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Digging Deep - Step 1: Website & Launch's video poster

Cassie and April are on a mission to foster informed debate. We're foraging for truth about what's on our plates. Join us! Read more

Los Angeles, CA Food
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This project was successfully funded on October 17, 2010.

Cassie and April are on a mission to foster informed debate. We're foraging for truth about what's on our plates. Join us!

Los Angeles, CA Food
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About this project

UPDATE 10/15/10: THANK YOU to 100+ awesome backers who helped us reach our goal of $5,000 before deadline!

For those of you who just clicked to give, we hope you will still make a pledge - our total campaign budget is much larger than the initial $5,000 investment and we can definitely use your help.

Backers pledging above the $5,000 will help us:

- REALLY do great PR, which will bring an even larger audience to the site to learn about food. - Do more research, by increasing our books & subscriptions budget. - Travel to meet one-on-one with interviewees in Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Tennessee, New York, and Washington DC.

Thank you! April & Cassie

Project Information:

In March of 2010, April Dávila attempted to live for 31 days outside the reach of the bioengineering giant Monsanto. She blogged about the experience at Now, April and her partner in the project, sustainable food advocate Cassie Gruenstein, have designed a new consumer advocacy campaign.

We are seeking $5,000 from our friends to create and launch the Digging Deep Campaign website, where we will share our personal journey to unearth the facts and fiction about the way we eat in America today.

From it's beginning, The Month Without Monsanto Project was innovative simply because of its honest lack of pretense, positioning, or claims of expertise. Instead of being grounded in fear, judgment, and alarm, our unwavering position was one of curiosity, discovery, and a strong desire for scientific backing to any claims made by companies or organizations.

The Digging Deep Campaign will seek clarity around issues and questions we all have about our food systems. We will research the companies, organizations and policies that are shaping our diets and learn how to make informed decisions about what food is “best” to buy, cook and eat. A few of the topics we intend to investigate are: The emergence of genetically modified foods and their rapid domination of our national food supply What commonly purchased products contain Monsanto’s genetically modified ingredients Why the USDA doesn’t require genetically modified foods to be labeled. How Monsanto's genetically modified Bt cotton is affecting the biological, agricultural and social environments of the world. The cost and effort of going organic. Is Monsanto really trying to feed the world and do we need them to do it? Monsanto’s obfuscation of data – is patent protection or cover-up of unfavorable data? Monsanto’s Involvement in the Meat Industry. Genetically modified crops cross pollinating with organics in the fields. Monsanto’s seed monopoly and why it matters. How to track food down to its seed source. Non food items (such as shampoos and soaps) that contain genetically modified ingredients. Making friends at your local farmer's market. Monsanto’s gene patents and the current legal standing of gene ownership. How we balance nutrition and convenience.

The website will provide an opportunity to follow us, real people without agendas, as we conduct research on our food systems and share the results in real time. We will continuously strive for transparency in our research, and blog about our findings with the overarching goal of simply providing information so that readers can come to their own conclusions.

On the Digging Deep website we will:

• Showcase interviews with individuals on both sides of the genetically modified food debate • Present our research (found in books, articles and scientific studies) Share ways to find information we can trust in making decisions about what to eat • Blog about our personal “aha” moments of discovery • Host the archived Month Without Monsanto blog

We want our visitors to the website to leave:

• Knowing more about the issues, individuals, organizations, governmental bodies, and companies involved in shaping our food systems • Understanding the arguments on all sides • Aware of the science that exists so far • Confident in their daily food choices

We have several goals with the Digging Deep Campaign:

• Help informed readers learn new tools to communicate their beliefs and knowledge in a way that is encouraging and supportive • Provide readers with information that empowers them to help shape the future of food • Include new voices in the conversation

We need $5,000 to build and launch the campaign. The Website & Launch Budget is:

Website design & development: $1600 Logo design: $300 Search engine optimization: $200 Domain and server administration: $100 Hosting: $100 Social media integration: $200 Media outreach: $1750 Printing: info & call to action postcards $500 5% project cost to kickstarter $250 __________________________________ Total: $5,000

Your support will help us begin our journey and make our voices heard on this important issue.

Thank you, April & Cassie


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    Have your name listed on the new website's special thanks page and receive a unique Digging Deep button.

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    In addition to having your name listed on the new site, and your own Digging Deep button, a contribution of $25 or more gets you the password to the Nonsanto resource page of the new site. While the site will have plenty of public information about avoiding GMO's, there will also be a password protected page that lists specific Monsanto-free brands, available only to those who have the password.

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    Your name listed on the special thanks page, the button, the Nonsanto page password and the basic Nonsanto starter kit (including organic Non-Monsanto seeds, Annie's, Inc. Macroni and Cheese, and Massa Organic rice).

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    Get all of the above, plus a bound, limited edition book version of the Month Without Monsanto blog, signed by the author.

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    All of the above, plus 2 dozen Nonsanto (Non-Monsanto) peanut butter cookies and a live presentation about the Month Without Monsanto project (anywhere within 100 miles of Los Angeles - outside of LA, a video presentation can be arranged via Skype).

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    Everything a $100 pledge gets you, plus a live presentation about the project anywhere within 300 miles of LA, including Nonsanto (Non-Monsanto) cookies and cocktails. (Outside the 300 mile radius the cocktail ingredients will be shipped and the presentation will be done via Skype.)

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    Everything a $100 pledge gets you, plus a live presentation about the project anywhere within continental US, including Nonsanto cookies, cocktails and a Nonsanto dinner prepared for you and five guests.

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