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A Futuristic Cyberspace Utopia with free Bitcoin economy

A Futuristic Cyberspace Utopia with free Bitcoin economy Read More
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Project Babylon 2.0 

  • 1998 Google
  • 2001 Wikipedia
  • 2004 Facebook
  • 2013 Project Babylon 2.0 - Welcome to the 21th century

Project Babylon 2.0 is the world's first virtual utopia, a futuristic cyberspace metropolis open to people from all around the world.

Babylon 2.0 is a digital heaven for gamers, artists, developers and businesses. Play the best games or create your own, discover the newest music or produce and share yours, open a virtual store and sell anything you want for Bitcoins. In an ever-increasing virtual metropolis everything you can imagine is possible.

Technology behind Babylon 2.0

We are using Unreal Engine to offer the best possible graphic experience to our citizens. Babylon’s network will be enhanced with a torrent-based p2p network providing a fast and anonymous experience and enabling users to share information and data between each other. Most of the operation power will be handled from our servers to ensure a fast connection.

Babylon 2.0 will be released for PC, MAC, Linux, Android, Xbox720 and Playstation4. Furthermore we will create an incredible app for smartphones and tablets that will offer access to many tools inside the virtual world.

Getting Started   

Create a highly customizable avatar and login into the virtual Metropolis of Babylon 2.0. First your “Fairy”, your personal flying AI (artificial intelligence) companion will greet you and show you how to navigate inside the world and what you can do. For example play one of the amazing games provided by us or generated from other players. You can join a political party and fight for power and reputation and even candidate for the position as Babylon’s major. If you want to make money open your own store and sell any goods you want to other users. Your Fairy will guide you step-by-step to all things you can do inside this incredible world.

Games Inside Babylon 2.0

Political Warfare Join one of the eight political parties inside Babylon 2.0 for epic and violent battles for territory, power and fame. Earn perks and privileges for your political party. Become a spy, hacker or guerilla activist and help conquering key infrastructure buildings such as the Babylon television tower and broadcast your parties’ propaganda to the whole town.

Epic Hunters is a role-playing fantasy game. Up to 5 players can form a party or you can use our instant group-finder-tool to join a raid for epic loot. The fantasy dungeons have different themes with unique monsters. Each dungeon is randomly created and the enemy AI will be programmed with evolutionary computation algorithms that enable them to effectively learn and adapt during the process of fighting. That means your Epic Hunter character will level up and earn better gear just as the enemy AI will advance and become stronger and more sophisticated. There will be no tank or healer classes. Each character will have self- and group-healing abilities.

Alien Invasion from time to time an evil alien race will try to conquer Babylon 2.0 and enslave the people. Join the human forces and fight in big scale battles for freedom and justice directly inside the metropolis. 

Babel Racers are futuristic WipeEout like races on several tracks directly inside Babylon city.

MOBA Punks play epic strategic battles in Babylon’s steampunk multiplayer online battle arena.

Fighting Arena offers 1v1 mixed martial arts for players who want to kick-ass. 

City Parcours, dress as your favorite assassin or super-hero and free-run amazing parcours in Babylon 2.0.

Of course you can create your own games and open them to the public, we will provide you with easy to use tools for creating your own realms.


Listen to great new music from all around the world. Publish and sell your own tracks. Operate your own radio station or open your personal club and be a DJ. You can even play and broadcast a live stream from your show with a camera or your smart glasses.

Our motto is create, share and have fun, that means you can do everything you love to do and open it to other citizens of Babylon 2.0 and even make a living of that. Transform your home into an art gallery, give online language or cooking lessons, create games, shoot movies… everything is possible.

Your Avatar

The first thing to do is to create an avatar that will represent you inside Babylon 2.0.

You can choose between three genders, male, female and transgender. You can use some presets, randomize your avatar or customize everything by yourself. We will offer one of the best character creation tools on the market for that.

Your avatar can evolve. By becoming stronger your avatar will unlock special abilities and perks. With reaching the level cap your avatar will literally become a super hero that can fly and crush a car only by his willpower. But it will be a long and hard journey to reach the max level.

Artificial Intelligence

Babylon 2.0 will have a sophisticated central administrating AI (artificial intelligence) called “Singularity”. “Singularity” will control all minor AIs such as robots who will work as information hubs, police, cleaners and operators for Babylon’s public transportation network etc. Furthermore “Singularity” will be connected to your personal companion AI called “Fairy” and provide them with key information for guiding you inside the virtual world.


