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The artist behind Albino Dragon's Playing Cards brings you a terrifying vision of the Cthulhu Mythos...The Writhing Dark.
1,626 backers pledged $116,213 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Christian Steudtner on

      Looks really awesome!
      I want to see more :)

    2. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Oh? This deck looks kinda scary to you? OK. I have this other deck. (Muwahahahahah rule of three)

    3. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      @Brendt, I disagree. Some are going to see the pips themselves, some the cracks, some both. Either way, I still feel it's a free psych out on any casual player. "How about a game of Bridge? I've got a deck with me." (Muwahahahahah) And since bridge partners need to be somewhat like minded to pass information using the extremely limited allowed language, I would, of course, pick one sufficiently like minded who appreciated Shane's artwork, just to watch potential opponents squirm. (Muwahahahahah again)

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben King-Eagles on

      Love the pips! Those are awesome. And thank you for giving the number cards some attention as well!

    5. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Yeah, Michael, I totally saw that there in the comments. And I will now follow the advice of some great sage - tell em what yer gonna tell em, tell em, tell em what you told em, then shut up.

    6. Brendt Hensley

      Man, Love the pips, but I am also not a fan of the embellishments. I think if they were regular pips, it would add something to it. But, I think it just detracts from the great detail of the pips. But, I'm more of a fan of the simplified. Great backs too, especially the undulations behind the logo.

    7. Michael on

      One last thing and I'm hopping off the soapbox. This is the quote from the creator @Criswell
      " The fact is, we have all the bargaining position in our present conflict with Mr. Michael and we do intend on teaching him a lesson in human decency by making sure he the very last to receive anything left owed to him."

    8. Michael on

      @Criswell I would absolutely love to see a site come along and use KS as a stepping stone to something much better. Kickstarter could be a really really amazing thing but it has to be used for the powers of good so to speak. If I had the technical know how I would attempt it myself because I feel like I have the passion to accomplish it, just not the skill set.

      With regards to The Hedge creator, that is such a hot mess it isn't even funny. Like I had said before, its chronicled through the comments for posterity sake. I usually refer to it, the founders, or there was a soap KS I was with that was a semi-bust. I got my items but many didn't but again, that was from my own determination and perseverance. The Hedge creator has written so many lies to have me disprove them I don't really believe much of what they say.

      I didn't mean to derail this amazing update because it truly is. Really really badass back design. I look forward to seeing more.

    9. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Holy Feces, Michael! They publically admit that they are making you the last to receive the package as punishment! That is the kind of behavior that SHOULD be reported to KS, but knowing what I already know, they seem to just want their 5%, but when the issue is fulfillment, they wash their hands. And kosongz shows you are not the only one having problems with Hedge. By their own admission, there are 10% who have not received fulfillment. It's their own reputation they are smearing here.

    10. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      @Michael, Russell Common, etc - Even Paul&Storm are lamenting how KickStarter is tying their hands on their campaign. The sooner and the more people that realize this, the more likely others will find the need and fill it, and KS will go the way of the dinos, mammoths, and dodos. DoubleDice, while a flourishing project, is getting a lot of flack from KS because of certain things the Matt wants to do that KS won't let him - donate a SMALL portion to the person whose original patent expired (he refused, but suggested to give it to a local school math club), and his intention to sell a bulk pack of 50 dice. KS does not like either of these things.

    11. Daniel Sorto

      This seems like it should be a separate project.

    12. Russell Common on

      Wow Shane! Really like the back of the card. You got multiple things going on there and everything works. If there was some doctorate degree for playing card design and if that back design was your thesis, I think you just graduated.

    13. Coastal Pete

      Makes a great fan image. I must have missed the message about these bad boys being created.

    14. Nicole Levine on

      I love the cracks on the number cards. Those are going to be great. I love it when a deck design doesn't ignore the number cards.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brandon Viruet

      Love the new deck, Shane, looks like it's going to be sweet! I love the pips too, but I'm not sure about the "embellishments". Well, I AM sure about them, I don't like them, I was just trying to find a nice way to say it. LOL. I think they are too distracting and water down the nice custom pips. Discuss…

    16. Michael on

      @kosongz I truly wish you the best of luck with that. Its taken determination and perseverance to get my pledges from that creator. All I'm missing is a maze book but the creator literally came o out and said I personally would be the very last person to receive it as some sort of childish punishment. Its chronicled through the comments of that campaign and the stripper decks.

