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Xyzzy! Brave the perils of Colossal Cave to collect treasure in this card-driven adaptation of the classic 1976 text adventure.
Xyzzy! Brave the perils of Colossal Cave to collect treasure in this card-driven adaptation of the classic 1976 text adventure.
357 backers pledged $14,815 to help bring this project to life.

Wow! $14,815!

You march through the hole and find yourself in the Main Office, where a cheering band of friendly elves carry the conquering adventurer off into the sunset.

Well, the Kickstarter campaign is officially over now; the final numbers are in; and I think it's safe to say, we did it!  My heartiest thanks to all of you, whose generosity and enthusiasm for Colossal Cave: The Board Game means the game will see print... and really high-quality print, at that. Thanks also to Game Salute and Chris Kirkman, without whom I would probably be floundering on my own right now, and also without whom I know I wouldn't have gotten a lot of you as backers.

Next on my list — actually, who should far and away be first — are Will Crowther and Don Woods, the creators of the original Adventure. Without them, this game really wouldn't have existed!  And thanks to Kristin and Andy Looney of Looney Labs, whose games (particularly Fluxx and Back to the Future) inspired the mechanics of CC:TBG as well as pretty much the entire look of the prototype cards.  My further thanks to both Don and Kristin for being so nice about the whole project, and not suing me, and in fact both becoming Kickstarter backers! How cool is that?

Many thanks are also due to the fantastic artist Katy "Kovah" Grierson, who is responsible for all of the board art you've been seeing over the past many weeks. Katy continues to work tirelessly on the board; I'll post another update about that soon, I'm sure. If you signed up too late to get those earlier updates in your inbox, you should really check out at least update #6.

Thanks to all the suppliers who gave me quotes back when I was researching costs and preparing to do it all myself (which thankfully I don't have to anymore)... and to Adventure 550 creator Dave Platt for also not suing me... and all my friends who backed this project, which will surely result in a huge glut of CC:TBG in the Santa Barbara and San Francisco metropolitan areas.

All of Adventuredom gives tribute to you, Adventurer Grandmaster! To achieve the next higher ranking would be a neat trick!

Special extra thanks to our three Adventurer Grandmaster-level backers: Mark Guidarelli, Michael Snook, and Pegana. You're awesome.

And to our Master Adventurer Class A, Grimnash, who pooled resources among his friends to make that large pledge. As our single $200-level backer, Grimnash, it looks like your limited-edition print will be one of a kind in more ways than I originally intended!

And to our Master Adventurers Classes B and C and Junior Masters, each of whom will have the name(s) of their choice listed on the credits page of the CC:TBG rulebook. I'll be sending out a mass private-message to all of you later this week to ask how you'd like your names to appear in the credits.

I'd also like to thank the Academy...

A large cloud of green smoke appears in front of you. It clears away to reveal a tall wizard, clothed in grey. He fixes you with a steely glare and declares, "This adventure has lasted too long." With that he makes a single pass over you with his hands, and everything around you fades away into a grey nothingness.


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    1. Terence Bowlby on May 20, 2012

      Hopefully I'll see it in a store someday. $15 shipping was too much to Canada.