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You are in the Hall of the Mountain King, with passages off in all directions. A huge green fierce snake bars the way!

Last week was full of excitement. Those of you who have been following my Twitter feed got the scuttlebutt right away, but here it is in greater-than-140-character form...

The little bird attacks the green snake, and in an astounding flurry drives the snake away.

On Wednesday night, I met Don Woods himself, the co-creator of the original Adventure! When Don expanded Will Crowther's Adventure from 79 rooms to 140, he was working at the Stanford AI Lab (where he had earlier co-authored the satirical programming language INTERCAL). Today he still lives in the Stanford area, works for Google, and plays a lot of board games. He and three of his friends played Colossal Cave: The Board Game while I stood by to advise and take notes.

Their game took almost exactly one hour from start to finish, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves the whole time. I was pleased to see that Don was able to deduce the existence and effects of several cards before they came up. This game was also perhaps the first time I've seen someone play the Golden Chain as a regular action, instead of using the Friendly Bear to get it. The winning player achieved victory by using Fee, Fie, Foe, Foo! to acquire the Golden Eggs and deposit them on the following turn. This was the third magic word in a row the winner had used; his first two had been nullified by the fact that The Cave (was) Closing.

Afterward, we played San Juan, followed by The City. I didn't get a chance to sit down and grill Don on the history of Adventure, but that's probably for the best; I was highly desirous not to make a nuisance of myself. If you'd like to read an exquisitely researched history of Adventure, I recommend the magnum opus of another of our backers, Prof. Dennis Jerz: Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave.

A little dwarf just walked around a corner, saw you, threw a little axe at you (which missed), cursed, and ran away.

(That's not a very nice way to introduce our first review, is it? Sorry, Ryan! But I'm pretty sure the dwarf would have appeared by this point in the game...) On Thursday, Ryan Metzler of the Dice Tower posted his video preview. Of course you should keep in mind that Ryan was paid to say nice things about it. :)

I've been informed that David Marie of has also received his review copy and should be getting to it sometime soon. See his Twitter post on the subject.

You are in the west side chamber of the Hall of the Mountain King. A passage continues west and up here. There are many coins here!

On Friday, we got our first "Master Adventurer Class A" backer. Appearing out of nowhere with a $230 pledge, it's Grimnash! Like all backers at this level (of which he is currently the only one), Grimnash will be receiving a beautiful 8"x10" print of one of the treasures of Colossal Cave. I asked Katy to whip up some five-minute sketches so you can get a taste of what these pieces may look like. Maybe we can convince one or two of our refreshingly numerous $55 backers to climb up a few levels.

You are in a large room, with a passage to the south, a passage to the west, and a wall of broken rock to the east. There is a large "Y2" on a rock in the room's center.

And on Saturday, we crossed the 50% mark โ€” having crossed the "magic 30%" quietly two days earlier. The "magic thirty percent" is a bit of Kickstarter lore: according to Kickstarter, ninety percent of projects that reach that level of funding go on to surpass 100%. And after raising $4500 in nine days, I'm positive that we will raise the whole $8000, and then some!

We'll need your help to do it, though! Please continue to spread the word about Colossal Cave: The Board Game.


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      Creator Grimnash on April 25, 2012

      I have to give props to a bunch of my friends in no particular order that are all chipping in $30 for the $200 level - Brad, Branden, Dale, Dave,Dennis, Jeff & John(for letting us get a game before him) - Grimnash

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