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The artist behind Albino Dragon's Playing Cards brings you a terrifying vision of the Cthulhu Mythos...The Writhing Dark.
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    1. Susan Ferrara on

      @Jason - I'm willing to read more than one (especially poetry/haikus), but I also don't want to open the floodgates to multiple short story entries per person. We're at the beginning stages, and while a lot of people have expressed interest, I don't yet have a feel for how many total submissions we'll have. If you have multiple ideas, I suggest you submit a few brief descriptions with the subject "Outline," and we can discuss which one or two sounds the most promising.

    2. Jason Leisemann

      Are we limited to a single submission each? I've got multiple ideas, and while I obviously wouldn't expect more than one (if that many!) to get in, some may be more to the liking of the editors than others.

    3. Susan Ferrara on

      @Tro - the submission deadline isn't set in stone yet... The print stretch goal will likely affect our timeline. However, the deadline's going to be at least a month from now or more, if that helps.

    4. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella on

      Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but when's the submission deadline? Inquiring minds possibly want to know... *shifty look*


    5. JK

      The 'no unicorns' makes me smile. There's a wonderful lovecraftian short story by Charles Stross that features unicorns and if you read it, you will never, ever think of unicorns the same way again. It's....disturbing.

    6. Cecelia Barrett Thomas

      @Tim - That's a good idea as I edit a lot of his stuff anyway (hey it's my day job). @Ben - I would go insane trying to track 2 kickstarter accounts. Are you sure you aren't a spy for Professor Peaslee at ol' MU?

    7. Ben Birkett on

      Alternate option Cecelia: make a second Kickstarter account in his name and make a pledge with it so you can submit the story directly in his name =D
      That way we all win because I get more stretch goals from your extra pledge! *rubs hands together greedily*

    8. Tim Harron on

      @Cecelia - the other day in a Hangout someone asked a similar question. Shane suggested you submit it with his name as the writer and yours as 'Editor' or something like that.

    9. Cecelia Barrett Thomas

      Most of my pledge is a gift for my brother who is deeply influenced by Lovecraft in his writing and art. My dilemma - I'd rather he submit one of his stories for the anthology but the pledge is under my name. How do I make this happen so he gets the byline credit if his work is accepted?

    10. Tim Harron on

      @Shane - I figure there is one, but I wanted to point out that you did not specify a limit to the number of dice sets one can order. That could get... dicey... ugh, did I really just go there?

    11. Susan Ferrara on

      @Nicole, just make sure there's a Cthulhuchaun at the end of the rainbow, and I'll support inclusion ;-)

    12. Nicole Levine on

      I now have an urge to write a truly weird story featuring unicorns and rainbows. Thank you for that.

    13. Professor Stephen Candy

      @Jeff. I have a renewable "British" discard against trans-Atlantic language corrections, so no need for a saving throw. And also, I don't need to roll a 1d6 any more - soon I'll have a new set of all sorts of much more interesting dice thanks to Shane!

      PS Sanity points? I've moved so far from sanity I couldn't make it out with a telescope on a nice clear night!

    14. Brandon Grech on

      Finally I get a play set of dice for a D&D game :D

    15. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Karia Oh you had to go there didn't you :-p

    16. Kouture Crochet on

      oh shane why you gotta be like that? a little tentacle porn never hurt anyone, well except for the poor japanese college school girl in the pictures but thats just a technicality!!

      I kid. i kid. :)

    17. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Al I am basing all my preorder information off the pledge, so please add them to your pledge now.
      @Michael We have some more awesome things in store man, and all of them are because you guys bring the awesome

    18. Michael Moore

      This just keeps getting better!

    19. Al Billings

      Do we need to add dice here to our pledge or will you be having people add through backkit or the like.

    20. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Jeff 1d4 Snark points
      @Stephen saving throw vs. Sarcasm at -2

    21. Jeff Narucki on

      Stephen Candy, roll 1d6 and subtract that many Sanity points for the extraneous use of "u" in "colour"

    22. Professor Stephen Candy

      What Ben said.
      As the unofficial "coin connoisseur" I am known for not being that fussed about dice. They're nice and all that, but all seem much of a muchness on Kickstarter. The old "d6 in a special colour plus one custom face" formula is tired and to date all the KS dice I've received have been part of bundles, freebies and stretch goals. I have never pledged just for dice.
      Today, with this set that includes a proper spread of gaming dice and a particularly striking set of custom faces, that changed.
      I'll be adding them forthwith!

    23. Donnie Clark on

      This last ARG case was pretty challenging with the code ciphers. It also seems like the operators are doing a great job keeping the story flexible and reacting to the feedback the investigators are giving!

    24. Ben Birkett on

      Gotta say, this is the first time I've actually wanted to buy the dice offered in a Kickstarter. They always seemed either not unique enough or two expensive, or both. These have both a great price and cool designs. Guess I'll top up my pledge this weekend.

    25. Brian Horstmann on

      You had me at Gaming Dice.