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Train and measure gratitude, the most powerful emotion, mindfully on a daily basis to enhance joy, contentment and health.
Train and measure gratitude, the most powerful emotion, mindfully on a daily basis to enhance joy, contentment and health.
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    1. B. Morebello on

      I received the replacement pebble, but it also has connectivity issues, I still get a red light when trying to connect to the base.

    2. H20Methodman

      Still no response from my inquiry on their website, very disappointed.

    3. H20Methodman

      I sent this to

      I am amazed that such a simple product has already made such a huge impact already after just four days. However, the Pebblestone is now dead and can't be recharghed. I tried making sure it was on the contacts, but it didn't help. It would be nice if it was replaced with the next series with larger pins as you mentioned. I would like a replacement ASAP, I'm having gratitude withdrawl when not using it. Please let me know how to proceed.

    4. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Dear Mari,

      Thank you for your comments. We have indeed received some feedback from other backers referring to charging problems we have not encountered when testing the product ourselves, unfortunately.
      However we do realize we chose a very delicate connection for the sake of aesthetic design. The next series will have different pins.

      Several people have experienced a pebblestone starting with a score of 3-4. The most plausible explanation is that its battery had a small level of power when it was installed. When it was shipped it was probably activated accidentally with hard movements here and there. This is hard to avoid without altering the complete design. We have published a video online to help you reset the pebblestone. We hope this clarifies the reset problems you have experienced.


      I will send you a personal mail and hope to hear whether you got it to work in a way that makes you happy or that you need it to be replaced.

      Thanks again for your suggestions and comments. This will help us follow through on the necessary improvements.

      Have grateful day!


      Team Mojo Creation

    5. Mari Vila on

      Like some of the other users, I'm experiencing issues charging the pebblestone. I will maneuver it just so that that it's charging, and when I stare at it, and it stops. If I breathe wrong, it disconnects. The connection to the charger is so poor that I have to wonder if you've even tested it. Because no one proud of their work would ship out this sort of a product.

      It also came registered with 3 gratitudes, which I found interesting. Wonder if the postman was grateful for something? And resetting it was 20 minutes of work which made me want to throw the entire thing in the garbage. Such a good concept with such poor execution. To think that of all the simple things, it's the charging stand that's broken. Could have just connected it via a microusb like the stand. I would have loved that! I bet it would have functioned. I've received a lot of delay updates from kickstarter backed projects, but so far, when they've delayed release, it's always been to fix fatal errors and make the end product absolutely gorgeous. So to have this be the first kickstarter project I've backed that I've been disappointed is a new experience. But I guess someone had to be the first.

    6. Missing avatar

      H. Kluck on

      Well, I have tested it a bit more now.
      My joy about the pebblestone has somewhat lessened. All the gratitude and happiness I stored in the pebble leaked out of it while trying to get it fit and stay put in the charger. When it's in the holder and I walk away, it moves and isn't connected anymore (blue charging light turns off). Also was busy for a minute to get it count the gratitude because of the loose position.
      The resetting was also a time-consuming business, in the end it was: hold it steady, 'tap' (more like slap) and try again. But even then it took some time to master it.

      So when I finally had it in place, resetted it, etc. I had to pick it up again to count a new gratitude. You probably understand that I just stored it in my head and counted it this morning when picking it up out of the charger...

      So please try to work on the contact between holder and stone, because at the moment it isn't a process full of peace and gratitude.

    7. VictorJ on

      So got to play whit is.
      Taping to store a gratitude is very easy.
      Resetting was a bit hard to master.
      I think because the "stone" is lose on the charger.
      Had to hold it whit one hand and tapping very hard whit other.
      What I think is ok, so you wont make a reset that you didn't wanted.

    8. VictorJ on

      Hi Mojo,

      got my Mojo today.
      Box is damaged, like you shown us in the update.
      The base is also scratched and dirty, like it was already used, i thought.
      When putting it on my usb port, the light came on and it already had 13 blessings in it :S?
      Its is charging at the moment, so can't test it yet.

      The pebble stone it self has a nice feeling in your hand.
      To bad that the base is scratched.

      Update tonight how it works

    9. Missing avatar

      H. Kluck on

      Got mine today.
      Thank you.
      Kind regards.

    10. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Hi Victor, I did not see your remark! So sorry! The Pebblestones arrived and most of them shipped! What is your email address? Let me check with Marieke and see where your package is.

    11. VictorJ on

      Any luck whit the solution?

    12. VictorJ on

      Next week was 2 weeks ago. You have first batch 1 week in hand but no updates or photo's. Please keep your backers updated.

    13. VictorJ on

      Last update was 3 weeks ago. Not one week.

    14. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Hi VictorJ. No worries. 0-series arriving next week en 1-st serie end of the month... I thought I didn't need to send update every week...

    15. VictorJ on

      Got a bad feeling over this project. Hope i am wrong.

    16. Rudy Roth on

      Ye- update please - Will I receive it before Christmas - so I can plan to give it as a christmas present or do I need to start looking for an alternative ??

    17. VictorJ on

      Update? First 100 would be in already. Keep your backers informed.

    18. VictorJ on

      Still on track for November?

    19. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Ha Victor,

      I think my publication and your request might have just crossed each other :).

