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An oversized newsprint comics double feature with Noah Van Sciver and Nicholas Breutzman -- 2 creepy fables on crinkly paper!
An oversized newsprint comics double feature with Noah Van Sciver and Nicholas Breutzman -- 2 creepy fables on crinkly paper!
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Hey, just wanted to send a quick shout to everyone -- I got all the final files, made all last minute corrections and sent this comic to the printers late last week. AND HOLY CRAP THEY ARE FAST! The comic is printed and we will begin to ship out orders ASAP! As such, I will be needing you to fill out the survey's sent your way as this will aid me in figuring out where you want your order sent!

Thanks again for everything, talk soon friends!!

xo, raighne

A peek at Sam the Snoutness Dog

Hello friends! Nic has just about wrapped up his second strip to Deep in the Woods -- below is a couple quick cell phone pics of that. It WILL be going to press next month. Apologies on the delays -- we had jumped the gun on this comic and had not anticipated some of the production qualms we'd run into. But on the plus side, everyone gets another little comic from Nic Breutzman (that bought the comic that is)!!! Thanks again for your patience!!!

In further news, due to the delays, this comic will not be premiering at TCAF. The plan now is for it to first debut at your doorstep, followed by an in person release at CAKE in Chicago with Nic & Noah both in tow. Hope to see yah there!!

xo, raighne

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Snag and a peek

Hey gang! Hope everyone's holiday and new years went swimmingly, yes!? Good!! Things are still moving on Deep in the Woods -- Nic has been a busy-busy bee. Besides his work finishing up everything for DITW, he's working on our new website, school, an internship, his job, life, etc! He's a kerazy man!! 

Below I've attached the title page to his story, The May Fly:

Gorgeous right? I love it and hope YOU do too!!

Now for the snag bit. Due to some formatting problems, we are behind schedule, maybe a month or two... My sincere apologies on that. On the plus side, you will all be getting another lil' gag strip in this broadsheet by Nic called 'Sam the Snoutness Dog' (that is our fix to the issues -- we tried some other things but it would read poorly, so they got scrapped!). I will keep y'all posted with news and a peek at that AS SOON AS IT COMES DOWN THE PIKE!

xo! raighne

We made it!!

Hey gang! We did it!! Thanks so much for your support by sharing the project on your wall, twitter, writing about it, AND for plunking down some much needed dosh by pre-ordering the comic on Kickstarter!! 

Sorry for celebratory delay -- been at the day job, pulling some weird double-shifts. I met up with Nic earlier in the week and got the bulk of the files from him. After Nic and I put together the design, with Justin and Sarah taking on the grammar police roles, making hypothetical corrections, Deep in the Woods will be going to the printers. Hoping to have that all squared away by months end. I'll be sure to keep you all in the loop as things progress. In the mean time, here is a little teaser image I conjured up today for the title, attached below. 

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News of Deep in the Woods hits international waters!!

Quick note: Earlier in the week, Zainab over at Forbidden Planet International wrote a nice little post about our project! You can check it out here:

Thanks again Zainab!! 

We have also hit out goal recently!! Anything extra is greatly appreciated, 50% of it will be going to the artists while the rest will help offset our printing costs. We've 5 more days to go BIG thanks to everyone for your support!! I'll have more info soon.

xo, raighne