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Your American made, hand crafted, small batch beer deserves an opener with all the same qualities; that opener is the Eagle Cap-Off.
Your American made, hand crafted, small batch beer deserves an opener with all the same qualities; that opener is the Eagle Cap-Off.
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Mini Update on Finishes!

Posted by Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity (Creator)

Hey Backers,

We just wanted to give you a quick update as to the finish options we are currently considering for both the Eagle Cap-Off casting and the handles. For the casting, we are looking at either a bright nickel plating or a polished (raw) finish. For the handles, we are taking a look at either a bright nickel plating or stainless steel. Pictures of both parts and finishes are shown below so please feel free to comment on this update as to your preference. Or even better, head over to one of our social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) pages and share your thoughts!

Again, if anyone is still interested in getting in on our pre-release deals, purchases can be made through Orders will be filled on a fist purchased, first shipped basis as with the Kickstarter campaign rewards.

As always, thank you for believing in us and supporting the cause! We know you will love the finished product as much as we do. Please don't forget to connect with us on social media to get the latest buzz on Eagle Cap-Off! 


Matt & Mike 

PS: Please share your thoughts, comments, concerns with us as we love to hear your feedback!

Polished (Left) and Plated (Right) Casting
Polished (Left) and Plated (Right) Casting


Plated (Left) and Stainless (Right) Handles
Plated (Left) and Stainless (Right) Handles


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    1. Missing avatar

      Hugh Nannen on

      Has there a time frame set for release? Church keys don't do justice.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony July on

      Polished with the stainless handle. Definitely looks more vintage.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Cabot on

      Plated. Looks finished.

    4. Missing avatar


      Polished, please. Looks more handcrafted/vintage to me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Steven Flores on

      The polished finish not only looks best but will hid finger prints. When drinking a beer your hands are going to get a little damp and will make the handles look smeared with oils. The polished look gives it a more rustic feel. Can't wait for mine to come in the mail!! Opening beers right now have no pizazz :-(.

    6. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      Thanks to everyone for their feedback! Casting in stainless is not an option due to the higher cost and current mold setup. Obviously, we are considering the stainless handles and are willing to incur the added expense if it means achieving the vintage "look" we want. More news to come as things progress!

    7. Missing avatar

      Donald Albright on

      I like the polished with the stainless handle

    8. Missing avatar

      Brett on


    9. Matt Wever on

      Definitely Polished/Stainless, although the entire unit being made from stainless would be ideal.

    10. Missing avatar

      Timur Snoke on


    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Morgan on

      Polished & Stainless

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Tewanger on

      I prefer the polished/stainless

    13. Andrew on

      +1 to @Timothy Nelson. Again, ideally all stainless steel, if possible

    14. Timothy Nelson on

      Polished/stainless- love the "natural" look v.s. the over prettied plating.

    15. Martin Lightle on

      My preference/recommendation is polished and stainless given all stainless is not an option.

    16. Missing avatar


      Plated everything...much cleaner look.

    17. Andrew on

      Correction: when I stated "polished" below and being worried about chipping or showing blemishes I actually was referring to the "plated"

    18. Andrew on

      +1 @David Gabler. I completely agree with the aging aspect. I would also be a large proponent of all stainless steel. I somewhat worry about the polished look either chipping or showing scratches/dings from use over the years and being more obvious than with a non-polished look.

      "If casting is stainless, match with stainless handles.
      If casting is not stainless. Plate everything."

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      +1 @David Gabler. All parts should be be the same finish:
      If casting is stainless, match with stainless handles.
      If casting is not stainless. Plate everything.

    20. David Gabler on

      What material is the casting? This is important as if it is pot or steel then it will age differently than the handle. (rusty body, perfect handles) That is the important thing here the longer term look. Personally I would love for it to be all stainless and no playing but that may not be reasonable for the price point you are trying to hit.

      Direct answers
      If casting is stainless, match with stainless handles.
      If casting is not stainless. Plate everything.

      Thank you for the opportunity to provide input.

    21. Missing avatar

      jorge filevich on

      Polished and stainless for looks. No idea on performance.

    22. Stephanie

      Polished and stainless without a doubt, much nicer looking.

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc Vergona on

      Plated all the way from a local Cincinnati brewer that's the way to go

    24. Missing avatar

      Erich Bass on

      I like the look of the polished housing, but what metal is it? If it isn't stainless, plated. Stainless handles (316 or 18/8 please). However, if the housing is plated, plated handles would match nicely. Thank you for your efforts, and asking our opinion.

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Johnson on

      Polished with stainless. Definitely. And my wife agrees, so that's 2 more votes for polished with stainless.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bryan Donaldson on

      Polished and stainless for sure!

    27. Sean Logue


    28. Missing avatar

      Tom Stewart on

      I'm a sucker for nickel, but whatever is closer to the original is best for this project.

    29. Missing avatar

      Joe shamp on

      Zinc plated, stainless handles

    30. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cowper on

      Polished with stainless.

    31. Missing avatar

      John Rogers on

      Polished with stainless handles

    32. Missing avatar

      Mike Kretlow on

      Plated body and handles

    33. Missing avatar

      Spencer on

      I like the polished look (more like the original), but not if it compromises corrosion resistance. In the picture it looks like the polished sample was roughly re-worked plated casting - is that the process flow or was it just to illustrate the surface finish? I think the plated handles look great.

    34. Missing avatar

      William V on

      Polished w/stainless. Plating won't hold up to use in the long run.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mike Dudas on

      I definitely prefer the polished body with the stainless handles. The plated stuff looks nice. But I just don't trust that the plating won't eventually chip. It also gives it a more vintage look that I think really makes it pop. Can't wait to see them!

    36. Missing avatar

      Craig Hintz on

      Polished w/ Stainless handles