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Your American made, hand crafted, small batch beer deserves an opener with all the same qualities; that opener is the Eagle Cap-Off.
Your American made, hand crafted, small batch beer deserves an opener with all the same qualities; that opener is the Eagle Cap-Off.
Your American made, hand crafted, small batch beer deserves an opener with all the same qualities; that opener is the Eagle Cap-Off.
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      Tom Stewart on

      Dear Mike and Matt- I do like the Eagle Cap-Off, even if I find it a little challenging to get a consistently good action (placement on cap) with it, but I confess to being somewhat aggravated at seeing it advertised now for $40 shipped when I paid $54 to help you guys get off the ground. I get it -- business is business, but it will discourage me from backing others.

    2. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Spencer Thanks for the support and feedback. As we have previously stated, the original handles were indeed offset and have a similar hand feel to the new cap-off. We did in fact alter the handle to improve the ergonomics and address a few design flaws noticed with the original handle. We changed the handle a one piece design which eliminated the tiny crevices which were prone to collect debris and form rust. We also slightly widened the lengthened the grip surface so the opener was easier to grasp and squeeze. The hand feel of the new vs old design are very similar and the opener may feel awkward because it's under pressure and will want to expand to it's fully open position.

      We thought we were very clear that we were using a vintage cap-off in our videos and hope no one felt misled. Things change as the project evolves and productions get underway but unforeseen challenges arise, that comes with the territory of product development. Another reason for things being a little different is because we wanted to put our own flare on the new Eagle Cap-Off. We tried many different handle designs, bends, offsets, etc. and this is what we felt stayed true to the original while making some slight improvements. But again, we can assure you in no way were any aspects of the materials, parts, processes or designs of the Eagle Cap-Off a compromise! Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions. We will continue to use these ideas as we grow and expand our products in the future. Cheers - Mike & Matt

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      Spencer on

      Mike and Matt,

      First of all, thank you for your hard work in delivering a great finished product. I realize that there are often many hiccups along the way with suppliers, manufacturers, shipping, etc and I do not doubt that there was a lot of action going on behind the scenes. Personally, I would have enjoyed reading more updates, but I also recognized I'm not an investor, I’m a customer.

      I want to give you my honest feedback here, which I'm sure you'll appreciate. In the campaign, you showed images of the original cap-off with parallel and centered handles/grips. The product you've delivered has parallel but offset handles. The design change you made to the handle causes the opener to torque/rotate in the hand and feel somewhat unstable while squeezing. While you didn't release an official "spec", the campaign materials led me (and others it seems) to believe that the handles would be similar in design.

      There's the criticism part, here's the constructive part. Consider a redesign of the handles for improved ergonomics. This might include changing the bend angle of the handles so that they are more perpendicular to the squeezing axis. Or better yet, introduce a second bend so that they can be parallel and centered about the squeezing axis.

      Finally, I am very happy with the product. Based on the materials and construction I'm sure it will last many years. It is for this reason that I am nitpicking about the ergonomics - If this is the last bottle opener I will ever buy, will that design flaw bug me for the rest of my days? Just thought I'd give you my $0.02. plus, you know, the other money.

    4. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Bernd Cheer and we are glad to hear you approve!

    5. Missing avatar


      My Cap-Off arrived in Germany yesterday. You were right. It is really cool. Thanks!

    6. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @James McGregor Thanks for your reply and further feedback. We’ll do our best to respond but again, if you are not happy please return the merchandise and we’ll refund you the £38 ($48) for the opener.

      First off, we never released or posted a spec so we are not quite sure how you were led to believe the handles were cast. The original cap-off did not have cast handles, rather stamped and plated, cold rolled steel. That was our starting point and main reasoning for making the new Cap-Off handles out of stamped steel as we wanted to stay true to the overall look and construction of the vintage openers. Another point to refute your concerns, a cast handle in the thickness and dimensions we required would be far weaker than a similar stamped part. As we have said many times, this is a bar tool and it has to have form as well as function but function it must!

