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Your support will transform this genre-bending science fantasy novel into a hardbound work of art.
Your support will transform this genre-bending science fantasy novel into a hardbound work of art.
146 backers pledged $6,666 to help bring this project to life.

First character sketches, funding progress, and bonus rewards!

Dear Kickstarter supporter,

Yesterday night, Ian and I met to review his first sketches of Dom and Ava, whose relationship lies at the heart of Realms Unreel. It was amazing for me to see these characters brought to life outside of my head for the first time, and Ian and I had a lot of fun talking about the direction we'll be taking as we further develop the character designs and start to put the characters in the contexts of the many environments, both mythical and technological, that appear in the story.


It's been fascinating for me and Ian to share with each other where we find inspiration and touchstones as we begin transforming a narrative story into visuals. As Ian read Realms Unreel for the first time and met the immortal sculptor Dom, he found himself thinking of one of his favorite artists: the Baroque-era Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Thus, a little bit of Bernini, whose self-portrait appears below, has found its way into this first concept for Dom.


For my part, the John Collier painting Priestess of Delphi, below, powerfully influenced my imagining of Ava and the order of priestesses to which she belongs. It was wonderful for me to see that some of the fluidity and otherworldliness of this Delphic priestess came through in Ian's first concept for Ava, even before I shared this painting with him.


In Kickstarter progress news, the last few days have been very exciting, as we've received messages of support and new backers from all over the world. I threw together this little map showing the locations of every backer whose location I could easily determine. I thought you all might enjoy seeing it.


With six days to go in our funding campaign, we're making good progress toward our goal. As I write this, we've reached the 85% mark, and 25% of our total funds have been raised since I posted my last update just five days ago. We're astounded by your generosity. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible!

As promised, we're adding some new rewards to the mix as we enter our final few days. If you have already pledged at the $60, $120, or $250 level, the new rewards will be automatically added to your reward package -- you don't need to do anything else to receive them. If you're an existing backer at a lower pledge level and would like to receive one of the new rewards, you can change your pledge amount up until our January 15th funding deadline.

The new reward descriptions are as follows:

$60 backers will receive: The whole enchilada: signed Realms Unreel color illustrated hardcover PLUS signed Realms Unreel paperback PLUS e-signed Realms Unreel e-book PLUS a totally wicked tee shirt based on the book artwork PLUS a signed print of the book artwork

$120 backers will receive: Five bonus paperbacks for all the sci-fi/fantasy buffs in your life AND a gift set of three signed enlarged prints of the book artwork PLUS the signed hardcover, signed paperback, e-signed e-book, wicked tee shirt, and signed print

$250 backers will receive: Your name in the acknowledgements section of the Realms Unreel illustrated hardcover PLUS the signed hardcover, signed paperback, e-signed e-book, wicked tee shirt, signed print, five bonus paperbacks, and signed prints gift set

At the request of one backer, we've also revised our $1000 reward so that it doesn't require the recipient to be located in the San Francisco Bay area.

$1000 backers will receive: Lifetime VIP status with the author: You receive two signed copies of all future books by Audrey Auden, a non-expiring IOU for dinner with the author (i.e. the next time you and Auden are in the same city, she owes you and your +1 dinner), "insider access" if and when the author ever goes on a book signing tour or has a screening of a film based on her work AND a large print of a piece of book artwork of your choice with a personal inscription by the author and illustrator PLUS your name in the hardcover acknowledgements, the signed hardcover, signed paperback, e-signed e-book, wicked tee shirt, signed print, five bonus paperbacks, and signed prints gift set

We can't wait to start sending out your rewards. Stay tuned for our next update!

With sincere gratitude,

Audrey Auden & Ian Steplowski


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