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SolePower is a power generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics while you walk.
637 backers pledged $60,184 to help bring this project to life.

Lets keep the ball rolling!

Posted by SolePower (Creator)

It has been almost 2 weeks since we launched this campaign and we've raised almost 60% of our goal! That’s amazing! We are thankful for and very appreciative of all 300+ backers that are making this campaign a great success, from the Baby Step ($3) backers to the SolePower Superhero ($500) backer.

We are constantly working on improving the design, functionality, and capabilities of our device. When you receive this product in late 2014, it will be one that was designed with the user in mind. Among these improvements is the design and functionality of the battery pack. In the demonstrated prototype the battery pack has a micro USB cable that is meant to be plugged into your phone or other device. We have now changed that to a female USB A slot, thus giving you the ability to charge any device via a USB charging cord. Anything that you can charge using your computer’s USB port can now be charged using our battery pack. This is just one small improvement of many to come.

We’re looking forward to the next two weeks of this campaign and all future backers. For all those that have pledged so far, we thank you and we ask that you do one more thing: share this campaign!

Thank you and have a great day!
SolePower Team.


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