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SolePower is a power generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics while you walk.
637 backers pledged $60,184 to help bring this project to life.

Battery Pack update!

Posted by SolePower (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for your support so far; we have just over $13,000 to go. We’re in the final push and we need your help to make this project a success. Please share our Kickstarter link on Facebook, Twitter, at work, with your friends, or everywhere and anywhere else you can!

We're very critical of ourselves and think the battery pack could look sleeker. We've been working with industrial designers to make the battery pack looks less like a boring box, and more like an innovative gadget. Check out the concept images of the final design (below).

We think the new design is much more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to the better design, it can also act as a shoe clip and attach to the front of your shoelaces without the bracelet.

Now that we’ve got a little over a week, sharing SolePower by word of mouth is really important! Please do your best to help share SolePower so we can make this campaign a success!

 Putting our best foot forward,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tim Smigelski on

      Design is interesting but not sure what i am viewing;
      Is the bottom of the logo'd device a switch that touches the ground or do you activate it as a charger at that location?
      If it interfaces with the ground it appears a long term wear issue could present itself as the rivet hinge pin guide looks to be well undersized and unable to manage multi directional strikes as it touches the ground.
      Clarification of where and how the device attaches would help my opinion /advice.

    2. jb on

      You should explain more about the electrical interface ( once this battery stops working I'll have a useless gadget )

      1. battery type (li-ion age and lasts 4-5 years ..I would prefer LiFePO4 which doesn't age in the same way)
      2. Electrical interface, AC/DC average output from dynamo ?
      3. How efficient is the current charger ( Mppt )
      4. Will you sell spare-parts