      We did in fact alter the handle to improve the ergonomics and address a few design flaws noticed with the original handle. We changed the handle a one piece design which eliminated the tiny crevices which were prone to collect debris and form rust. We also slightly widened the lengthened the grip surface so the opener was easier to grasp and squeeze. In addition, we changed all the components of the new Cap-Off (with the exception of the casting) from plated steel to stainless steel which added more strength to the part and in our opinion, improved the overall aesthetics of the product. The stainless parts along with the custom, craft paper boxes and stickers also added extra costs on our end but we felt it was the right choice as we set out to make the Eagle Cap-Off the best bottle opener around!

      Your claim to our product looking “cheap” seems unjustified as there are no other openers like this on the market to compare it to but please feel free to show us something comparable that looks “expensive”. We are not sure what you have on display at your house to make this product look inferior but we apologize to anyone if the Eagle Cap-Off does not look at home next to their Faberge Egg collection! Our product was intentionally made to have a vintage look similar to the originals and we feel we achieved that objective with a high degree of accuracy. If you don’t believe us feel free to ask any of our other backers and customers as you are the ONLY one who has voice utter disappointment with the Eagle Cap-Off. You even went as far to say that this experience has convince you (and we quote), “never to back Kickstarter projects or buy American made” which seems a little over the top but if that’s how you feel then so be it!

      Assuming that this isn’t your first international purchase, you should be aware of the taxes imposed by the UK. These “fees” are irrelevant to this conversation and have no direct correlation with this product. Sorry if you think of us as being “cheap ankers” because we didn’t pick up the taxes charged for you to receive your packages through the UK mail system. They are a result of living where you live and buying something from a company located in the US so unless you more they probably cannot be avoided and we cannot be to blame!

      As for your cap-off arriving sticky, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are not sure how this would occur as we only applied food grade lubricant the center plunger but some may have possible seeped out during the trip across the pond. We have not hear any other case of this but feel free to just rinse it off or wipe it clean. Either way, it shouldn’t be a big deal or a reason for your negative impression as it can easily be resolved. There are also come “how to use” instructions on our website should you want to ever lubricate the opener after washing it.

      This was our first Kickstarter campaign and it was definitely a learning experience for sure. Although it was a lot of hard work on our end, we cannot honestly see how one could consider it “painful”, especially from a backer’s point of view. As we mentioned from the start, we had the best of intentions all along the way and promised to deliver nothing but the best product in the end no matter how long it took. Yes, it did take a lot longer than expected but it is what it is and we are past that point so let’s not dwell on that. We never once claimed to be an “inexpensive” bottle opener; in fact, the Eagle Cap-Off is the exact opposite of that notion! Our $58 retail price is based on our costs and we are proud of what it is and what it isn’t (cheap). Any other cost like shipping, taxes, fees, etc. are based on external factors and unfortunately are not within the realm of our control. Please let us remind you that this campaign was voluntarily backed by no one other than yourself. You also have the opportunity to return your purchase, so please be our guest and send it back. We will gladly accept the item as we do not want unhappy backers or unsatisfied customers speaking poorly about Eagle Cap-Off despite our best efforts!

      For not wanting to bring up the whole communication issue, it’s weird you brought it up but we’ll play along. We are not sure where you think it is well documented that we did not communicate with our backers but the 26 updates seems to tell another story. A handful of vocal backer’s comments in no way represent the majority of the Cap-Off supporters. We would be willing to bet that there are a larger number of people thought we did an excellent job at communicating our accomplishments and setbacks than the other way around. Regardless, we did our best to communicate with the backers as to our progress but it seems like never is enough for some while others were completely satisfied. This is not our full time gig and we have other obligations to juggle as well. Not to say this venture is not important because it is but we could not be updating constantly as well as making progress on the manufacturing side. We posted pictures and information related to the castings, handles, machined parts, boxes, etc. as it became available to us but some things we just could not answer. From the inquiries we received and comments that were posted, it was apparent that the main thing that everyone was concerned with was when it was going to ship. The fastest shipping possible or how quickly we could turn this opener around was not and still is not our mission. Sorry but we are not sorry it took so long, quality takes time and we were not budging on this and never will. The funny and ironic thing is that, if you were so in tuned with the campaign updates, you should have known the handles were not cast well before receiving your Eagle Cap-Off!

