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Your American made, hand crafted, small batch beer deserves an opener with all the same qualities; that opener is the Eagle Cap-Off.
Your American made, hand crafted, small batch beer deserves an opener with all the same qualities; that opener is the Eagle Cap-Off.
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Care & Use Instructions!

Posted by Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity (Creator)


We hope everyone is doing well since our last update and thanks to all for the encouragement and support! We have indeed shipped our current inventory to a few lucky backers but again, the bulk of the orders will be going out after the new year.  In preparation to receive your rewards, we ask everyone to take some time to review our "How to Use" page on the Eagle Cap-Off website (see link below).

No, this page is not going to be a tutorial on how to open and drink beer (like we all don't already know how to do that!). Rather, just some helpful tips and tricks to keep your Eagle Cap-Off working and looking great for years to come! So please check it out when you have some time over the holidays.  Feel free to reach out with any related questions and we'll do our best to get them answered quickly.

We hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy and fun holiday season and we we will be in touch come January.  Thank you again to everyone for their support and patience over the last year, we truly appreciate your help and are looking forward to big things in 2017!

Please remember, we WILL NOT be responding to any shipping related inquires via email, phone, text, Kickstarter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc until we announce we are officially shipping in the new year!  

Happy Holidays, Matt & Mike

PS: Please share your thoughts, comments, concerns with us as we love to hear your feedback!
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    1. Brian McDermott on

      Do you have an aerosol spray lubricant you would recommend? I received a Cap-Off that has a handle that is sticking and in need of lubricant. Thank You

    2. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Daniel Nathanson It's a precision bar tool with moving parts made of metal that can be bent if used improperly. Instructions come with anything else you would buy so why not with the Cap-Off? These instructions are simple and inform our backers on how to avoid that being the case so not sure why they would make you nervous. The key point is "Do Not Pry" which everyone is accustomed to so we are try to be proactive with the message!

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nathanson on

      The "how to use" instructions make me nervous. I have the feeling it's just a matter of time before something inside is damaged and the Cap Off becomes a paperweight.

    4. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      We are shipping the domestic orders via USPS. Sorry for the previous message's typo!

    5. Missing avatar

      Marshall Willis on

      Thank you for the update. I know you aren't answering individual rewards questions, but can you say what shipping carrier you used (USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, etc)? As I'll be out of town for the holidays, i'd like to be able to track or hold it if it's sent while I'm away.

    6. Brian Cutler

      Not a tutorial on how to drink beer - yeah I kinda think that doesn't apply to this group. Thanks for the laugh! Next thing you know you will have to put warnings on the carton about the dangers of too much alcohol.

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Hillman on

      Well done and congratulations guys!!! Looking forward too gifting this bad boy to my son.