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SolePower is a power generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics while you walk.
637 backers pledged $60,184 to help bring this project to life.

GOAL REACHED!!! . . . but wait, there's more!

Posted by SolePower (Creator)

Hi all,  

You did it!! Thanks to you, we hit our goal of $50,000 this morning. We have 7 days left to make great strides! Please help us continue to share the Kickstarter page so we can hit our reach goals.

We've also decided to open another reward called "HAPPY FEET". The reward is much more than a bumper sticker! Support to this category will go straight to the developing nations "HEART AND SOLE" plan. More specifically it will be used to film and document the way our buy-one send-one insoles affect the people receiving them in developing nations. All extra funds after the filming cost will go towards donating additional insoles to people in need of reliable power. We'll post everything on our website ( and send out videos using our newsletter. 

Reach Goals: 

 $65,000: Colors! 

Personalize the battery pack by picking different colors. On our final survey, all backers who have selected an insole will be able to choose between a few different pack and bracelet colors. Below are some renders of the possible colors we plan to offer. 

We will also give 20 insoles to individuals in developing nations. 

$75,000: Prints! 

We'll open another reward for $20 where backers will have the option of printing a monochrome image or name on the battery pack. 

We will also give 50 insoles to individuals in developing nations.

$90,000: Giving back!

As we said in our video, we really want to help. Reaching this level of backing will allow us to bring our insoles to those in need. We'll donate 100 insoles to individuals in developing nations.

Again, thank you so much for your support. We're working so hard on SolePower and are overwhelmed with appreciation for your assistance! 

 Putting our best feet forward, 

The SolePower Team

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