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Democratizing great coffee with "The Mix", an ever-evolving blend of the best, freshest beans, built to delight coffee lovers.
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Almost to the finish line (but just getting started)!

Posted by tonx (Creator)

It looks like we could reach our funding goal today after just a week! A big thanks to everyone that has backed us or helped spread the word. It’s hard to express how good it feels to have so many people cheering us on.

We’ve not had too much press, but the press we’ve gotten has been pretty good. Here are a few of the stories if you’ve missed them—or if you’re looking for good stuff to share.

At Eater, Daniela Galarza stirs the pot asking “Do We need Another Coffee Subscription?”

Glenn Fleishman gives our origin story in this Fast Company profile.

A plug from the folks at GearPatrol.

And on Medium I shared the letter I wrote to accompany a few bags of a prototype batch we sent to friends back in March. It gets into a bit more of the motivations behind what we’re doing and why we came to Kickstarter.


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