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The ongoing origin story of the world's most beloved bike mechanic and juggler adventure seeking duo, Dexter and Stray!


      While the later adventures of Dexter & Stray are many and well known, their earliest beginnings have remained shrouded in mystery. Until now!  After years of painstaking research and investigation, I am proud to present, for the first time anywhere, The Origins of Dexter & Stray.

      I am the author, illustrator, designer and publisher of this exciting new series and I'm happy to say that the second book is almost complete. While, I was able to publish the first one completely on my own, I did so at the cost of my savings. Luckily, that savings bought a lot of experience and know-how and with your help and contributions I can make books two and three even better than the first. But enough about the boring stuff. Let's get to the story.



With his prescription protective goggles and a pair of overalls filled with multi-tools for any occasion, Dexter can build just about anything out of old bicycle parts, but there's nothing he'd rather ride than a unicycle. He was raised in a small town by his mother, a gifted blacksmith, and often dreamed of seeing the world but never seemed to get around to it. In fact he'd never been more than 50 miles from home until he met...


A happy-go-lucky, train-hopping juggler. Quite possibly the world's greatest juggler. She carries 5 juggling balls, 4 juggling rings, and three juggling balls in her canvas backpack and has no other possessions except the clothes on her back, a toothbrush and a black bowler hat. The domed hat protects her smooth bald head and covers the red and purple stars tattooed above each of her ears, stars as mysterious as her past.


Well, it all began in...


The award winning first book in the Origins series is a chronicling of the first meeting of Dexter & Stray wherein they navigate a bicycle town, street perform at a farmers market, discover a toilet paper factory full of treasure, befriend a civilization of tree-dwelling aerialists, battle feral chickens, and accidentally learn to teleport around the world! Twice!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg and a catalyst to discovering who they really are and just what this Universe has in store for them.

And with your help it will continue in:


Stray is on the hunt for Datas, "The Man Who Knows Everything" with hopes that he'll know where she came from. Dexter is just along for the ride, or so he thought. Their quest leads them into a treacherous desert that is somehow connected to Dexter's past, a past his mother never told him about.

Sandstorms, rattlesnakes, bulls, and bike gangs are only the beginning of the trials and tribulations our heroes find in the dusty desert. Before they're done they'll take a wheelchair on a roller coaster, face villainous jugglers, watch movies in a magical yurt, join a miner rebellion, and alter the landscape forever.

But things really start getting weird, when the coyote starts talking.

BOOK THREE: (untitled)

Your help will also go to support the as yet untitled BOOK THREE sometime in 2013.


The $5500 goal will make it affordable to produce and distribute copies of the book as well as promotional support for the project's launch. If you would like a complete breakdown, spreadsheet style, contact me through my website and I'll happily oblige.  

Any contributions in excess of the $5500 will help to support a multi-city book tour sometime early this summer. I'll travel almost exclusively by train and bicycle and hopefully visit you and sign your book in person!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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