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Little Heart is a 160+ page comic anthology created with the subject of Marriage Equality in mind.
Little Heart is a 160+ page comic anthology created with the subject of Marriage Equality in mind.
365 backers pledged $9,779 to help bring this project to life.

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Little Heart's online edition launches plus Walker Art Center news!

Little Heart continues! The first submission for the web serialization of Little Heart came in last night from Robert Kirby -- a 1998 Xeric Grant Recipient, and a 2010 Ignatz Award Nominee!! Go check out our Little Heart tumblr -- it’s online RIGHT NOW! We are still taking submissions for this too, everyone is welcome to submit something!

If you happen to be in the Minneapolis area TONIGHT (5pm-9pm!), I’ve been asked to participate at the Walker Art Center’s Local Kickstarter Artist Reception alongside a fair number of other MPLS creatives. The full list of participants is below:

Patrick Burke, Ethan Soper, Ariah Fine, Dale Flattum, Ben Harkins, Caitlin Rae Hargatan (+Screen Printing on the Cheap peeps), John Harris, Raighne Hogan (duh), Roxie Lubanovic, Gordon McAlpin, Joshua Nite, John Noltner, Leslie Ostrander, Matt Marka, Leo Padron, Matthew Plumstead, Carl Thompson.

All the artists/designers/creatives will have copies of their Kickstarter creations for sale at the Walker Shop -- I will have copies of Little Heart AND Motherlover.

Should you decide to stop by the Walker for tonights’ above mentioned event, you’ll also stumble upon a Free Lecture by Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler (at 7pm)!! SO, please stop by and visit!!

Local Minneapolis Gallery, Altered Esthetics, has recently picked up approximately 300 copies of Little Heart to showcase, distro and sell. 100% of the profits we receive from them will be going directly to Minnesota United.

Little Heart is currently for sale at the following online and physical shops, galleries, and venues:

*2d Cloud

*Altered Esthetics

The Beguiling

Big Brain Comics

Boneshaker Books

Challengers Comics

Chicago Comics

Fantastic Comics

Forbidden Planet

Hic and Hoc

Mead Hall Games & Comics

*Minnesota Center For Book Arts

Quimby’s Bookstore 

Secret Acres

Time Warp Comics and Games

Wow Cool

*Walker Art Center

*these shops have Little Heart marked 50% OFF leading up to the election.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting us with this book. This will be the last update on this kickstarter page. Future updates will come direct to your email unless you decide to opt out, or have already done so (and if you stick with us we'll have some cool free comics to send you!).


The good, the bad, and the transparent

the good

To continue the conversation leading up to the November election (for Minnesota's VOTE NO campaign), we are putting out a call for submissions on our Little Heart tumblr. If you'd be so kind as to check it out and maybe share the link around the net, that'd be great -- and if you happen to want to make something for this, that would be wonderful (no pressure though ‘kay)! 

the not so good (aka, the bad): 

So, I just wanted to update everyone. [MN]Love, the non-profit that contacted us to put out this book are dissolving. They've already closed down their shop a couple months back, but I've been waiting for them to make some formal announcement so that we can move on properly. There are some sensitive issues with their organizations closure, of which I don't fully understand and am not at liberty to discuss in any event. SO, we are just going to have to move forward. 

the transparent:

What this all means is that we’ve been looking for a replacement non-profit. With that, I've been having difficulties finding such a replacement. A part of the rub is finding one that will want our help and know what to do with Little Heart. I've been in contact with Minnesota United (they are a far larger coalition), but they are not really sure what the heck to do with a comic book. I am still trying to give about 300 copies of the book to the outlying creative organizations that are a part of Minnesota United’s coalition (this way the profits would get to the coalition pretty directly and quicker via local benefit shows/sales). It's been a little hit and miss -- working on it still though. 

In the interim, I will continue to try and get copies of the book and the proceeds to non-profits like Minnesota United and Outfront MN leading up the November election. After that point, we’ll see if there is another LGBTQ non-profit in need that would be willing to work with us. So far, Little Heart cartoonists, Annie Mok and Alex Fukui have suggested Queers for Economic JusticeNational Center for Lesbian Rights, and a bunch of other ones. 