      Kind regards,

    20. VictorJ on

      Hi Marieke,

      That is very good to hear. Thank you for your fast reply. Looking forward to an update an maybe some pictures?

      Best regards victor

    21. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Dear Victor,

      Thank you for your kind concerns. Sorry to have been such strangers. We have a relative small team and some of us have been travelling a lot lately, of which some to such remote areas that internet access was a problem :)! Official updates will follow as we are all back now. Just to give you some quick feedback; the production process has started. The molds for the hardware are in production and the coming week we are finetuning the software. So it's in the making!

      Kind regards,


    22. VictorJ on

      It has been a month. What is the status. Kinda quit here also. Maybe because allot of backers where created just for this project? Hope you realy make this product.

    23. VictorJ on

      So how is it going? Time for an update?

    24. Christopher Currie on

      Hi how can I get two and have them sent to different addresses?

    25. Mojo Creations Creator on

      @Zee Thanks for your inquiry! Very good question.

      The maximum is 999 :)! And than you can reset your score.

      At the moment we are testing a target of 175 blessings over a period of 10 weeks. The Pebblestone measures your avarage daily activity and your all time score and gives you reminders and calls for action based on this goal. Once you've met this goal, the idea is that you no longer need the pebblestone to remind you and we promote the idea to pass on the pebblestone to a loved one to spread the practice of gratitude.

      A 10 week training time-frame is based on the avarage amount of time needed to implement new behaviour. In this case to count your daily blessings.
      Whether the 2-3 blessings per day is a sufficient minimum score, is subject to usertests performed by coaching and mindfulness professinals right now.

      If you pledge by means of the Love pack, you get two pebblestones.

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to mail me at

      Kind regards!

    26. Mojo Creations Creator on

      @RazorPointer - Thanks man! For both your pledge and your information. Very grateful for your enthousiastic and valuable feedback.

    27. Missing avatar

      Rikka on

      What is the maximum number of gratitudes the pebblestone can hold?

      Also can I pledge for 2 early bird pebblestones?

    28. RazorPointer on

      Great Campaign! I found this awesome video which helped me decide to back your project... Best of Luck! -…

    29. Robert Khoe


      Clear. Tnx.

    30. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Robert, I just got feedback on battery specs. The battery will loose around 20% of it's capacity each passing year. So if the battery lasts for 5 days, it will last 4 days after a year and so on.
      It is also possible to use a new Pebblestone when the battery life is over and remain using the same base.

      Does this answer your question?

      P.S. Just to be clear; the blessings stored on The Pebblestone will be saved if it's out of battery. If you place it in base, the Pebblestone will charge and download the moments saved in it's memory.

    31. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Ha Robert,

      Thanks again for thinking along like you do. Good questions! Camping outdoors would be an example situation. The Pebblestone comes with an mini USB portal for charging, so yes a USB solar panel would solve it.

      In regards to your other question; i have forwarded this to my colleague and will get back on the specifics.

      The training period of the Pebblestone is 10 weeks. The battery lasts far longer than that ofcourse. The question is; what do you do with the Pebblestone next?

      It depends on how you value the Pebblestone once you have made gratitude practice a habit. I for once, find it hard to part with it, although I can say Gratitude practice has become a second nature due to my Pebblestone. I just love to take it out, especially in company of others, because it is such a power tool to empower a mindful gratitude moment together. (Also a reason why an app is NOT an alternative. Taking out your mobile phone won't trigger anyones attention ;))

      On the other hand, we suggest you might want to pass the Pebblestone on to a loved one, since it's our mission to spread gratitude practice.

      Either way, you or the next user will at one point have dead battery so your question raises an interesting point. Thank you and i will get back on this.

      Kind regards,

    32. Robert Khoe


      Tnx for your quick reply.

      A nice altar indeed, but what if you are not staying in a an hotel? A place without a wall charger?
      Is the docking station chargeable with a USB solar panel or wind turbine?
      I've been backing such projects on Kickstarter, just for that kind of situations.

      My question about the situation of the replacement of a Pebblestone and accepting it by the docking station without losing its data? Wait for the FAQ?

    33. Mojo Creations Creator on

      Dear Robert,

      Thank you for your question.
      In theory the battery inside the Pebblestone could store around 100 blessings before it needs to be recharged. This means it should last for over a week. However we are currently testing the battery and finetuning the activation and storage mode and our current findings are that the battery lasts for 4 to 5 days. We should be able to extend that some more, by further fine tuning the application. We shall update the details on this in the FAQ's on battery use.

      However, the Pebblestone is intended to be used daily in combination with the base to track and reflect on your blessings on a daily basis. The base is small and quite easy to take with you when travelling for over a week. The Pebblestone as a whole could function as a mindful altar in your hotel room :).

      Good to know: A completely empty Pebblestone will be fully charged within two hours.

      Does this answer your question? If you have any remarks on this, let me know.

    34. Robert Khoe


      What if I am on vacation? After a couple of days the Pebblestone will be empty. Is it in any other way rechargeable? Or do I take the docking station with me? And will a depleted Pebblestone remember it's 'grateful moments'?

      What is the estimated lifespan of the LiPo battery? If the LiPo is end of life, you need to buy another Pebblestone? Does the docking station accept the new Pebblestone without losing the previous' grateful moments'?