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Xyzzy! Brave the perils of Colossal Cave to collect treasure in this card-driven adaptation of the classic 1976 text adventure.
Xyzzy! Brave the perils of Colossal Cave to collect treasure in this card-driven adaptation of the classic 1976 text adventure.
357 backers pledged $14,815 to help bring this project to life.

We've got a Springboard!

You are at a complex junction. A low hands and knees passage from the north joins a higher crawl from the east to make a walking passage going west. There is also a large room above. The air is damp here.

We now have over 150 backers! That's just amazing to me — I mean, I was counting on it, we couldn't possibly succeed at this Kickstarter without this many of you (and more!), but it's so nice to actually see it.

There's big news this week. I've been contacted by Game Salute, a name familiar to many of you in the board-game-Kickstarter world. Game Salute runs the Springboard program, which helps get Kickstarted board games to market with the highest quality components and best marketing they can. They've produced such fine (and successful!) games as Sunrise City, Cartoona, and the Kickstarter-record-breaking Zpocalypse. So I'm really honored that they've signed up to invest their time in Colossal Cave: The Board Game.

I'm also relieved that I'll be able to defer to Game Salute's professional expertise when it comes to decisions about manufacturing. And who knows? maybe their crack team of graphic designers will come up with a way to put art on the treasure cards after all. Now, if you backed this project out of love for the original Adventure, you might worry that "going mainstream" is going to twist CC:TBG away from its text-based roots or its faithfulness to the original. Well, I'm still at the helm. If a market researcher suggests that what this game really needs is magical dwarvish hats, or a Final Boss, or more zombies, I'll put my foot down. So don't worry!

Art Update!

You are in an anteroom leading to a large passage to the east. Small passages go west and up. The remnants of recent digging are evident. A sign in midair here says "Cave under construction beyond this point. Proceed at own risk."

It's time for an art update! The board is coming along; Katy has sketched out the basic composition of each room, and is now proceeding to the finer details, one room at a time. We're going with a sort of perspective view of the cave. I was originally very worried that getting the art right would require Escheresque inspiration, but in fact Katy had some very simple ideas that worked very well. The Well House–Cobble Crawl connection in particular is due to her insight.

What you see here are excerpts from Katy's full-board sketch: on the right the first few rooms of the game, and on the left a closeup of the Volcano View, because hey, it just looks awesome. In the middle is Katy's interpretation of the Twopit Room.

And here are some sketchier sketches, by yours truly. In the middle we have the Well House–Cobble Crawl connection again; there's also a study (if you can call it that) of how the "wide staircase" from the Hall of Mists will end up leading into the Hall of the Mountain King, and three composition sketches of treasure artworks.

I hope you're enjoying these updates. Let me hear in the comments what you think about the board art!


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