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The only hardware solution that turns any iPad into a true, wireless second display.
The only hardware solution that turns any iPad into a true, wireless second display.
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Updated timeline for shipping

Posted by Matt Ronge (Collaborator)

The incredible momentum behind our Luna Display Kickstarter campaign has been a huge inspiration for our team. Since our campaign closed last October, we’ve been working nonstop to prepare for Luna production. Some of our major milestones from the last few months include: 

  • Establishing a manufacturing partner, setting up our factory for production, and running a successful 200-unit manufacturing test 
  • Conducting the first round of beta testing and collecting extensive feedback 
  • Placing the full order for Luna’s hardware components 

We are optimistic about this progress, but we are also realizing that we need more time to get Luna in your hands. It’s important that we maintain complete transparency to our backer community, so we want to be upfront with you about our updated timeline.

Backers and pre-order customers will receive their orders by the 2018 winter holidays

Due to changes in our production timeline, we are now expecting to deliver all orders by the 2018 winter holiday season. We hope to start deliveries on a rolling basis sooner than the winter holidays, but we cannot guarantee any expedited delivery at this time. Before our Kickstarter, it was difficult to estimate how long it would take to manufacture and ship Luna because we didn’t know how big the demand for Luna was. But now that we have clarity around the demand, we are able to make a more accurate timeline for Luna. We want to be clear that this delay is not indicative of fundamental engineering problems with Luna. To help clarify, we’ve outlined the specific reasons for this shipping delay.

Reasons for the delay

1. It took time to find and build a relationship with a manufacturing partner

On the day that our Kickstarter ended back in October, our cofounder Giovanni arrived in China to meet with a potential manufacturing partner. It was critical that we find a trustworthy partner that could guarantee our quality standards. Before we ever signed a contract with our Manufacturing Team, Giovanni took two trips to China to meet with them in person, exchanged countless emails, and ran multiple manufacturing test runs. When we made our production timeline before the Kickstarter, we didn’t account for the time it would take to build this relationship. But today, our partnership with our Manufacturing Team is solid, and we feel confident about moving forward.

2. We ran extensive testing across all supported Mac models 

Before we were ready to place the order for components, we needed to feel confident with Luna’s circuit board design. Finalizing the design required verification that Luna was compatible across all supported Mac models. In this testing process, we found some issues with the Mini DisplayPort circuit board that required some investigation. This investigation took some time, but we were able to address the issues and confidently move forward with placing the component order.

3. Some component lead times are longer than anticipated 
When we placed the order for Luna’s hardware components last month, we learned that the lead time for certain hardware components is now 18 weeks. In our original timeline for Luna production, we optimistically based our shipping date off of an order size that fulfilled our Kickstarter campaign goal of $30,000. 

But due to the overwhelming success of our Kickstarter, our order size is much larger than we accounted for in our timeline. A larger order size means longer lead times — and a longer production timeline.

We’re taking deliberate steps to prevent further delays

To avoid any more changes to our timeline, we’re taking these precautionary measures:

  • Maintaining close communication with our Manufacturing Team: When we were first establishing our manufacturing partnership, we made sure to prioritize quality work and transparent communication. Today, we feel confident in our relationship with our Manufacturing Team and trust that they will maintain openness about our production timeline. 
  • Continued beta testing: We’re moving forward with the next round of beta testing using the 200 units from last month’s manufacturing test run. While we feel confident about Luna’s engineering integrity, we are double-checking our work to make sure that Luna functions properly on every Mac model.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that our new timeline might not work for you, so we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about making changes to your Luna order:

Will Luna Display require more funding?

No, we’ve been very careful with the funds we raised from our backers and we are in a good position to head into production.

Should I worry about the Luna project not being completed?

Not at all! We are as determined as ever to ship Luna Display and get it in your hands. We’ve been sending Luna Display units out to beta testers and the feedback has been really positive. Our focus now is on maintaining quality and reliability while scaling from a few hundred units to the 10,000 units we need to produce.

Why didn’t you tell us about the delay sooner?

