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Easy-Macro is already the most-convenient close-up lens for every smartphone.  Now, we're making it even better.
Easy-Macro is already the most-convenient close-up lens for every smartphone. Now, we're making it even better.
4,107 backers pledged $62,508 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      A quick note: It has come to our attention that postal tracking numbers are re-used after a certain period of time. Going forward, we will not be able to address claims of orders not being received as there is no longer any way for us to confirm delivery. If you have any questions or concerns specific to your order, you will get the fastest response by emailing us at


    2. Sarawut Parnrong on

      I didn't received lens too. My address is correct. maybe could you please check it again.
      Thank you.

    3. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on


      As we have already shipped your reward twice, other arrangements will have to be made for your reward. I will email you with details.

    4. Denny The Backer on

      my package never came.. maybe lost in transit or someone stole it, whatever it is i never received it..

    5. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Chuang Wu Lung:

      I sent you a message to get it sorted out!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chuang Wu Lung on

      I also haven't received my lens in Taiwan
      My address is right. Please check it

    7. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      Check out our latest campaign offering 2x, 4x, and 10x magnifications!

    8. Boris Sinitsyn on

      I haven't received my lens either in Russia.
      My address is right.

    9. Markus Staab on

      Hi, I had ordered the "The Not-As-Early Bird BOGO Special" and have received the old model of the lens.
      However i have not yet received the new lens, could you please give me an ETA on that?

    10. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      Hi Denny, your reward shipped December 2. We'll be in touch shortly by email.

    11. Denny The Backer on

      same here.. no lens after long time came in Indonesia..
      my address is right.. please elaborate..

    12. Missing avatar

      Naohiro YAMAMOTO on

      I haven't received my lens yet in Malaysia.
      Let me know when can I get it.

    13. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Francesco and Akshay: We have sent you messages to confirm your order information.

    14. Francesco on

      Same as Shawn and Akshay, I haven't received my lens either in New Zealand.

    15. Missing avatar

      Akshay Ogra on

      Hi there - Wasn't too sure how long I should wait before messaging you, but I haven't received my lenses yet? (New Zealand)
      If you haven't shipped them, I will be changing my address very soon and can give you the new address

    16. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      Hi Backers! All of you who completed the survey by December 15 should have received your reward by now by now. If you haven't, just send us a quick email and we'll help you sort it out.

    17. Shawn Lam on

      I have not received my lens yet (New Zealand). Help?

    18. Lee Teck Koon on

      I have gotten my 1st gen & replaced it due to a scratch on the lens.
      Loved the performance of the lens.
      But I have yet gotten the 2nd gen lens. Is there any way I can track my order?

    19. Missing avatar

      junaidi on

      Recieved mine today (indonesia), thanks... (^_^)

    20. Missing avatar

      saeed ahmad on

      hello adam,

      i still didnt get mine , can you please check if it left the us ^^ ?

      it useally should take 2 weeks to arrive to dubai

    21. Glory Goh on

      Got mine last week ( china). Am loving it. Took some real close ups of eyebrows and sones. Fantastic.
      Only thing is the elastic band is loose for my iPhone 5S; it slips off easily. I'll have to use it with a case then, as my current case has a cover.

    22. Kristy Fowles on

      Mine arrived today, all the way in sunny South Africa :)
      I do like it, but fear that the life of the elastic will not be long lived.. :/

    23. Starlight on

      Aha, that did it. That's ridiculously close and not being able to focus any further out than that makes it useless to me unfortunately, but it's a neat toy for the few times you'd want that kind of extreme closeup I guess :) Thanks!

    24. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Daniel: Have you gotten reeeeeaaaaalllly close? You'll need to be about 1 inch from the subject to focus. Lots of light will also help, especially in the beginning, while you're getting the hang of it. We've never seen a lens that couldn't focus, but some folks just can't believe how close they can get with Easy-Macro!

    25. Starlight on

      Tried mine on my iPhone 4 and it is just blurry at any distance (no, it's not because of movement). Tried cleaning the lens, no change. Help?

    26. Xelio on

      Mine haven't arrived yet...

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Arrived and very pleased with it! Best kickstarter I've backed!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ricardo on

      Havent received mine yet... If you have a tracking number would be great. Thanks.

