one gets 10 X 1" MDF Bases +1 for each 10 dollars you spend
  • every one that pledges 30 dollars or more gets a free set of hex containers


200 Dollar pledges and  above will receive the above +  a full option 100 for free!!!


Pledge the amount you want to spend and chose from the items bellow.


 Comes with 2 Basic platforms, 2 ladders, 6 mini barriers, 14 clip on walls and 1 walkway

dimensions for platform  Height 4" X width 7 1/2" (foot to foot)  Total length for this kit over 18"


 1X 10" Bridge 


Comes with 4 mini platforms, 12 clip on walls and 4 laddres

BONUS: now comes with 4X MDF stand alone antennas


Comes with 1 platform,  ladder, 3 mini barriers and 8 clip on walls

dimensions for platform Height 4" X width 7 1/2" (foot to foot)

Bonus free antenna unlocked


Comes with 2X 5" walkways, and 4 detachable clip on walls.

total length: 5"


 Comes with 1 platform, 1 ladder, 3 mini barriers and 7 clip on walls

dimensions: platform Height 4" X width 7 1/2" (foot to foot)


 want to make some platforms with all those extra clip-on walls you are getting but need more columns?

here you go, 4 columns + 1 extra ladder.

BONUS 2X MDF antennas


 2 tier tower but using 2 small platforms, comes with 7 clip on walls.


 Comes with 1 platform, 6 columns, 1 ladder, 4 barriers and 11 clip on walls

These platforms are over 10" wide and 4" high

 This is what happens when I hear your input!!, Thanks Russel!!!.

This drill platform comes with 4 tall columns, 2 short columns, 17 clip on walls, 2 platforms and 3 ladders.


One or our bigger pieces

Comes with 2 platforms, 2  ladders , 3 mini barriers and 16 clip on walls

 dimensions for 1 platform Height 7" X width 7 1/2" (foot to foot)

This kit comes with 1 platform, 6 short columns, 1 ladder, 11 clip walls  and 5 barriers

Drill is 5" wide and 6" tall, fits on any of the platforms with a center hole.
Drill is 5" wide and 6" tall, fits on any of the platforms with a center hole.

Hex containers are 4" long and 2" tall with a removable hatch

UPDATE: Added new half container for stacking for free to this kit

 Dimensions: 2" high X 4" long, can be stacked and the hatch can open and close.

5 Beacons for 8 dollars you pick the colors of the  blade from:

Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green and Fuchsia. you may mix and match colors.

Beacons are 4" high and 2" across.

These are perfect for all your line of sight needs! use them as storage tanks or shipping containers.

We Modified one of our most popular kits to work with the new platforms!!!

You get: 3 X 5" solid walls, 1 X 5" large gate. 4 Corner pieces, 4 Beacons (you pick the colors) and 8 clip on walls

Dimensions of this configuration 11" X 11" x 4" to the top of the wall

 Kit comes with large sliding door wall 2 wall clips and 1 beacon, you pick the acrylic color

wall is 5" wide X 3" deep X 4" high

 Kit comes with 2 Corner pieces

Corner pieces are 3" X 3" X 4" high

Large solid wall kit comes with 2 clip on walls and 1 beacon, you pick the color of the acrylic

wall is 5" wide X 3" deep X 4" high


Again, I can not say this enough, thanks for all the support and lets see how far we go on this one.

Follow us on facebook for behind the scene pictures and day to day info.

6000 Dollars: Free MDF/Acrylic antennas!!!

been saving these bad boys for a special event.


each Pledge gets 1 of these and you can even pick the color!!!

Green, Yellow, Blue. Red, Orange, Gold and Silver.

UNLOCKED 1 Free Hexagon container for all 30 dollars pledges

UNLOCKED Another Free Hexagon container!!!

UNLOCKED Free half hex container added in!!!

(This completes the free 113 set!!!)

10,000 Mark  Blank Option Unlock, pick your kits with out hex details and get a large discount

11,245 Smashed Kickstarter I record: Free scatter terrain TBA

14,283 Smashed Kickstarter II record: Free scatter terrain TBA


Risks and challenges

This is our 3rd kickstarter and we have learned a ton from the past. most of our past problems have been with shipping and we got those nailed down.

Machine break downs are cut to a minimum since we will have access to a back up laser starting in February so we got that covered.

The only reason I can foresee a delay past October is a large amount of pledges. I will keep you posted of the progress as we deliver and please make sure you let me know of any concerns you may have.


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