We just determined that a delay is necessary this month. After taking into account the further testing we want to do, and the component delays, we realized a delay was necessary to deliver the quality product our backers deserve. As soon as we had a plan, we prepared this update to keep you informed.

Can I cancel my pledge and get a refund?

We’d hate to see you go! We’ve been testing Luna Display prototypes and it’s been incredible to use, we really think you’re going to like it! However, if you still want a refund we can help you with that, please email us at and let us know your backer information.

How can I update my shipping address or change the model of Luna Display?

Please visit and enter your backer email address. You’ll get an email with a link that allows you to change your shipping information, and whether you’d like the USB-C or Mini DisplayPort model of Luna Display.

In what order will Luna Display units be sent?

We will send out Luna Display units in the order that they were placed, starting with our earliest backers. Once backers have been fulfilled, we will send units to people that have pre-ordered via our website in the order that those orders were made.

Why did you choose to manufacture in China?

We evaluated manufacturing partners in the United States, Mexico and China but ultimately opted to work with a manufacturer in China. Not only was the Chinese manufacturer the most efficient, but they were the best equipped to deal with the tiny electronics in Luna Display. Some of Luna’s components are also used in smartphones, and Chinese manufactures are experts at working with those parts. Companies like Apple choose to manufacture in China for the same reason.

Thank you for believing in us — we promise to stay open and honest with you

We appreciate your patience as we work to get Luna to you as soon as possible. We’ve learned a lot over the past few months, and we’re so grateful that our Kickstarter community has believed in us along this journey.

As we work through the changes to our production timeline, we are committed to open and honest communication with our Kickstarter community. If you have any questions or concerns, we can always be reached at We read every message and take your feedback seriously.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Clark Vangilder on

      OK ... I'm backer #6,729. When can I expect to get the item?

    2. Cam MacDuff on

      I’m not going to be in the states after June. Will I get my original May shipment by then?

    3. Missing avatar

      Marc Matsumoto on

      Kickstarter should use this as a case-study in how to handle delays. I'm obviously bummed about it, but it's understandable and what's more important is that you guys were honest and fully transparent about it. Will definitely support future projects you guys do (assuming it's something I want). 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    4. Eric Nyaribo on

      Thanks for the update.

    5. Savannah Reising Collaborator on

      @ByronSmith: We're sorry to disappoint you! We're doing everything we can to get Luna in your hands as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can change your Luna preference (USB-C or mDP) up until June via your BackerKit survey.

    6. Missing avatar

      Byron Smith on

      As tech advances so quickly what’s the likelihood your device isn’t rendered inutile as there are apps all ready delivering this with some latency issues. If they streamline the code which seems a likelihood this makes this investment a waste. I understand having backed a boatload of Kickstarter campaigns there are delays but we are talking quite a massive one which might even effect the device ordered because the computer I’m purchasing it for might change by that time.

    7. Savannah Reising Collaborator on

      Thanks everyone for your patience and encouraging words! We’ll be sharing another update on our progress in the coming weeks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bremerkamp on

      Hey Luna Display Team,
      While a delay is not something anyone wants, I have to say this is the first kick starter I have invested in and I am loving it!
      Not only am I looking forward to a great project that I envisage giving my laptop multi-screen, but appreciate the excellent updates and transparency!
      Keep up the good working and good luck.

    9. Matej 'Retro' Jan on

      I'm only sad because Duet is becoming more and more frustrating to work with and I've been excited my life will be a bit easier with Luna. On the other hand, I know first-hand how it is to run late with a Kickstarter and you're handling this very well. Keep us updated and all will be well.

    10. Trisha Zemp on

      Your team is fabulous! Keep up the amazing work! So excited for this incredible product you are creating! :)

    11. Eric

      It's always a bummer seeing a delay like this, especially when it comes to really exciting tech... But after working directly with some prototype samples and the Beta for some time, I can say it's going to be worth the wait. I was able to test both the USB-C and MDP versions on various computers, and both worked tremendously well (Albeit with your typical Beta hiccups). Being an early prototype, it was surprisingly solid and 100% functional and usable, really quite a technical feat! And knowing that it can only get better makes me even more excited.

