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We're writing a show... We're taking it on the road... We're making a documentary. It's the Jon Ruf Roadshow. Yeah!

We are writing a show, performing it on the road, and filming every moment. We'll then submit a documentary of the journey to film festivals.

We are attempting to do a great American Road Trip through the state of Virginia. Most of us are from there, but all met in Brooklyn, NY, where we now live. We are also, for the first time, attempting to write and perform in complete collaboration. It's called the Jon Ruf Roadshow.

Let us introduce ourselves. Hello, it's John Reaves, Sara Roan, Aidan Daley-Hynes, and Jeffrey Emerson here. We are four friends (two couples) who expect to bring you a thumbnail portrait, in a short documentary, of our beautiful creative partnership; some tears, but mostly laughs, and a lot of honest dreams on the line.  

Comedy is the name of the game. This is the culminating project of a year's worth of teamwork and collective encouragement, and hopefully just the beginning of something very, VERY big.

Many of you know at least one of us personally, but in case you do not, we discussed it and agree that this is a pretty bright, talented, hungry, motivated, vivacious, curvaceous, kooky, and inspired bunch of folks. We know what you're thinking, and no, we're not spending the money on that.

Remember, we're making a show--à la ole time vaudeville revue--that includes props and funny videos. We'll be shooting both onstage and behind the scenes... the ENTIRE process, start to finish. Heck, we've already begun. 

In order to put on the show, we'll need to get there (there being that state made for lovers, pretty perfecto, eh?).  We're not going to spend on any hotels 'cus the whole point is returning home, where family has to let you sleep on the couch. But we will need all of the resources we can get to actually make the content and stage the productions, which includes buying the 7D camera we have our hearts set on. We decided against rental equipment due to our doubts about Southerners' sticky fingers, plus for 1 week it costs just about the same.

Once we've come through post-production on the documentary, in addition to crafty social networking tactics, we'll be hitting up the festival route for promotion.  

Here's exactly what we need the money for...

Travel expenses

car rental... $800

gas... $400

road snacks (gotta have that red licorice)... $100


camera/ lighting/ sound... $2600

external hard drive/ memory... $250

projector & screen... $500

Pre/Post Production   

live production materials (incl. props, costumes, etc)... $400

documentary production materials (incl. DVDs, artwork, packaging, etc)... $300

festival fees... $150

... which comes to a grand total of $5,500.

Well, look, it's not easy for us to ask for this, but someone once told us ask and you shall receive. We really love you and are extremely grateful for your support. Now go to that paypal account, and we'll catch you on the flip side. Oh yeah, and stay tuned for more!!

Aidan, Sara, and Jeffrey hard at work on their first short: Missed Connection. (photo credit: Belkis Carrasco)
Aidan, Sara, and Jeffrey hard at work on their first short: Missed Connection. (photo credit: Belkis Carrasco)
Jon and Ma Ruf
Jon and Ma Ruf
Getting notes from our PA, Mr. Legs.
Getting notes from our PA, Mr. Legs.


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    This is an engagement. Please say "I do" to Blazers On Films. In one year's time, after we've journeyed down the festival route, you will be among the first to receive a copy of the documentary DVD. Every donation also acts as your free entry to the Jon Ruf End of the Road Party in Brooklyn-- when we wrap our tour.

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    For this amount you will receive a postcard, with a custom inscription from our location on the road, from the bunch. PLUS, past that year mark you'll receive a DVD. Also, access to the Jon Ruf End of the Road Party in BK.

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    This is the BASIC PACKAGE: in addition to a road postcard, you will get a rare Jon Ruf digital EP that includes previously unreleased Jon Ruf songs and the Roadshow theme song, a copy of the DVD, and access to our End of the Road Party in BK.

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    You will get everything from the BASIC PACKAGE, plus, brace yourselves, an "I <3 NY & VA" handcrafted Roadshow T-Shirt. Entry to our End of the Road Party. Also, if you're near Brooklyn, you can come to our final dress rehearsal--the last look before we take this show on the road!

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    By now, you're a bordering on super-fan. I know you want that "I <3 NY & VA" handcrafted Roadshow T-Shirt, access to our final dress rehearsal, and everything in the BASIC PACKAGE, so we're giving it to you. We'll also send you a personalized road videomail.

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    With this donation you will receive the MEDIUM PACKAGE: we add to the basic package, dress rehearsal access and your Roadshow T-shirt, your (or whomever's you choose) name dropped in our documentary. Do not worry, we will find a way to do so without damaging our cred as documentarians.

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    Welcome to the.... DELUXE PACKAGE: on top of everything from the MEDIUM, you will also receive a road 'care package'--edibles, a mixtape, and other delights from the gang's super fun road trip.

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    We'll take that DELUXE and raise you a SUPER SIZE. For a $500 dollar donation, the gang will give you a call every other day from the road, singing such songs as "The Yellow Rose of Texas" or even whistle "Dixie".

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    Welcome to McDonalds... I mean The Roadshow. You are now an honorary FRANCHISEE. Here's how it works, if you live on the East Coast we will come to your house and play a private show for you and your friends. We'll do it where ever you want us to, we're easy. Now, if you live in that place we specify as "everywhere else besides the East Coast" we will send you a customized blazer. By "customized blazer" we mean bought to match your size, gender(preference), style, and when you open that puppy up to put your cell phone in the inside pocket, for everyone to see, will be a Blazers On Films patch with hand needle-pointed, bedazzled, spectacular decorations on the lining.

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