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$42,915 pledged of $55,000 goal
$42,915 pledged of $55,000 goal

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    1. Midhun Sreekumar Menon

      @creator Im waiting for your campaign. I would really love to have the product

    2. Steven Maier

      Dear Claire, the only person who was being disrespectful here, was you, twice now...

      The comment you made about a tested and proven product was out of line, and should not be made in the general comment section, but in a personal message to the creators. That is if it was to be made at all...

      Your comment had the intent to discredit the design in public. My pointing that out to you is not, and was not meant to be, disrespectful in any way. I'm sorry you felt that way, but hopefully you will think twice before posting such type of comments in the future...

    3. Claire Drawe on

      Justin I may have had some series of bad luck but that gives nobody a reason...Steven...to be so blatantly disrespectful to me on here

    4. Justin

      Claire, I agree with Steven. What phone was it on? I find it very hard to believe that it simply "slipped" off your phone unless you have a very small phone or extremely tight pockets. I just went outside and threw mine into the snow. There it was, sitting in the snow. So I balled it up and slammed it into the snow. There is was sitting in the snow. So I stomped it into the snow. There is was in the snow.

      Sounds like you had a series of bad luck.

    5. Mark Gray

      Bought a few online, which arrived today. 4x is perfect for me, though I've also tried digital zoom on top, for a crazy, but almost impossible to hand-hold, 16x.

    6. Steven Maier

      Dear Claire,

      Not te be rude, but it sounds like that incident had more to do with your own handling of the product than the product not performing as it should...

      If you were to put your phone in your pocket with the Easy Macro still on it, you could've known that it might slip off when you pull your phone back out your pocket... That it fell into to snow is unfortunate, and that you couldn't find it anymore even more so.

      But to say it again, it's not fair to the designers to come here and complain while it's your own fault and you should have been more careful...

    7. Claire Drawe on

      I bought one online. I got here yesterday I went on a hike and it slipped off my phone as I pulled it out of my pocket and flew into the snow. a hour later still couldn't find it REALLY DISAPPOINT it did not stay in place at all.

    8. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Macus Benjamin: I assure you, we did not get greedy. If fully funded, we still would have lost money to create the new lenses. We will continue to see what we can do to make new magnifications happen in the future.

      As for your previous Easy-Macros breaking down, please send us a message at info@easy-macro.com. We are always happy to work with customers to replace worn or broken units!

    9. Marcus Benjamin on

      All 3 of my original lens bands are cracked and tearing. I still supported this project because they still work!
      I know you can set a goal that still makes you money, in my opinion, you started blinking $$ signs.
      Start over and make an achievable goal, I will back you again and again.
      5X, 10X, 15X, = ME LIKEY.

    10. Nathan Johns on

      What what? Such a great lens idea. � ugh. I feel I failed to spam about it enough.

    11. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      Thank you all! I know that we will find a way. We are licking our wounds from the $15k we spent building and promoting this campaign, but we will regroup and find a way. I can't tell you how much it means to us to hear from so many of you who want to see us keep going. Please check out Update #6 for a special thank you from us.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robin Wagner on

      Sorry guys, but don't stop. I'm in when you go again. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Le Cheminant on

      Third time lucky... lets go again. Aim for $40,000 this time. :D

    14. Tom

      I'm disappointed. I hope you find a way to make these anyway. Keep me in the loop.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bernd-Christoph Schwede on

      My compliments for the simple & good product, concise communication and the obvious portion of heart blood you injected here!
      Count me in for the next round...

    16. Rachel (LoveMyFire) on

      Bummer! I wanted to give one of these to my mom (and keep one for myself). :(

    17. Craig Paterson on

      So close, yet still so far. Such a shame. I hope that you still find a way to produce the next generation of Easy-Macro lenses.

    18. JEL

      Sorry this hasn't funded... It's a great product and I'll back again when it relaunches!

    19. Alan Jones on

      So close, still plenty of people here ready to buy your products.

    20. Missing avatar

      Cos_ on

      This was my first unsuccessful project :-(

    21. Gabrielle

      Thats a big shame . . . Hope to see it again

    22. Amarand Agasi on

      Super sad that this didn't fund, but let us know, and your supporters will be back again and again until it funds, because it's a great product! ♥

    23. Kristen Dyrr

      Too bad, this was one of my faves. You almost made it too!

    24. Missing avatar


      Sarandini: You can get more lenses by adding $9 per lens.

      To make this Kickstarter successful you would need to add 1342 lenses. :(

    25. Sarandini on

      How can I buy more?!!! I'm trying to help but don't know how to do it! It's just change the bake to a higher value?

    26. Missing avatar


      What a bummer. It would be a miracle if there came in over 10.000 USD in half an hour. Please try again. I really would like to use these lenses.

    27. Missing avatar

      Espen Iversen on

      Just to tell the obvious.. you have to reboot this project, again! I NEED this to succeed!!
      Want 'em so badly...

    28. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Me there! Would've loved a 2x plus 10x to complement the 4x in already have :(

    29. Michael Hargreave Mawson on

      This is not looking good. What a rotten shame! I really wanted that 10x lens.

    30. Mohammed Issa on

      Yeah I'm sad too. Would have been nice for this to succeed.

    31. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Davis: Hang in there! Even if we're not successful, we'll be doing something special for our backers.

    32. Dāvis Freimanis on

      Looks like this will not be funded :/

    33. Craig Paterson on

      Increased my pledge, shared again on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Really hope you make it Adam!

    34. Missing avatar

      David Dzenowski on

      Increased my pledge! Can't wait to get my lenses. Good luck!

    35. Amy Fu on

      Increased my pledge and shared on facebook =] Good luck to you guys, I really hope you succeed!

    36. Parne Hermansson on

      Now I'm up to the NINE pledge!
      I really want to see you guys succed.
      Fingers crossed, good luck and all of that.

    37. Missing avatar


      OK, doubled my EARLY BIRD TRIPLE.

    38. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on


      We're still reaching out to the media, trying to land some attention. Fingers crossed! If things don't work out, we'll be sure to provide all of our $9 and up backers a great offer on the 4x lens, so keep those pledgees in until the end!

      @Heeyoung Oh:

      If you just want 1 lens, you can pledge $9 and choose the PICK ONE reward. If you would like all 3, please pledge $27 and choose the PICK THREE reward.

    39. HEEYOUNG OH on

      WOW! I have 2 times, 4 times, I need 10 times!
      So I pay $ 27 a day payment!

    40. Claire Drawe on

      I agree with Valerie. I still hope you reach your goal I've shared with all of my friends, but if you dont make it can you send us an email if you still make them available

    41. Valarie

      I ordered the 4x from your website yesterday. Maybe next time relaunch with just the 10x to lower funding costs?

    42. Missing avatar

      SK on

      Pledged doubled and mentioned on Twitter but still look far from reaching your goal :-( perhaps a push on Cyber Monday?

    43. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      You're all the best!

    44. Missing avatar

      Bernd-Christoph Schwede on

      Fine, just doubled my pledge for the Early Bird Triple...so my kids can have some too :-)

    45. Firedancer

      Doubled my pledge. Let's get this funded.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dalia on

      I've been telling my friends about it! Hopefully you'll reach your goal!

    47. Adam Hicks 3-time creator on

      @Adam taylor:

      You bet!

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