    29. Kirpa Singh Gulati

      Hey, havent received mine as yet either. Could you send a tracking number as well so that I can follow it up till it gets here?? Thanks...

    30. Mohd Rizal on

      I've received mine alrdy. Amazing quality...

    31. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      Kii: Because of the problems with shipping damage, some rewards didn't make it out on the schedule we hoped. I'll send your tracking info to you directly so you can track your reward.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kii on

      I'm in the same boat as Taylor below me. Should of been sent to Korea. If you could just check if it was sent out that would be great. Thanks!

    33. Taylor Ling on

      I believe I am the first group that should be shipped with the lens 'International Backers that responded to the survey before to November 25', but yet, I have not receive any package or shipping notification, Adam Hicks, can you help me to check?


    34. Darren Cooper on

      Safely arrived and in perfect condition.

      Been using it all day and wow the pictures are simply amazing! Gonna be ordering a few more for friends! Thank you!!!

    35. Minh Nguyen

      Just received mine today in Sydney Australia to find that it had cracks around it. Emailed the info email so hopefully it gets addressed soon. Thanks.

    36. Raúl on

      Bueno deciros que el pasado viernes 20-12-2013 recibí mi Easy -Macro smartphone lens. Ya hice pruebas, al principio costó enfocar, pero solo es cogerle el truco. Correos fue rápido.
      Felices fiestas a todos desde España.

      Well, the last friday i received my Easy -Macro smartphone lens. I did some tests, in the begining is difficult, you have to practice until you focus the lens. Correos (spanish postal service) was quick.

      Merry Christmas from Spain to all.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Hranitz on

      Will do. Thank you and congratulations on the successful project! :)

    38. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Nicholas: We've seen this issue in just a few units. It seems the bands are not as uniformly sized as the manufacturer promised. Please send us a message to and we'll get it sorted out for you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Hranitz on

      Received my Easy-Macro Lens the other day. Happy to say it wasn't damaged and the pictures come out well, however it is quite loose on my iPhone 5 (Naked), to the point where I have to be very careful handling my phone with it on or it will just fall right off. Curious to know if this is an issue with all units or just a few?

    40. Adisak Pochanayon on

      Oh... but happy happy... my e-mail says a replacement is on the way!

    41. Adisak Pochanayon on

      Got one of the ones with a cracked lens :-(

    42. Darren Cooper on

      Still waiting in the UK :(
      Three more post days to go!


    43. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @greg: Any luck yet? This is almost always a symptom of not being close enough. You'll find that somewhere around an inch from the object, it will come into sharp focus!

    44. Greg Laurence on

      I may be sounding stupid but I can never get my camera to focus with the lens. Please help?

    45. Missing avatar

      bénédicte de faup on

      Hey guys I received my second macro lens. Thank you so much I can't believe your deliver it so fast. I made some incredible shoot, I think I 'm gonna buy maybe two or three more.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mark Cor

      Just wanted to drop a line and say that I received mine in perfect condition and am loving trying to take images in new ways. Here is an early favourite I have taken:

      That being said, I wish the instructions clearly stated the flat side was meant to lie against the camera lens

    47. Jonathan Gabriel on

      Got mine today, thanks! Build is very good and magnification great, best of all it sits nicely on top of my phone camera lens without fear of it scratching unlike the previous generation. Cheers!

    48. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Jamie: Please make sure you include the hyphen in our email address! The format in your first comment is correct, but the format in your most recent comment will not reach us.

      @Jay and Isabel: Shipping notifications were not sent for most orders, but we have shipped all orders that we have surveys for at this point. The final batch shipped yesterday. Backers within the US will mostly get their reward by the 20th, though a few may arrive on the 23rd. We did our best to get everything out on time, though it was especially difficult as we had to alter our fulfillment system half way through upon discovering that our shipments were being mishandled. We ask that everyone sit tight for now and we will certainly do what we can to correct any issues that arise.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jamie Kinney on

      Messages to are also bouncing. Could you message me directly via Kickstarter to arrange a replacement? Thanks.

    50. Jay Smith on

      How are people outside of this country getting these delivered already and ive yet to even receive a shipping notification????

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