      As you know with any crowdfunding campaign (backing 21 Kickstarters yourself), you are supporting an idea and/or concept based on a prototype and not an actual finished product with the aspirations of it coming to fruition. That is the entire concept behind Kickstarter and feel free to correct us if we are off base here. Things change as the project evolves and productions get underway but unforeseen challenges arise, that comes with the territory of product development. But we can assure you in no way were any aspects of the materials, parts, processes or designs of the Eagle Cap-Off a compromise!

      Thanks again for voicing your concern but unless you wish to return your reward for a refund I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree and just leave it at that. As we’ve posted in many of our updates, the best way to contact us is by email at

      Cheers from the USA,
      Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity

    7. Missing avatar

      James McGregor on

      Sorry, I'll say this here instead.

      I am sorry, my message was not constructive or kind. Yours certainly was.

      The product works well and the mechanism is pretty clever.

      I won't be returning the bottle opener as shipping is too much.

      My issue is that the handles are rolled where according to spec I believe they were cast. I wanted to display the thing but these make it look a bit cheap. This was my first impression after spending £22 ($27) just to get them in to the country. Second impression was just how sicky it was. Perhaps the lube melted and spread in transit, I don't see this as a common issue amongst others so perhaps this is the case.

      All in all the KS process was painful and more expensive than it needed to be (and I got an early bird price!).

      It is well documented how little you communicated with us so I will stay quiet on that.

      So my question is this: why did you need to compromise on the handles when the rest is great quality?

    8. Missing avatar

      James McGregor on

      Thanks, what's the best way to get in touch?

    9. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @James McGregor Please let us know what specific quality issues you are experiencing and we can address them with you in a constructive manner. If you are just unhappy with the Eagle Cap-Off in general, please feel free to return it to us and we'll gladly refund your purchase price less shipping. The truth is that we have a large community of Kickstarter backers, customers and supporters, including ourselves, that love their Eagle Cap-Off and its high quality construction. We chose not to make this overseas and that was our decision which we made very apparent in our campaign. All the best to you and please contact us directly should you wish to share your specific concerns related to the quality or return your reward. - Mike and Matt

    10. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @James McGregor The international shipping cost of $35 was to strictly ship these rewards via USPS and did not account for any customs, tariffs, taxes, etc. imposed by the country in which the backer resides. Unfortunately, that cost would have to be covered by the recipient as we have no way of prepaying these fees through our shipping system in the states. We are sorry to hear that you are upset with the quality as you mention nothing specific below. You are entitled to your opinion but this has nothing to do with politics or any of the other topics you mention below.

    11. Missing avatar

      James McGregor on

      International backer here. Just had to pay your fudging customs costs you cheap ankers. The opener is cheaply made too; why does Trump want the USA to make more domestically when China can design, make, cast and ship at twice the quality in a fraction of the time? Customer relations are better too. You have single handedly convinced me never to back kickstarter projects or buy American made. Enjoy my money as it's clearly not all gone into the product I bought; unless some sheet metal roller has taken you for a ride.

    12. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Nat Krieger Thanks, we are glad to hear that all our hard work and dedication is being recognized and appreciated!

    13. Nat Krieger

      Just wanted to say thanks.. in a world of campaigns that are long in promise and short on delivery you delivered exactly as promised and a product that met all expectations..

    14. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Marshall Willis Everything you have mentioned is part of the design and engineering behind what makes the cap-off the cap-off. As we have stated before, this is an all metal tool that needs to fully be broken in by the buyer through continued use. You can also apply additional lubrication should you wish but the opener should by no means be hard or difficult to operate. Please feel free to contact us should there be an issue and be sure to check out our "how to use" page on our website for further details.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marshall Willis on

      Thank you for the reply. As an update and after a few more uses, I think the friction is actually more of the "plunger" against the three prongs. You can actually see where they rub and get tight as the plunger goes back up to the resting/"open" position. Again, I assume normal, but very obvious.

      Other than that, the look and feel - especially the weight and function - are wonderful. The caps come off clean and as advertised. Thank you!

