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Democratizing great coffee with "The Mix", an ever-evolving blend of the best, freshest beans, built to delight coffee lovers.
Democratizing great coffee with "The Mix", an ever-evolving blend of the best, freshest beans, built to delight coffee lovers.
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    1. tonx Creator 5 days ago

      Mike - soooooo much progress and it’s starting to look cool to boot! But I won’t spoil the reveal... more soon!

    2. Mike Heck
      5 days ago

      @tonx Any progress to report on the new packaging / shipping solution?

    3. tonx Creator on

      Diana, Brenden - sorry for the slow updates... we’ve got a couple of juggling balls in the air that could have a big impact on our ship date but are hoping to know more and post another proper update tomorrow. Stay tuned!

    4. Missing avatar

      Brenden Zabel on

      @tonx, Like Dianna, I am also curious. But out of excitement, not regret, like some other Kickstarters I have backed.

    5. Dianna Bell on

      Hi! When are first shipments estimated to be sent out? Looking forward to it!

    6. tonx Creator on

      Natalie - when we send out our backer survey ahead of the first shipment you’ll have a chance to update addresses!

    7. Missing avatar

      Natalie Rosario on

      I backed this project before finding a new place to live and will soon be moving. How should i go about changing my address to make sure all my deliveries make it to me. Cant say i trust the mail forwarding system to much out here.

    8. tonx Creator on

      Ash, Andrea - no firm date yet, but closing in on one - stay tuned!

    9. Andrea Hetley on

      Are you still on track to ship things out starting this month?

    10. Ash Ponders on

      What's the word?

    11. Mike Heck

      Although there are no stretch goals (probably a good thing) approaching, or exceeding, $50K in pledges should indicate to the @creators that they're on the right track here. Looking forward to some great coffee.

    12. tonx Creator on

      Joan - Something different this time, but with the same underlying utilitarian impulse... I think you'll like it!

    13. Joan

      Any chance of a reappearance of the silver bags with the white text? They were one of the most perfect graphic combo of a utilitarian object I’ve ever seen.

    14. Colin Byrne on

      Just Upped my pledge for the 2nd time. Realized I don't want to miss out on anything. Looking forward to the newsletters and any other fun surprises they may bring!!!

    15. Therese Totten

      New parents definitely need coffee to survive ;)

    16. Therese Totten

      Exciting and excited!

    17. Stacy Ogilvie on

      I CAN'T WAIT! :)

    18. Joan

      So excited for the return of Tonx to my mailbox!

    19. Dr. BCool on

      Congrats on hitting your goal!!!!

    20. cristin on

      You hit the goal!

      Congrats, you fantastic coffee roasters, you!

      (so excited about getting some)

    21. Dr. BCool on

      I just upped my pledge after reading the news articles about YES PLZ. Very proud to back this company and love the message/intent. I will definitely be supporting the subscription service once it is rolled out as well. ❤️☕️

    22. Missing avatar

      Corlin on

      Yes ! this be good ! ... A few years ago I was unabashed coffee snob. I had all the gear, all the right technique, and the best coffee I could find. I was insufferable. My friends started to never talk about coffee around me. In fact I drove people away from good coffee, because of my bullshit. .... Well I still love good coffee, but I enjoy being around good humans more. ... I simplified, I gave up the dogma, the righteousness. Now I simply make a good cup for anyone who wants one, without all the talk. I am a lighter human. Coffee can bring people together, or divide them. "Keep it simple, stupid" is now my main brewing technique.
      May you be happy.

    23. Hi Jazz on

      Gonna surprise my brother with a delayed Father's Day gift....times TWO! :D excited!

    24. Ryan Singer on

      YES!!! So glad you're back Tony! Thanks all for doing this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Colleen King on

      Proud of you guys xo

    26. tonx Creator on

      Felix - We'll be offering subscriptions of various cadences when we launch to the public, but we're not necessarily trying to be the end-all be-all of everyone's home coffee needs. We're happy to send you one box once in a blue moon or have you opt for catching each iteration of "The Mix" every week and anything in between.

      For the purpose of this Kickstarter campaign - we're not necessarily about calling anyone here a "subscriber". We hope we'll deliver something that justifies you coming back, and sets a high benchmark for any other coffees you buy to measure up to.

    27. tonx Creator on

      Carie - We'll be doing a lot from Latin America and Africa. Some of the coffees will come from relationships we've established earlier in our careers with farms and exporters we admire and trust. Others will be exploring new partnerships. Always with a clear eye toward sustainability and supporting producers that are part of the progressive movements in coffee.

    28. Colin Byrne on

      This is going to be EPIC! Stoked to get in on the ground floor.

    29. Carie Wingert

      From where will the beans be sourced?

    30. Dr. BCool on

      Super psyched about this!

    31. Missing avatar

      Joe Faraoni on

      You're the man Tonx! I used to look forward to my old deliveries. Looking forward to these.

    32. cristin on

      [this is very good]

    33. Missing avatar

      Felix Hsu on

      I might have missed reading this somewhere in the campaign notes, but what happens after the allotted time period? Is this going to evolve into an opt-in subscription service?

    34. Rob States on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    35. Missing avatar

      Hilary on

      Yasssssss! Brew on!

    36. Alex Broque on

      WOOO! Welcome back latest incarnation of Tonx Coffee service!