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The artist behind Albino Dragon's Playing Cards brings you a terrifying vision of the Cthulhu Mythos...The Writhing Dark.
1,626 backers pledged $116,213 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jackson Starky on

      I'm in on the Sherlock Holmes cards. I went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street in London a year and a half ago when I was in England for my Big Four-Oh. It's a very impressive experience... as is the Kepler Museum in Bath, in which city a distant relative of mine has an antiquarian bookstore and book bindery.

    2. Nick Josh on

      I kind of want to know what my award is... I've never heard of Jackson Robinson or looked at any of his projects before I heard about the Sherlock deck on this project.

    3. Professor Stephen Candy

      I must confess I'd not made the mental adjustment to the coins having a reverse side and not a matching logo. Excited now to see what you come up with!
      I love the colour coins (as you know) but am also interested by the idea of making the coins look like they are Lovecraftian artefacts. Perhaps something like the Steampunk Pirates coins that Nat Iwata created for that project.

      Speaking of Nat, I wonder if he is a chap that we might, perhaps, hear more from when we hit $35k?

    4. Michael Moore

      Tough call. The color is really good, but if it is going to have a different design on back, it might look weird if the color scheme is not the same.

    5. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Tro That might be something to put to the community. Whether it is supposed to be colored like this seal, or maybe a mint style. Like a coin made from Obed Marsh's gold?

    6. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella on

      Ooo, usually I'm not so fond of colored coins, but I might have to make an exception for that one! Awesome!


    7. Kathy Carbone on

      I am a Sherlock nerd! Am a backer of the Sherlock deck and soooooo chuffed that you are a guest artist in that endeavor!!!

    8. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Ben you bet!

    9. Ben Birkett on

      If we reach 40k can we get a version of the wallpaper with some whole grains added?

    10. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Pierre oh and hey wassup!

    11. Shane Tyree 3-time creator on

      @Joshua I really like the idea of having the outline of the Marsh Mansion or maybe an old factory like ones abandoned along the river.

    12. Futski on

      10 to 1 odds to say that I know who the guest artist is. And I'm certain no one will be disappointed. :) Let's get that goal checked off soon.

    13. Nick Josh on

      I fully support the back of the coin being a graphic for Innsmouth, Mass!!! The Shadow Over Innsmouth was the first Lovecraft I ever experienced and is still my favorite.

    14. Pierre R

      hehehe hey wassup Shane...I'm enjoying a day off kids are at school quiet in the house

    15. Pierre R

      Great stuff Shane...The High Hallowed Chosen is most please for all the goodies