      That campaign has most certainly been the hardest to collect on. Almost all other projects and creators work well for me. Hell even when I had issues with a damaged deck and missing from jacksons first federal he in the end made sure I was taken care of and a genuine apology.

      I've backed a campaign shane was in before and that was fulfilled flawlessly so no worries with this campaign.

    17. Professor Stephen Candy

      Love this card back Shane and agree that the contrast in styles of the two decks will work really nicely together. :o)

    18. Kosongz on

      What about the Hedge campaign? =.= Still haven't received anything from that damn project.

    19. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      It may have been here, or on another project's board (when I get passionate, I get ranting) but IF KS did provide CRADLE TO TOMB service, they could easily charge an additional say 3% and backers and creators would easily accept that. Instead (and I know I'm choir preaching here) we NEED things like BackerKit, since it would not need to exist if KS didn't lack that functionality. I'll shut up now, as I'm starting to get redundant.

    20. Jeff Narucki on

      Slusho - I'd highly recommend you search YouTube for Shane's Hangouts to see how quickly he puts put the artwork you're seeing here. I can't find it incomprehensible that someone can envision and bring anything into existence as fast as I've seen of this quality.

    21. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      I've noticed other KS problems recently too. I am having trouble uploading an avatar to promote another KS project, but I get some sort of I/O error. While I neglected to mention this in my message, I am able to upload to Yahoo or FaceBook without problems, so the issue can not be my computer or ISP performing some sort of blocking. The response from KS was something like "I see that your recent access was from a mobile phone. Our app does not allow uploading of avatars." Uh, did you miss the "I/O error message"? Did you miss that I said that an avatar I had previously used now would not upload? I have to wonder about the computer literacy of those who respond to tech support issues like this. If all they care about is their 5%, and bailing at close of funding, well, then bailing is what we, backers and creators, will be doing also.

    22. Michael on

      @criswell I've stood on my soap box many times criticizing the lack of oversight and end user functionality that kickstarter is in dire need of. Kickstarter isn't shy about letting backers know they only care about their 5%. Its in turn made me a smart backer to weed out possible scams. Much like how that founders deck was a scam. My gut told me something wasnt right. In turn, my seventy or so projects I've backed haven't burned me yet.

    23. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      There are quite a few flaws in the KickStarter system, and addons happens to be one of them. You SHOULD be able to pick from a menu the way you can with tiers, but you can't. I think KS should provide CRADLE TO TOMB coverage of a project, and not just bail on the day the funding campaign ends, and throw us and Shane to seek an alternative like BackerKit. You want an addon? Add on that amount of money to your pledge without changing your tier. At project end, you'll get a survey (probably from BackerKit, not KS) asking for mailing address, choices, amounts, etc. Even if you decide to addon an addon AFTER close of campaign, with BackerKit you can, but you won't change the KS number, and, of course, thinking about an addon doesn't change the KS number either. Rant Mode Off. Shane, this OE deck looks like the kind of thing that would intimidate most casual card players just by its style. I so love it. A free psych-out. I knew when you announced it I must have one, and now that I see it, I know my gut feeling was spot on.

    24. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Yair no worries man. It isn't spam if you need a hand dude.

    25. Yair Ron on

      never mind. the message fully loaded and showed me the info. sorry for the spam...

    26. Yair Ron on

      How do I add an Orient deck to my pledge? Because now that I see the monster it's becoming, I've got to have one :).

    27. PMan on

      Damn autocorrect. Meant to type dang.

    28. PMan on

      Shane, I'd say you're pretty Dan amazing. Love your art and glad I already added to my pledge for two Orient decks. Might have to add more after seeing the art though...

    29. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Slusho. It isn't really all that much bud. The Tarot is the source artwork for TWD, Horror uses unique courts but the indexes are going to be fairly standard. That and I am pretty damned fast :-D

    30. Mike Ratledge

      +$40 for me! Mikey likes it...

    31. Slusho on

      I'm confused. Is all the art in the Orient Express deck different than TWD? How can you crank out all this art?

    32. Alan

      Looks awesome!

      BTW, you may want to update the front page add-ons with something about the HotOE deck. It wasn't until your reminder at the bottom of the update that I saw how much to add. (I'd checked the front page and was considering combing through previous updates.)

    33. Michael on

      That back is super sick. Made me say "oh shit" out loud when the picture loaded.

    34. Kenneth Hayes on

      Those are actually pretty epic, that will eat up some of my add-on dollars

    35. Robin Allen