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Join Laura and Betsy in launching Wandeling Press, a collaborative, women's publishing house, by bringing this lively story to print.
Join Laura and Betsy in launching Wandeling Press, a collaborative, women's publishing house, by bringing this lively story to print.
192 backers pledged $7,549 to help bring this project to life.

100% and counting.... How far can we go by December 20th?

Posted by Wandeling Press (Creator)
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We have made it past $6,703! How much further can we go by Sunday night? Farther up for sure!  

For the last 23 days, it has been our dream here at Wandeling Press to start ONE Kickstarter Project for ONE book which will in turn generate profits for ANOTHER book. And that book will generate profit for the next book.

It has been a pay it forward model, in which the overhead raised by this Kickstarter will help us recover costs much more quickly so that we can create new books more quickly.

And as of today, we have passed the 100% mark of our original funding goal of $6,703. 

We are so grateful, but we are not ready to stop yet. Why? Because of you all!

In the last 23 days, we have watched so much more energy accumulate behind this project than we ever imagined:

  • We had arrived at 20% of our funding in the first 12 hours.
  • Within the first 48 hours of Wandeling’s public release, we received over a dozen emails from women writers and illustrators interested in partnering with us. 
  • Over 163 friends, family, family of our friends, and friends of our families have come around to launch us. 
  • Our alma mater joined in to support us, along with teachers, professors, mentors, and wonderful strangers. 
  • Even Kickstarter has caught our vision. Yesterday we were named KICKSTARTER'S STAFF PICK in the publishing category.

With all this energy, we have wondered: why not replicate the model more quickly?

If we can continue to work towards covering the printing set-up costs of the next three books, then Wandeling will be able to put four books to the press more quickly, all which are designed to simultaneously generate profit for the next round books.

There are two exciting things that make this a real possibility:

  • We still have a WHOLE SEVEN DAYS left in our fundraising campaign. That is enough to make a possible world, right? 
  • The next three books, where Pudge and Buns take on spring, summer, and fall, all already in the drafting stages and include mud pies, kick the can, and edible colors. 

So, huzzah! Onward we go.

We are eager to take this ONE Kickstarter Project and CONTINUE TO FUND THE START-UP COSTS of the next three books to generate profits for FOUR more book. These four will generate funds for four more. And so that we can REPEAT THE PROCESS more quickly, filling shelves, filling hands, filling imaginations.

When we started this project, we already had planned to produce the first four seasonal books. We had just planned to do them one at a time. NOW our stretch goal multiplies Wandeling’s publication capacity by four.

Our goal in the next week is to continue to raise funds to get the books in our queue sooner with NEW pairs of authors and illustrators. 

And, oh golly, are we excited about some of the author and artist pairs who have approached us. We cannot wait to get their ideas into print too.

We so value your partnership in this process. What can you do to help us in the next seven days?

  • Share our project link with those you know and mention our project as a Kickstarter staff pick in publishing.
  • Introduce book-loving and book-writing friends to our website
  • Like us and encourage others to like us on Facebook to keep up with our last week of progress. 
  • Check out the results of our first contest encouraging collaboration in the creative work among young female writers and artists. 
  • Preorder another copy for your friends and family for Christmas. :) How easy is that? Order by November 20. Print. Presto! No wrapping. No rush-it-here-faster shipping. Laura is even working on a print-out for you to pop in a stocking.

Ten thousand thank yous for all of the MANY ways you have already spread the news, contributed, encouraged us. We are so thankful for what you have done. 

How much further shall we wandel on this, our first adventure? How far can we go?

Further in, for sure.

Betsy & Laura

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