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'The Rope Maiden'. A short film that mixes pseudo snuff and dark comedy.

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by and seeing what this fundraiser is all about. I am making a short film which will combine two of my favourite genres: Pseudo snuff and Dark Comedy. Those are two mighty conflicting genres, "can it be done?", I hear you asking yourself. Well I'm going to try! and I need your help. Please help raise £200 so I can scrape by in completing this project.

The money donated will help towards paying for the props and special effects used in the film, and anything left over will go towards paying for printing the DVDs. All people involved are working for free so this money will just cover the materials needed for completion. 

Thanks for stopping by and everyone that donates will receive something back. Please share this page around your blog and social network sites so as many people as possible can see and potentially help.

Guy (SculptingFragments)

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This being my first attempt at a short film I am learning everything as I go, hopefully things will go smoothly and not too many mistakes. When there are mistakes I hope I can learn from them and create a kick ass movie.

The main actress will go back to her home country in early 2013 so we are literally competing with time. I want to be able to shoot everything quickly and also have time for any re-shoots if needed. If we are not quick enough and something needs to change but the actors are not in the country it could be a disaster!

I am also shooting in two different languages so some minor miscommunication is inevitable but the whole crew is pulling together so we can overcome any obstacles we may face.


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