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Blub Uno is a single retro tube clock with a stack of modern features. Made from machined aluminium, glass, bamboo and powered via USB
Blub Uno is a retro desk clock with a stack of modern features. Made from machined aluminium, glass, bamboo and powered via mini USB
Blub Uno is a retro desk clock with a stack of modern features. Made from machined aluminium, glass, bamboo and powered via mini USB
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    1. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      @Liao Yusheng: Hi Liao, please send me a message with your details and I can organise the steps for you to purchase a new bulb. Thanks!

    2. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      @Rob Lake: Hi Rob, do the LEDs in the base still light up and the 'beep' still sound when you use the remote control?

    3. Rob Lake on

      Hi Duncan, wondering about troubleshooting orservicing, my uno has stopped, though power i getting to base fine. maybe i need a replacement bulb, some help needed either way. please? thanks

    4. Liao Yusheng on

      Hi Duncan,

      One of the numbers on my bulb has burned out, how do I purchase a replacement bulb?

    5. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Zach and Andrew,
      Absolutely! There is a PDF version of the manual here for download:


    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rostad on

      Hello Duncan!

      I love the clock!! I'm also wondering if it would be possible to get the PDF version of the manual. Thanks in advance!

    7. Zach Sims

      Duncan -- is the PDF of the manual posted somewhere on the web? I've lost mine. Thanks!

    8. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Joe! Yep, as you've only just filled out your address details I'm able to post it to you this week, so you should receive it in 10 - 12 days. If you're not present when they deliver, it should be available for pickup from your nearest post office. Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Joe Giacoletto on

      Perhaps is was my delay in updating the request...but will I be receiving mine in the US soon?

      When it arrives, will it require a signature or me to be present?

      Thank you - Joe

    10. Missing avatar

      Akira Tarukawa on

      I got it !!
      I just want to say thank you from Japan.
      I realy love this!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ted on

      Hi Duncan,
      It arrived :) I really like it!!

    12. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      G'Day Mike,
      All Aussie units have shipped, so you should receive it by Monday if not today.

    13. Missing avatar

      michael allen on

      Hi Duncan,
      Any update on Australian units being shipped?
      Cheers Mike

    14. Missing avatar


      Is it me or is this thing impossible to set and navigate? Looks very cool but basically out of patience.

    15. Robert Norman on

      Thanks Duncan

      I really like the clock

    16. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Rob,
      My apologies! I've sent a new manual in the post today, and I have emailed you a digital version you can use for now. Thanks!

    17. Robert Norman on

      Hi Duncan

      Mine has arrived but there is no user manual included,is there an on line one?


    18. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      @Richard Powell
      Hi Richard, yep it's absolutely fine to use a wall adapter such as a phone charger to power it. All my prototypes were run using an iPhone wall charger and they worked perfectly. Thanks!

      @Lawson Cooper
      Hi Lawson, I'm so glad you like your clock! The number of times the display shows the time per minute is a fixed number, so changing the display setting to crossfade or using the remote to put it to sleep until you want to read the time might be a way of making it a little less 'shouty' on your desk.

    19. Richard Powell on

      Say Duncan - Quick question, I don't recall if it is ok to use an adapter to plug into a wall outlet. I thought this might have been asked and answered, but I didn't notice a comment or update on it. Thanks!

    20. Richard Powell on

      Thank you so much Duncan! I received mine today in Tacoma Washington [US]. Nice work on this project, the finished product looks great! Can't wait to get it up and running. Cheers, Richard

    21. Missing avatar

      Lawson Cooper on

      Congratulations, Duncan, on an excellent product. I received mine today and now have it set up and running in my office. One question: Was there a way to adjust the pause after each display of the time? It currently displays the time 10x per minute, and I was hoping to reduce that to maybe 6x or 4x per minute. I currently have it placed in my field of vision on my desk, so the flashing is initially distracting. Just curious. Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Beom Jun, Hwang on

      Finally got the black one. The work is great and very careful. Notwithstanding some minor shortcomings, it seems to be able to spend every day in the luxurious feeling. Please hurry up additional lamps sold. Thank you!

    23. Jim

      Received the clock, Wow! Beautiful packing and what a great job on the clock!.

      You really did a great job, it reminds me of how Apple packages their items, it's like a small surprise package that is a presentation in itself.

      I just have to get the battery for the remote and i will be set. I tried setting it by the A and B buttons, i was able to set some of the functions, but think it will be much easier with the remote.

      Thanks again for allowing me to be part of this project. Now you can set back and enjoy a nice 20 year old scotch for a job well done.