Living Newspaper

The “Living Newspaper” is your main information source inside Babylon 2.0. You can always access it from your “Fairy”. It will be updated constantly and provide you with the newest information about what’s going on in town. Your “Living Newspaper” will adapt individually to you, for example it will show when one of your friends inside Babylon 2.0 opens a new business or if you like playing indie games it will show you the newest ones out on the market and directly link you to them.


Communication inside Babylon 2.0 is simple as using a mobile phone. In fact you will even be able to use your real world smartphone, smart glasses or tablet for chatting, talking, video chat or writing messages to other citizens. Of course you can use keyboard, mouse, webcam and headset, too.


Babylon 2.0 is going to be an always growing and evolving virtual metropolis. The center of the city is the unfinished tower of Babel. A spiral shaped giant skyscraper that will be the main meeting hub, central station for all public transportation, the space for education, arts and knowledge. It will hold the free public library, several museums and galleries and will also be home for the central administration. 

Around the tower you will find different open spaces for meeting and strolling. Starting from the central tower spirally arising streets, pavements and waterways will emerge. Along them you’ll find public places, corporate stores and unique buildings that are dwellings and shops from our citizens.

Navigation inside Babylon 2.0 is fast and simple. You can use our highly advanced public transportation network, with high-speed monorails, zeppelins and ships or as we are living in a virtual world just teleport to a place on the map instantly.

Free Knowledge

We believe that knowledge and education should be free and not based on your wealth. So we want to provide free libraries, museums, schools, and universities to all our citizens. We encourage corporations and nations from the real world to help us and donate as much virtual knowledge and information as possible.


We will have a free and fair economy inside Babylon 2.0 and we want to use Bitcoins as our currency. 

How are we going to make money?

Babylon 2.0 will be the most advanced, fastest and best-looking online world open to millions of people. For that we will need tons of cash, read here how we are going to make it.

We’ll offer room for advertisements inside our “Living Newspapers” on digital walls, virtual screens, and in our Babylon radio and TV streams. We will rent spaces to corporations and even to nations. For example if France decides they want a virtual copy of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower to promote their country, no problem we will provide. If a high-tech manufacturer wants to open a virtual store inside Babylon 2.0 and sell their newest smartphones, computers and tablets, we will allow them to do that. 

Furthermore we will have a fair subscription model for users who want to make business inside Babylon 2.0 or want to have other privileges. 

Subscription model

Creating an avatar is free, it is free to use our entire public infrastructure and play all free2play games and use all other free activities. 

If you like Babylon 2.0 and chose to become a citizen you can rent an apartment for only 5 Dollar a month. This will entitle you the status as citizen. For 5 Dollar a month you are an underclass citizen. You can do anything except opening your own business. If you want your own business you have to become a middle class citizen, this will cost you 10 Dollar a month and provide you with a bigger apartment and a small store or studio. If you want to live in a big house and have a nice and stylish city store or studio you have to become an upper class citizen for 15 Dollar a month. And if you want to be an elite, living in a giant luxury villa, have a posh city penthouse and a giant store building you can have that for only 25 Dollar a month.

Political System

Babylon 2.0 is a free multicultural and liberal city. We will have a direct online democracy. Each citizen can join one of the eight political parties and candidate for a position inside the party. The party members nominate their candidates for the position as Babylon’s major. As major you will receive some great benefits for your commission.

The eight parties are: The Hippies, The Nationalists, The Communists, The Capitalists, The Anarchists, The Technocrats, The Conservatives and The Aristocrats.

Party members can fight for certain logistic key structures inside Babylon 2.0 that will give your party perks, for example providing each member with an experience boost.

Historical Background 

The Tower of Babel forms the focus of a story told in the Book of Genesis of the Bible. According to the story, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east, came to the land of Shinar, where they resolved to build a city with a tower "whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

" God came down to see what they did and said: "They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withheld from them which they purpose to do." "Come, let us go down and confound their speech." And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, so that they would not be able to return to each other, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel "because God there confounded the language of all the Earth"

"Tower of Babel"  Lucas van Valckenborch 1594
"Tower of Babel" Lucas van Valckenborch 1594

Risks and challenges

Project Babylon 2.0 will be a massive project. From programming and designing the basic infrastructure to handling major AI architecture.

Babylon 2.0 is far more than a simple virtual game, it will be home, educational institution, meeting hub and a free market to users from all around the globe.

Only with a strong community a project like this can be achieved. We hope that many people will love the idea behind Project Babylon 2.0 as much as we do and are going to help us realize it.

Thank you very much.

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