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CAGED is the true story of a young man who, while doing time for armed robbery, begins the quest to find the warrior within himself.

Caged is an independent action/drama feature intended for world-wide release and to be finished with principle photography by April 2014. The film is based on the true life story of Jermaine Andre, who describes himself as a "real life Rocky." Indeed, he went from prison and poverty to world champion fighter. This is a hero's tale for our era.

At 18, Jermaine had little to hope for. He sat in a prison cell, convicted of armed robbery. It was in this cell that he began a journey – a journey which would lead him to become one of the most successful Mixed Martial Arts fighters in history and a two-time World Champion and U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee. His career helped lift MMA competition to a world-class sport, and his mentoring program for youth has changed lives.

While living as a convict and ex-con, bar bouncer and bodyguard, and cage fighter he was also on a spiritual journey, exploring the universal questions: What is a man? What does it mean to be a true warrior? Can one be a warrior and still achieve peace? His internal conflicts reflect conflicts he faces in life, showing that not all cages are physical.


We're building a team of independent film professionals to make this a dynamite film.

Ethan Mead: Producer - The creator of Caged and an experienced professional editor, driven to produce his first feature film.

Jack Snyder: Writer - Written several action/drama scripts and directed two action/thriller features in world-wide distribution; Ghost Image and Fatal Call.

Michael Ketcher: Producer - Mike has credits in 28 independent feature films, having worked as a producer and casting director, including the recent Emmy-nominated documentary, Joe's Place.

Donny Blake: Producer - Donny has been the producer of several local television shows and award winning feature films, including the recent Emmy-nominated documentary, Joe's Place.

This is an inspirational story - whenever we talk to people about this film their immediate reaction is, “I want to see this movie.” It is a story which is true-to-life and at the same time tremendously dramatic. It tells us how an individual overcomes failures, bad choices, and personal demons by taking responsibility for his mistakes. We have all experienced setbacks and can all identify with Jermaine’s journey, even if the details may differ.

We are asking for $30,000 as initial development funding. This is the optimal amount we need to get the film rolling towards production. This money will be spent on:

  • A portion of the writer’s total wage
  • Advertising budget, including improving the web site
  • Getting the script to film markets
  • Legal documents to attract equity investors
  • Hiring a casting director/making offers to lead cast

This is only a tiny portion of the total required budget, and anything you donate beyond this amount goes towards creating much higher production values for the film; bigger name actors, more stunts, and a longer production schedule. If you’re a martial arts fan, or a lover of inspirational independent films, we would love to have your contribution.


If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter and how it works, the message is simple: make your goal or don't, there is no middle ground. A project that does not make its goal does not receive any funds - backers are not charged. However, there is no limit on how much a campaign can raise, and funding can far exceed the goal set for a project.

Another way you can help get Caged ready for production is to spread the word. We have a vibrant page on Facebook with regular updates and a web page at Please, if you have any questions you'd like answered do not hesitate to click the "Ask A Question" link below and if you have ideas to make our project better, we’d love to hear those as well.

So what about our thank you to you for backing this film? Check out the rewards in the sidebar and the expanded info we have below.

First up, all backers, no matter what tier, will receive a copy of Jermaine's e-book "Jermaine Andre's Fighter's Bible." Though written for up-and-coming cage fighters, the book contains hard earned wisdom from a lifetime career in the cage. The book also includes links to seven videos of Jermaine's knockout fights, fights not seen in any other source. We'll also be mailing thank you cards as physical proof of your involvement in backing this project.

At $25 and up you receive the DigiPack which will be a downloadable HD copy of the final film, behind-the-scenes featurettes, a pdf of the complete shooting script, digital movie poster, production photo album, and a wallpaper for PC/Mac. Because the film is still in its infancy the estimated delivery date for the pack is July 2014. Any other rewards listed on a given tier will be delivered separately and within the month after completion of the Kickstarter. However, this will not be time spent idly waiting. Every stage of the film will be documented on the website with production updates, photos, videos, and other news. We don't want anyone loosing interest while we continue to work on the film after the Kickstarter has been completed.

At the $50 tier we'll get you to the gym in style with a custom printed T-shirt designed by Civil Ape, a talented consortium of artists who have a Kickstarter of their own.

*Final design and colors subject to change.

At the $75 we'll be printing up some Kickstarter Only "dye sublimation" print T-shirts. Civil Ape will again do the design and a photo will be up shortly, but for now just know it will be amazing.

For international backers, any rewards with physical gifts which require shipping, like the shirts, please add $10 to your donation to help cover the added cost.

Hey! Let’s all pull together and make a great movie!


Teaser trailer created with the help of Mercury Labs, a St. Louis based ad agency uniquely focused on video production and public relations programs.

Teaser trailer score composed by Holly Mead, pianist and composer in Oakland, CA. Now on a U.S. tour performing with the Redwood Tango Ensemble.

Sincere thanks go out to: Jermaine Andre, Jay D. King, Lou Stemmler, and Eliot Freeman.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    As our thank you for your pledge of $5 or more we will mail you a commemorative 8.5"x5.5" "lobby card." The front will be a full color glossy movie poster image and the back a thank you from myself and the team. Hand adressed and mailed from me to you.

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    Digital DRM-free dowload of Jermaine's e-book, "Jermaine Andre's Fighter's Bible," as well as the limited-edition card.

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    DIGITAL FILM PACK: HD Digital Download of the finished film, behind-the-scenes featurettes, PDF of the shooting script, Movie Poster, PC Desktop Image, and Production Photo Album. (see the description for delivery date info) Backers at this and all other tiers will also immediately receive the "Fighter's Bible" e-book and limited-edition card.

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    At this tier you will recieve our already wildly popular backer-only T-shirt designed by Civil Ape. You will also recieve the DigiPack (see the description for delivery date info), "Fighter's Bible" e-book, and limited-edition card.

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    Another Civil Ape designed T-shirt, though now its a limited edition full coverage dye sublimation design. We are only going to do a few of these for backers and no one else. You still receive the DigiPack (see the description for delivery date info, "Fighter's Bible" e-book, and limited edition card.

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    MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION TIER: At this tier you'll receive everything in the tiers below as well as two training sessions with Jermaine Andre. He'll put together a training regimen and meal plan for you as well as provide follow up phone calls and full gym membership. If you or someone you know has been putting off hitting the gym this backer's exclusive gift could be a great motivator.

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    HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION TIER: At this tier you will receive a full year of training with Jermaine. That's 12 sessions of direct training, meal planning, and training regimen. Of course, you'll be sporting the Kickstarter only T-shirt for your work outs and invited to the wrap party, as well as receiving the DigiPack, Fighter's Bible, and limited-edition card.

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    GRAND MASTER TIER: Want to see your name in the credits? At this tier we'll list you as a Co-Executive Producer on the film as well as one year of personal training with Jermaine, send you two invitations to the wrap party, the Kickstarter only T-shirt, DigiPack, Fighter's Bible, and limited-edition card.

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    BUSHIDO WARRIOR TIER: If you live anywhere in the lower 48 states we'll send Jermaine to you for a weekend of training. This could be one-on-one, training for your whole family, or visits by Jermaine to facilities of your choice. This tier also includes a Co-Executive Producer's credit, two invitations to the wrap party, the Kickstarter only T-shirt, DigiPack, Fighter's Bible, and limited-edition card.

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