    16. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Marshall Willis The two handles are supposed to be tight up against each other just as the original design. You will see surface wear in that area as well as feel "friction" as you call it. With that being said, as long as it functions properly you're all set!

    17. Missing avatar

      Marshall Willis on

      I just got home from vacation and got my Cap Off that that had been waiting since Christmas Eve. Looks great and works well, but there is a noticeable "rub" between the overlap of the two handles, where they push down the "plunger," when the handles are near fully open/released. I assume some friction is expected there - there was obvious lubrication applied at that spot from the manufacturer - but I wasn't sure how much was normal. You can definitely feel the rub during operation, but it doesn't appear to affect the fuction.

    18. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Shaun Bowker Please check your email and sorry for the issue.

    19. Missing avatar

      Shaun Bowker on

      I just got home and I had a priority package but there wasn't anything in the envelope nor was it tampered with. It's like someone forgot to put something in it. Was it the Cap-Off, stickers or what?

    20. Missing avatar

      Ivan Graf on

      Mine arrived late last week and works flawlessly. These are a work of art.

    21. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Kaptain KOI @Justin Jones Thanks fellas, we are glad they have arrived and you approve...Happy New Year!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Justin Jones on

      So, I get home, find a package not knowing what it is.... 2 Cap-Offs inside! The excitement can't be expressed through the web. First the boxing looks great, very simple but none the less spot on! The action is overwhelmingly smooth. The finish looks great and this fits very well in hand! The timing on arrival couldn't have been better, NYE! You guys really out did yourself and have a fantastic product any tweaks you did over the last year were absolutely worth it and the added time we all waited paid off! Anyone still waiting you will be ecstatic when yours arrives. Thank you guys!

    23. Missing avatar

      Kaptain KOI

      Just tried my Cap-Off for the first time. Oh my. What a pleasure and sooooo easy. A tip of the cap to a fine product, quality made. Thank you!

    24. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Mike Davis @Brian Cutler Awesome, glad to hear you both approve of the quality and craftsmanship. We were able to ship about 1/3 of the rewards before xmas and the rest are heading out over the next couple weeks. Thanks again for the support and enjoy your new favorite bottle opener!

    25. Mike Davis on

      Mine was waiting for me on my desk when I returned from the holiday. I can't wait to try it out. It looks great and feels great in my hand.

    26. Brian Cutler

      Mike & Matt - I was concerned that a post of my great satisfaction and surprise of a Christmas delivery would have resulted in a flood of comments from others on when would they get theirs. Living so close to you you I think got mine here extra fast, also likely due to your outstanding effort to get these out.

      The workmanship is outstanding. This thing operates like a swiss watch and had no issues operating it, or in drinking the beer. The finish is just right and all the edges were burr free, no so easy with all that stamping. The parts look like they have been tumbled to give a nice smooth but not polished look. I need to post a video of this on your facebook page. Job Well Done!

    27. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      @Brian Cutler So no other feedback? We are shocked you are being so tight lipped! Hope you enjoy and please let us know what you think.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Lennon on

      Got mine today... very cool

    29. Missing avatar

      Pascal Winter on

      I just received my Cap-Off. Excellent job guys. This thing feels very high quality. It has a nice weight to it with very smooth mechanical motion when used. I'd say the wait was well worth it! Cheers!

    30. Brian Cutler

      Santa Claus does exist and he wants a beer instead of milk. Thanks

    31. Arley Umphries on

      Oh, and Tom Stewart was right, you need to update more often.

    32. Arley Umphries on

      When I backed this I was hoping to get it in time to be a little EAS present to myself when I got out of the Marine Corps in June. Then I hoped maybe I'd get it for Christmas and could send the second one I ordered to my best friend, who is the one who showed me this project but couldn't afford to order at the time. Now hopefully it'll come before my birthday in February, but I won't hold my breath. Probably just go fist myself instead.

    33. Missing avatar

      Cathy McKnelly on

      Keep positive. You're doing all you can. People just need to be patient. Quality takes time!!

    34. Mike Grace and Matt McGarrity Creator on

      Thanks to all for the words of encouragement and positive feedback. We cannot wait until everyone gets to experience the Eagle Cap-Off for themselves and see what the fuss is all about!

