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An oversized newsprint comics double feature with Noah Van Sciver and Nicholas Breutzman -- 2 creepy fables on crinkly paper!
An oversized newsprint comics double feature with Noah Van Sciver and Nicholas Breutzman -- 2 creepy fables on crinkly paper!
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Posted by Kim Jooha

What a perfect word to describe who we are. As artists and as an earnest little publishing operation — I think you have to have some misguided, naive sense of belief in yourself to succeed. Maybe?

And what is success? Money? Or just being able, somehow, through hard work to be able to keep doing what you love?

Well, we certainly don’t have money. All the same we’ve been very fortunate. We work hard — every day, all of our energy, all of our time, and whatever little amount of money we do have — it all gets subsumed by this vehicle.

I am tired. I am emotional. I am drained.

But I love it. I love the artists we work with — I love them so fucking much. They give me purpose. To rise everyday, to work hard every night. To continue whatever it is I am doing with this life. To learn from them, to laugh with them. To just be.

And that’s a kind of success. For me, I just want to keep doing this with them forever and ever. I hope I am able to do so.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, for us to continue that type of success, we need a minimum amount of capital. For the time being, that means having our current Kickstarter reach its goal. We have 2 days… and we need your help.

What are our Collections?

To keep our label running, we’ve moved to offering small seasonal, finely curated book bundles. We offer these at a deep discount and include a lot of extras. We call these bundles Collections.


Yes, our Collections are a way to raise funds, to keep the lights on — but they are also a way for us to highlight the authors we love. Alone, their works could be lost in the sea of releases coming and going. But by placing them in our collections, sometimes alongside authors with a larger following, they’re in a tiny peer group giving them higher visibility, and allowing for new audiences to discover them together.

So even if we get to a point of greater stability, we will continue to run our collections. The reason being is that raising capital alone is not the point of our collections. The other piece is raising awareness of not only our authors, their titles, but also of this industry — to show the necessity of this vibrant creative community and the works coming out of it to the larger world.

What does the future hold?

I’d like to take a second to pull back the curtain — to show you what we have coming down the pike for with our next couple of collections. Please keep in mind that some of these covers are not final.

Fall Collection '16
Fall Collection '16

Altcomics Magazine #4, Perfect Hair by Tommi Parrish, Secure Connect by Carta Monir, Sprawling Heart by Sab Meynert, and a new mini by Vincent Stall

Winter Collection '17
Winter Collection '17

Altcomics Magazine #5, Extended Play by Jake Terrell, Mirror Mirror 2 edited by Julia Gfrörer & Sean T. Collins, Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber, Yours by Sarah Ferrick

Spring Collection '17
Spring Collection '17

Altcomics Magazine #6, Architecture of an Atom by Juliacks, Life in the Fun Zone by Leif Goldberg, Retreat by Jaakko Pallasvuo, and a new mini by Brie Moreno

As you can see, we have a very exciting slate lined up. And there is so much more we have planned. But to make it there, we first need to succeed with our current collection. If you value the type of work we are doing, the authors we publish, we need your help — please show your support by becoming a backer and talking about the work we are doing on social media.

Thank you!

All our love, everything we got

— Raighne and everyone at 2dcloud ❤

How Are You?

Posted by Kim Jooha

Four years ago, 2dcloud published Deep in the Woods thanks to you. We have come a long way. Now we publish 12 larger books a year + zines & minis. This enormous growth was made possible thanks to those of you who believed and supported us since the beginning.

Growth is not without pain. Our latest Spring Collection Kickstarter is having a hard time. Only FOUR days left and 64% funded. We need your help.

Spring Collection features three women of colour — our label supports these artists and we need your help to continue doing so.

By becoming a backer you get four graphic novels and a zine for only $39 or $19 (digital). If you already have the critically acclaimed Someone Please Have Sex With Me, Turning Japanese, Virus Tropical, or Trying Not to Notice, you can have two of them (plus the zine) for only $29.

Money from our distributor comes six months after each title hits retail. Under our new model, sales of our collections help us fill in these gaps. Your patronage is critical for our survival, allowing for us to grow and support a more diverse (in artists and works) altcomics community.

Please share the message.

Thank you

Strangely, spring isn't over yet

Hello :)

illustration by Powerpaola
illustration by Powerpaola


It's certainly been a while. We have been busy working and growing. Our books now have access to a national distribution network thanks to our partners at Consortium (who were recently acquired by Ingram). And our team has since grown considerably. 

Raighne Hogan | Publisher
Maggie Umber | Associate Publisher
Blaise Larmee | Creative Director
Melissa Carraher | Publicist
Jake Terrell | Design & Social Media
Kim Jooha | Editorial & Artist Relations
Justin Skarhus | Distribution Director

a peek at current and past collections — all available via our Spring Collection
a peek at current and past collections — all available via our Spring Collection


Naturally, it’s a very exciting time for us at 2dcloud, but it is also a very vulnerable time. We have grown to better serve the needs of our artists and to fulfill the requirements of our distributor. But we are small and money is very tight. For us to survive, we have pivoted to having bundles of our books made available together as seasonal collections, providing for significant savings along the way to our customers. 



Our latest bundle brings together 4 large beautiful books, and 1 zine. Work by MariNaomi, Powerpaola, Gina Wynbrandt, Will Dinski, and a new and different kind of comics culture magazine guest curated by Sab Meynert. 

We’re offering these direct to our audience at a significant discount - $19 digital, $39 print. Bought separately at retail, these books would total nearly $90.

I wrote much of this earlier in the year for another collection, but this is all still true: the last 9 years has seen us pouring our hearts and entire beings into everything that we do. Every day, we wake up and bet the farm. Financially and emotionally. It's exhausting, but we love it. We love the artists we work with, we love the books we produce, we love our readers. We don't ever want to stop. The struggle is real. And the stakes keep growing.

If you value daring, exciting, boundary pushing work that continues some of the legacy you might have seen at a Sparkplug, Picturebox, Buenaventura - please consider supporting us by backing.

Thank you so so so much!

Love, Raighne and everyone at 2dcloud


Hey, just wanted to send a quick shout to everyone -- I got all the final files, made all last minute corrections and sent this comic to the printers late last week. AND HOLY CRAP THEY ARE FAST! The comic is printed and we will begin to ship out orders ASAP! As such, I will be needing you to fill out the survey's sent your way as this will aid me in figuring out where you want your order sent!

Thanks again for everything, talk soon friends!!

xo, raighne

A peek at Sam the Snoutness Dog

Hello friends! Nic has just about wrapped up his second strip to Deep in the Woods -- below is a couple quick cell phone pics of that. It WILL be going to press next month. Apologies on the delays -- we had jumped the gun on this comic and had not anticipated some of the production qualms we'd run into. But on the plus side, everyone gets another little comic from Nic Breutzman (that bought the comic that is)!!! Thanks again for your patience!!!

In further news, due to the delays, this comic will not be premiering at TCAF. The plan now is for it to first debut at your doorstep, followed by an in person release at CAKE in Chicago with Nic & Noah both in tow. Hope to see yah there!!

xo, raighne

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