One thing I’ve thought of to help spur interest in the book is to put Little Heart on sale leading up to the November election. If the idea is to just give cash money to Minnesota United (which would be harder for them to turn down I imagine -- thanks to Christopher Butcher for stating what should be obvious -- I am a lackwit at times...) we’ll need to start having the book move. This could help with that maybe. I also don't wish to upset or alienate our early backers and supporters. So feel free to let me know what you think!!

I know this might be too inside baseball for everyone, my apologies. I just want to be as transparent as possible with all this. If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or wants to help in any way I would be grateful. Please write me on here, in the comments, or email me at littleheartcomic [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Thanks again for your support! XO, raighne

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SPX THIS WEEKEND + tumblr + review news!

Hey Gang! So SPX is this weekend (Tomorrow and Sunday!!!)!

Pic of the 2dc crew that will be at the show attached.

If you happen to be near Bethesda Maryland -- stop on by the SMALL PRESS EXPO! Follow the link for details. We'll have a bunch of copies of the book on hand and 2 artists at our table (Christopher Adams and Meghan Hogan). Plenty of other awesome artists and Little Heart artists will be there too!

“I’m happy to say that the variety of styles and point-of-views make that book a good tool to discuss the issue.” This from François Peneaud, writing over at Gay Comics List.

Lastly, our amazing intern Greer Lawson has been running our Little Heart tumblr -- please go check it out! Lots of cool stuff there!




Thanks for letting me bend your ear -- have a nice weekend and maybe I'll see you there!!!

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mail mail mail

Cripes. Back when I set up the estimated arrival date at August 2012 for most of backer rewards, I thought NO WAY will it take me that long to get these books blasted out there to everyone. But, it really and unfortunately has. In an hour or so I will be sending off the last batch to the post office and to YOU. 

Last week, Greer and I brought about 100-200 packages to the post office. Boy, remind me next time to call a cab -- the post office was 3 miles away or so! The bill for that batch, 700$! 

Anywho, these low-res pics (apologies!) are, you guessed it, packing up of those Little Heart packages as Greer and I headed to the post office. 

Major -- MAJOR thanks to Greer for helping pack, hand label, and cart these books to the post office!!! 

Everyone SHOULD receive their packages in the next 2 weeks. If you haven't at that point, please write me a private note with your current mailing address and I will blast out another copy to you should it have gotten eaten by the post office. 

More news coming soon! And as always, thanks for your support and patience!! I am really truly sorry that this has all taken so long to get to everyone. All the best, XO!!!


First 2 reviews, and other news

Another couple weeks have passed and we've gotten more batches of Little Heart packages mailed off to backers! Our awesome intern, Greer Lawson, came by yesterday and helped us pack up and label a TON of these packages. More of them going off later this week!

As the title suggests, we've gotten our first 2 reviews of Little Heart recently! Below are 2 excerpts taken from the reviews. Both worth checking out the links.

"One of the great things about the book is its diversity; some pieces are in color, some in black and white, some are short and some are long, some offer traditional comics panels, some are more collage-y or use free-floating prose, some use straight text as a narrative tool, while some are much more open to interpretation. They’re all comics that show the great versatility of the medium, perhaps like the dynamic nature of human sexuality and relationships themselves. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do comics, they’re all valid. Maybe that’s too obvious an analogy for the comic book literati, but I think it works very effectively and is the underlying message in this project. It’s a great batch of comics, with an even greater mission. Grade A" 

--Justin Giampaoli of 13 Minutes and Poopsheet Foundation

"There's no question that it's a beautifully designed book, as all 2D Cloud projects tend to be, and I hope that it makes a difference." 

-- Rob Clough of High-Low and The Comics Journal

That other bit of news I hinted at in the last update has to do with our talks with [MN]Love. We (both [MN]Love and 2d Cloud) are working towards migrating a part of the proceeds from Little Heart going towards Minnesota United for All Families which is a much larger and stronger coalition. We will have more details to announce soon.

Before I take off, for anybody hanging out in the Twin Cities this Thursday, Frame Ups Gallery is holding a silent auction to benefit Minnesota United. I will be dropping off some copies of Little Heart there today. I think the event sounds fun, and if you are free, please check it out! Here is the link to their Facebook Event Page.

An important note: backers will get their copies mailed to them, the copies they have there will be theirs to handle how they distribute. 

Take care, talk soon, and all the best!