    35. Missing avatar

      Tom Stewart on

      Right. I understand you won't read (or at least respond) until after the new year. That's fine. You just provided a *great* update. This is what (I think) the vast majority of backers want/expect. I think it's easy to under-update, and hard to over-update. I am guessing (having not been on the producer side) that it's easy to think "There's really no news to report. I can't bear to write again that we're going to be late!" My personal advice is, "Do it!" As a backer of a good number of projects, that's what I want. I really can understand and appreciate that things slip, and unexpected difficulties arise. Tell us. Tell us even when *you* think there's nothing important to tell. It will be appreciated.

      Make no mistake, there will *always* be people who are angry, whiny, whatever. Won't matter how frequently or infrequently you update. They will be there. I don't quite want to say ignore them, but take it in perspective. Look at the total number of backers. Look at the total number of commenters. Look at the number of consistently negative commenters. For most projects, it's a small percentage, or in some cases, it's probably deserved. But you guys have posted updates showing real progress. It's been clear to me that this is no scam. But you could provide more frequent updates on progress (or lack thereof) and you'd be more likely to please than offend more backers, IMO.

      Cheers, and looking forward to my Cap Off, whenever it arrives, as I know it will!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Justin Jones on

      Just read the update. Obviously, not the one we wanted to hear, but none the less, it was finally a real update! I can't thank you enough for an update that gave more information as to when you were expecting to ship, why you can't, and your new prospective time frame! The negative comments is from extreme anxiousness for this product. Again, thank you for the real update and in reality what's another month when we have been waiting 12? Keep up the hard work we're sure it'll pay off!

    37. Brian Cutler

      Thanks for the update and keeping true to your dream. Have a merry Christmas.

    38. Mike Campise on

      Keep up the hard work guys! I work in Metal Fab in Wisconsin and know what it's like to bring a product to market. You got this!

    39. Missing avatar

      Pascal Winter on

      Backer number 9 here. I thought my order would ship the week of Thanksgiving. No tracking code in sight. If you are blatantly going to miss a deadline you set yourself, at least tell us what the the deal is.

    40. Missing avatar

      Joe shamp on

      Anyone call them yet?

    41. Brian Cutler

      Repeating information from previous updates. I am doubtful on this hitting their latest commitment of shipping BY THE DECEMBER HOLIDAYS.

      Sept. 14 Question on finish preference.
      Oct. 7 On track to ship next month
      Oct. 21 Question on final selection on finish. Response was, We are going to let that be a surprise but we are striving to get as close to the original as possible.
      Nov. 4 Shipping out 1st batch week of Thanksgiving
      Nov. 19 Now in production. Out the door by December holidays

      So we should receive by Christmas (at least shipped) and finish is a SURPRISE :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Ivan Graf on

      Cut the BS and give us honest answers on shipping and production. We backed you with our money and deserve honest answers.

    43. Missing avatar

      Justin Jones on

      The unique design and novelty made me impulsively back this. Now, 1 full year later we still have nothing. Not even a real sense of when (or if) I'll actually be receiving anything. Shame...shame...shame

    44. Sean Logue

      Has shipping started? Starting soon? Anything? Bueller? What a frustratingly opaque project this has turned out to be.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joe shamp on

      Update #23
      Production Continues......

    46. Missing avatar

      Joe shamp on

      Sean, I just asked the same question through Facebook since that's the only way I can get a response from them. They replied with a link to the latest update and a snarky comment stating all info is on the Kickstarter page, as it has been since the beginning. Indeed pretty bad taste here as well. I'd hate to see how they treat other investors.

    47. Sean Logue

      Your last update, a week and a half ago, clearly stated that you were "still on track to have all the Kickstarter rewards out the door by the December holidays!" Now we get an email, not through Kickstarter, saying "We are producing and shipping as many as possible before the Holidays." That, along with your very weird disdain for your backers in soliciting input on the handle finish and then not stating what you went with, have left me with a very bad taste indeed.

    48. Keith Riel on

      Still feel we have no idea when we'll be getting these

      No timelines, no dates and we're still all just in a holding pattern

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