    24. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Mark and Takashi,
      Thanks for letting me know, I'll track these down for you!

    25. Mark Sheppard on

      Hi Duncan, I'm still waiting for a dispatch/tracking mail, will give it another week and then come back to you.

      Cheers Mark

    26. Missing avatar

      Takashi Hasegawa on

      I ordered your product from Japan and have not received the tracking number. Should I wait the number for a while?

    27. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Rob,
      Things are looking positive for all the units to be shipped by the end of this month. Keep your eye out over the next few days for an email with a tracking number when yours is scanned through the post system.


    28. Robert Norman on


      Have all the units been shipped?


    29. Mike K on

      The post office app says "Out for Delivery Today" here in Plano TX. A great day for a fantastic campaign.

    30. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Robert,
      A CR2032 battery will be a tiny bit too tall to fit in the remote, so a CR2025 is the best thing to go with.


    31. Robert Norman on


      Will a CR2032 fit in the remote


    32. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Mike,
      Yes things are still looking good for shipping in August. I'll be posting another update later on today. Thanks!

    33. Mike K on

      Are you still projecting that the Bulb Uno will be shipping in August? In particular I am asking about the limited edition black model. The space I have reserved for it on my desk is getting a little dusty.

    34. Richard Powell on

      @Mike K Haha, its all good! I do appreciate someone thinking of those questions. @Duncan Hellmers nice job with the "updates" thank you!

    35. Mike K on

      @Richard Powell. I do have ⅓ of the comments but only because many other backers have not taken their turns. Wish they would.

    36. Richard Powell on

      @Mike K I believe you have exceeded your question limit ;-)

    37. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Mike,
      At the moment I am looking forward to receiving the final PCB prototype and machined housing samples, and as soon as they are given the OK and the funds from Kickstarter have arrived we can get things underway. The packaging concept design is nearly complete and the sample fasteners for the underside of the unit have arrived so I can test the fitment. I'll post an update over the weekend with some more info and images.

    38. Mike K on

      It's just under a week since the successful funding of Bulb Uno. Has anything interesting concerning the project happened since the most recent update? Will you be posting updates (with pictures) showing the progress in getting the Bulb Uno out to us?

    39. BoardSeat LLC on

      Very slick looking product

    40. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Mike,
      The mini USB cable is 120cm long.

    41. Mike K on

      How long is the mini USB cable that comes along with the Bulb Uno?

    42. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi jitec,
      You can use the remote control to put Blub Uno in 'sleep' mode (where the display and backlighting is off but it is still keeping time) and wake it up for a few seconds whenever you'd like it to display the time before putting it back to sleep again. That way it won't be sitting there blinking and displaying the time when you don't need it to. You can also set it to switch to sleep mode automatically at night and wake itself up again in the morning (or whichever time you choose!). Hope that helps.

    43. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Jai,
      There are 4 beep styles for the alarm and you can choose how long (how many loops) it goes for when the alarm sounds. I'll put up some more info about this soon!

    44. Missing avatar

      jitec on

      Idea: it would be nice to have a "low precision" mode showing only tens of minutes (digits 0-5). I'm afraid cycling through the full time digits all the time could become quite distracting (especially in low light) and performing the change only once every 10 minutes would eliminate the constant tube blinking.

    45. Jai C. on

      What does the alarm sound like? Is it customizable?

    46. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Mike,
      I shipped quite a few clocks from my last Kickstarter project to Texas using the same shipping method as I am planning to use here and the shipping time was 5 days or less on average. Having said that I'm happy to look into a UPS or FedEx option for you.

    47. Mike K on

      Hi Duncan,
      Could you please research how much I would have to add to my Kickstarter pledge to upgrade the shipping to either UPS or FedEx for shipment to the USA (Texas)? I believe the shipping time could be reduced significantly by such an upgrade. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    48. Duncan Hellmers 3-time creator on

      Hi Mike,
      The blub uno just relies on its own internal clock rather than GPS. This makes it much quicker to have the clock powered up and showing the time (no waiting around for a GPS signal!). It also makes it easier to comply with electrical standards, which will shorten the development time.

      When your Blub Uno is shipped, you will be supplied with a tracking number so you can follow its journey to you. For the USA, it will most likely be handled by USPS when it arrives there from Australia.


    49. Mike K on

      Hi Duncan,
      Does the Bulb Uno incorporate a GPS time receiver? Will the Bulb Uno be sent with package tracking? If so, will you be using UPS, FedEx, or USPS?

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