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The artist behind Albino Dragon's Playing Cards brings you a terrifying vision of the Cthulhu Mythos...The Writhing Dark.
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    1. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Karia It works the same way being a project creator. Sometimes I get backers that are amazing, and then some of them are just Lightspeed awesome. Like yourself :)

    2. Kouture Crochet on

      Complaints about the pranks I don't get. Complaints about the different very limited reward tiers I got this is why I don't normally shop from places that give deep or even any discounts. It's not for me. But I was aware that there would be special tiers that would be off limits to me because I just wasn't going to make it, that's life. I was awake and around for the Black Friday tier but my internet connection died at just the wrong time. It's not my project and part of backing a project is that you have to accept the prices and tiers offered by the creators. This isn't eBay where you haggle and try a better deal. You get what you get and like it. :).

    3. Susan Ferrara on

      @Ben, I think opinion was just being expressed on FB; no one threatened to leave or anything.

    4. Lucian Levine on

      @Jeff, precisely! All the possibilities...

    5. Ben Birkett on

      Mike, that drama was in Wayward Backers on FB, not on here AFAIK.

      Still need to think of a good prank...

    6. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on

      MMkay then, I definitely missed the drama about the pranking. I even tried to go back and find it before I posted... but then, I'm not about to re-read word for word every comment until I get to it. Haha.

    7. Jeff Narucki on

      I thought the earlier remark about how Skylanders were more important than the elderly was a good indication that this was satire. I get how a campaign focused on the most ancient of evil's would make folks assume that there is something more malevolent involved here, but I'd prefer to think that behind every saran wrapped toilet is a bowl of possibilities.

      That's just me. I'm an optimist. ;)

    8. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Mike Heya Mike, Different drama. That was another one though! That fellow had a fair point from a certain perspective. I think it's fine, I think most people took it as intended. I can't be too upset given how things have gone though. I honestly wish them a great Holiday whether or not they stay on board.

    9. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on

      Unless I'm missing something, the drama had nothing to do with the pranks.

      The drama over the Black Friday stuff was all about the limited tiers made available at better prices than if you had pledged already for certain things. Peoples emotions get involved when you think you get a good deal on something, and then something BETTER is offered at a later time, especially when that later time is when you aren't available to even TRY to grab one.

    10. Lucian Levine on

      I've heard a bit of an uproar about the Black Friday pranks. I personally think it's kind of hilarious that Shane chose to bring the insanity of Black Friday into the home. A lot of us avoid stores on Black Friday because people are just giant jerks about the deals, well now we get to be playfully jerky at home. The pranks aren't meant to be malicious or dangerous, just funny, like April Fools. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about but, I can say that once my dad realized what had just happened to him, he laughed his ass off before telling me to clean it up. I hope people keep it in the playful spirit, because I'm certain that's how Shane means for it to be. That's just my 2 cents on it. Have fun with it!!!!

    11. Stephen Cowart on

      @Mike, I take it more as a way to mock Black Friday. Its a day where people go insane and I think this is just a way to make light of that. I don't think that this was in any way shape or form Shane endorsing people being mean to one another. That's my two cents at least.

    12. Mike Ratledge

      Shane, no matter what you do, you can't please everyone. Some people just can't take a joke. I got +my+ Black Friday level, so I'm just gonna wave them all off! LMCO...

    13. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Karia Dunno! It's cool though it wasn't tons of folks. To be honest it's better they did. Some of the things these people did to one another...yeesh

    14. Kouture Crochet on

      What I don't understand why people left? They left because they didn't get the Black Friday deal or because they didn't like being mean to people?