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The artist behind Albino Dragon's Playing Cards brings you a terrifying vision of the Cthulhu Mythos...The Writhing Dark.
1,626 backers pledged $116,213 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mark T on

      There we go, got one. Only took 12 hours of waiting... proof will be sent posthaste.

    2. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Kenneth Sure!

    3. Kenneth Hayes on

      @Shane if we missed the tier should we still send prank pictures?

    4. Susan Ferrara on

      @Dave - $30 "The Heart of Darkness"

    5. Dave W on

      What tier opened?

    6. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @mark There will be more spots opening every few hours or so tomorrow.

    7. Mark T on

      Awesome, I clicked submit on the confirmation page and the page failed to load. When i refreshed, i couldn't select it anymore even though there was 3 open spots.

    8. Ben Birkett on

      And now to plan...*rubs hands together evilly*

    9. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      ***AND they're gone. Ok guys, keep an eye open intermittently during the day tomorrow as 10 more spots will open up. Have a great night! Oh, and if you have a friend or loved one who also backed this project... watch your back. HO HO HO ***

    10. Nicole Levine on

      We all watched Thankskilling 3 today. It that's not malfeasance I don't know what is.