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Chibi styled Paper Miniatures for your RPG's and other games!
Chibi styled Paper Miniatures for your RPG's and other games!
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What is this project?

Quite simply, we are designing a range of chibi paper standee figure flats for your RPG campaigns and board games! Each backer will receive 5 different sheets with a variety of heroes, monsters, and villains. These will need to be printed, cut out, and assembled. Most people will be able to make an entire sheet of a standees in less than an hour, making this an incredibly efficient way to build up your forces before your heroes enter the dungeon!
We've teamed up with Impact Miniatures to utilize their wide range of chibi artwork and packed them into easily printable sheets for you to print out and assemble.  

What do I get for Backing?

Each Backer will receive 5 PDF sheets of standees, plus any unlocked stretch goals!  

The Heroes Sheet contains 12 different heroes for your players to choose from, from the fierce Barbarian to the stealthy Darkling Rogue.   

The Orcs and Goblins sheet contains orcs, goblins, and a massive bugbear for your heroes to fight through.    

The Undead Sheet contains skeletons, zombies, mummies and a powerful lich.  

The Large Monsters sheet contains a mix of large monsters like the Troll, Minotaur, and Chimera .

And the Villains sheet contains even more dreaded creatures such as the Demon Sorcerer, Pit Lord, and Three Headed Ogre!

Stretch Goals?

YES, we do have stretch goals lined up for this project! 

$250 - Air Elemental

 $300 - Earth Elemental

$350 - Fire Elemental

$400 - Water Elemental

 $450 - Cloud Giant

 $500 - Fire Giant

 $550 - Frost Giant

 $600 - Hill Giant

 $650 - Storm Giant


Risks and challenges

All the Standee sheets, including Stretch Goals are ready to go, meaning we'll have very little risk involved here.
The only major risk is delivery issues with bad emails, or other random errors that do occur from time to time, but these are all easy enough to solve.

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