Evaluate Sexual Violence Risk Reduction Options

by Kathy Forth

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By Kathy Forth
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I just wrote an evaluation named "An Exploration of Sexual Violence Reduction for Effective Altruism Potential" where I brought together around 100 references, explored around 20 potential methods of sexual violence reduction, and evaluated the sexual violence reduction cause by the effective altruism criteria set out in books like "Doing Good Better" and "The Effective Altruism Handbook". Sexual violence reduction has a lot of potential as a cause. More work and research are needed.

Article note: check the effective-altruism.com forum after Nov. 11, 2017 at 12:00 pm PST.

Risks and challenges

It's possible that sex offenders will hate me for this and decide to bother me. There is a small chance that my productivity will be disrupted by a security threat, and that I will need more funds or time to overcome it. I have plans for this that I keep private for security reasons.

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