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€1,407 pledged of €6,000 goal
By Bears In Mind
€1,407 pledged of €6,000 goal

You'd like to support even if the campaign failed? Check here!

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Stefano here,
the campaign failed, (I explain better why it failed in this previous update ) but some people asked me if they could still support the game and found the development.

To make that possible I created a PayPal link where you can donate.
If you donate you will get the reward like a Kickstarter pledge, and to make that the more transparent possible you will be invited to our Discord server (If you are not already there here is the invite: ) where we will give you a special supporter role and you'll be able to see a list with all the supporters and their reward.

And to make the things a little bit easier, when you make your donation please add a note saying who you are(you can give me a nickname or a full name) and what reward you want so I can add it to the list.

With the list you will also find something that will tell you where exactly are going the money that we will receive and what are the goals for it.

Again, thanks everyone for the support, I love you all <3

PS: Since this is a special thing, every reward of 100€ or bigger you can have a 50% off! (Example: you can donate 50€ and still ask for a bullet/weapon design!)

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