      To those wondering if it'll come to light and actually happen, it definitely will. I've seen it and used it. The fine tuning on the devices will be completely worth it, I was sad to send the prototypes back as I wanted to keep using them for every day use. It's crazy having a wireless display! It might take a little longer to get Luna in our hands, but it really is a magical device.

      To the Astro Team, keep up the awesome work. I can't wait to see more updates! (The transparency is great, keep that up!)

    12. Jason Dunn on

      Thanks for the detailed explanation of the delay. I'm not happy to see it delayed, but I'm not surprised either - overall this project has been organized and well-run, so I have confidence I'll see the end product before the end of the year.

    13. Missing avatar

      Anton on

      these things happen, this is after all a "big first time" luna has never been made before. Of course I wish I could get my luna tomorrow but this is the real world, and if you need more time, that's ok, I'm with you 200% after all my pledge was an act of faith, I still have that faith in you guys! best of luck and take it easy on the coffee!! keep us posted, it's exciting to know what is happening!

    14. Jim Hoyle on

      I'm fine with it taking a little longer if it means that there will be no flaws in the product. Looking forward to it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Dany on

      Thanks for this update. Yes I wished I could get my device in May, but I understand and still support you at 110%

    16. Paul Prins on

      Thanks for the clear update! I know this is a new type of product for you all with the hardware piece. I'm glad that you have a partner you trust and cannot wait to get my hands on this little piece of magic. Adjusting PCBs and running another round of tests is needed, but also pushes that schedule back. Just do what you need to so you deliver on the promise! Cannot wait to use my ipad as a second wireless display. Feels magical to even write that out.

    17. Trillot Bernard on

      I'm very disappointed!

    18. Missing avatar


      Having backed hundreds of campaigns on two different platforms, I am used to delays. Still waiting on a reward pledged for in 2011, with shipping only started about 2 months ago from another Kickstarter.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alex Leith on

      That's a huge chunk of delay from May 2018 to end of December 2018. I appreciate this is challenging to gauge, but I why do you only know at the end of February that you're not going to hit your manufacturing and delivery dates? I'm mostly frustrated because I want to get my hands on the product ;-)... But sticking with it!

    20. Savannah Reising Collaborator on

      @PeterVonKohl: Sorry about the confusion. All units will be shipped by December 31, 2018.

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter von Kohl on

      Not knowing what “winter holidays” mean here February I guess that you guys have basically delayed delivery to end of year, right? In other words you don’t when you’ll ship.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brooke Schelar on

      Thank you for the update. I would rather this be done right than fast! Thanks for all the hard work. I'm excited.

    23. Miles Reiter on

      Thanks for the update!

      Delays happen, what's important is doing it right, not doing it fast, and you appear to be taking steps to do it right.

      I'd love to be kept in the loop via continued updates like this one. Keep communication frequent and transparent, and keep up the good work!

    24. Savannah Reising Collaborator on

      @ChrisAnderson: You don't need to worry about Luna being completed! Our focus now is on maintaining quality and reliability while scaling from a few hundred units to the 10,000 units we need to produce.

    25. Chris Jones on

      It's unfortunate that they are offering refunds. They really shouldn't. People need to realize that this is a crowdfunding site, not a shopping site.

    26. Savannah Reising Collaborator on

      @DanielPerry: We're sorry to hear you're disappointed. If you'd like a refund, please email us at and let us know your backer information.

    27. Chris Anderson on

      With such a long delay, what are the odds we will actually receive our purchase? Gotta assume it's less than 50-50 at this point.

    28. Missing avatar

      Justin Soli on

      Thanks everyone! It means a lot that you've done the proper work and are getting it done. Hopefully it will all work out and we'll get new iPads right in time for the Luna.

    29. Gareth Alexander on

      Thanks for the communication. I appreciate the post, I’ve backed other projects with delays before with little to no communication. Keep communicating!

    30. Daniel Perry on

      Another kickstarter that misses its date dramatically, sick of it, guessing I won't see this till some point in 2019 by which point the tech will be out of date and useless. I'm so done with kickstarters. Refund please.