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$66,763 pledged of $35,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Tennibot
$66,763 pledged of $35,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      1 day ago

      Any closer to deciding stretch goal?

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      4 days ago

      Pm to future discuss

    3. Tennibot Creator 5 days ago

      Hey Michael, thanks for your feedback. Would love to hear more about your thoughts and use case. Do you have time for a quick phone call sometime this week?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      6 days ago

      I appreciate the difficulty, but it would make it the complete package as for me personally the idea of getting this would be so I can spend more time practicing and playing tennis instead of picking up balls or moving tennibot to charger, checking apps etc..

    5. Tennibot Creator on May 11

      Hey Michael, great point. We are internally deliberating and we will update everyone once we come up with potential stretch goals! The self charging dock might be tricky due to the geometry of the Tennibot, but we will do more research on it!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on May 10

      Hi, when do ye hope to have definitive answers to what the stretch goals will be? Sooner posted sooner backers can see if they interest them enough to spread the word. The ability for the tennibot to return to base station fir recharge automatically when charge reaches 15/20 minutes run time left really appeals to me personally.

      Even if ye could publish a list if the different improvements ye can do and we vote that’s an opiton ye could explore

    7. Tennibot Creator on May 6

      Thanks Christian, Deal :)

    8. Christian Flores
      on May 3

      Ah I see! That's understandable! Please continue to keep it in mind! But I'll remain ever hopeful that you do find a way to add that function to your already awesome Tennis Robot!

      Keep up the great work!

    9. Tennibot Creator on May 3

      Hey Marvin, thanks for your question. It will probably work very well on those surfaces as well. But, since we didn’t test it on those surfaces yet we couldn’t make that claim. We tested Tennibot on many hard and clay court surfaces and it performed very well.

    10. Tennibot Creator on May 3

      Thanks Christian for the nice words. We are actually thinking about it, the only problem is that it adds a new level of complexity that we are worried will affect the overall performance of Tennibot. But, we definitely see your point!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Marvin on May 3

      Hi Haitham,

      I was wondering why you didn't make Tennibot compatible with other court surfaces like velour or granulated surfaces?

      Best regards

    12. Christian Flores
      on May 2

      Love what you guys are doing here! This is an awesome piece of equipment to help with the only tedious part of tennis -- picking up the balls!

      However, I was wondering... is there any chance you guys would consider adding a tennis trainer function to the robot where it could launch/throw the balls back, so it can be used to practice tennis swings solo? If that function were included, this robot would be the perfect tennis partner/tool!

      Anywho, regardless, good luck with the rest of the campaign!

    13. Tennibot Creator on April 26

      Hey Michael, thanks. We will look into it…

      Hey David,

      Thanks for the update about Rob…

      1. It keeps observing for a while and then it moves to a different location to find more balls until it is full or instructed by the app/user to go somewhere else.
      2. The user can define from the app where home is. So, no you would NOT have to chase the Tennibot :)

      Thanks David and have a great day!

    14. David Rosser on April 26

      Rob appears to be a serial backer and commenter - his comments were about paying for increased traffic to this Kickstarter campaign...

      Couple of other questions:

      1) when in autonomous mode, after balls are picked up, does tennibot wait and observe for additional balls to show up in the field of view, or is manual intervention required at that point to restart the cleanup cycle?
      2) along those lines, where does tennibot "home" or park itself after running a cycle - i.e. do I have to chase it around the court to stop it and empty the basket of balls?

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on April 26


      If it’s feasible for the stretch goal to be the inclusion of the ability to return to docking stage and self charge when battery is low, that would be amazing.


    16. Tennibot Creator on April 26

      Hey Michael,

      First of all, thanks for backing the campaign!! Regarding your questions, here are the answers:
      * I don’t know what Rob said, it was deleted by KS before I see it :)
      * We are still discussing couple of options for what will be the best stretch goals for our backers.
      * Regarding the life span, the frame itself should have no expiry date (obviously unless misused). That leaves the electronics, motors, wheels and batteries. The parts expected to wear out are the batteries and rollers (their life span is highly dependent on the use case, product abuse, court conditions and the environment). And as explained to David, we will offer these components as replacement parts for our customers.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.


    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on April 25

      What stretch goals are been considered? Also the question on life span of the product wasn’t answered

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on April 25

      What did rob say

    19. Rob States on April 24

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    20. Tennibot Creator on April 24

      Hey David,

      I completely understand your concern… Especially that it is not a $30 item…

      We have been working on the Tennibot for more than two years now and went through many iterations and prototypes. The reason we didn’t launch a crowdfunding campaign earlier, is because of what you just mentioned. All of the Tennibot’s functionality has been tested in different environments and on different tennis courts. We started getting quotes from different suppliers and manufacturers. The plan is to use the Kickstart proceedings to pay for the materials and parts, NOT to prototype the product.

      I hope this address your concerns.



    21. David Rosser on April 24

      Great, thanks for the additional info! I agree, Tennis a costly sport.

      So, given I was one of the InstaCube (Kickstarter) backers...I'm wary of expensive tech that has yet to see the light of day - reference here - https://consumerist.com/2014/03/11/the-instacube-kickstarter-success-real-world-disaster/

      What can you tell me about where you are in the development lifecycle that may allay my trepidations about placing a >$600 bet?

    22. Tennibot Creator on April 24

      Hey David, Thanks for the nice words. Regarding the price, with some of the new tennis racquets costing $200-$300 and tennis ball machines costing between $900-$6,000, we have strived to keep the cost as low as possible. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. Tennibot doesn’t need internet or phone service to operate. The phone will connect to Tennibot’s network directly.
      2. Yes, there are user-replaceable batteries for both the Tennibot and the Station.
      3. The only parts that would need to be replaced would be the batteries and the rollers. Yes, we will offer these components as replacement parts for our customers.
      4. Absolutely! Tennibot can charge anywhere with an outlet.

    23. David Rosser on April 24

      Cool product, price is a little out of reach for us average tennis players.

      That said, some questions:

      1) Is this "cloud" enabled - i.e. if there is a glitch or no phone service, is Tennibot inoperable?
      2) Are there user-replaceable batteries in both the Tennibot and the Station?
      3) What is the anticipated life expectancy of the Tennibot (given normal usage of say 10 hours a week)?
      4) Are there going to be user-replaceable components for the ball pick up components and other components which are more likely to wear out?
      5) Can Tennibot be quick-charged near/off court? Thinking how the Roomba knows to self-dock and charge when running low...