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Help us to finish Episode 2 of the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle. A comedy point-and-click adventure game set in Victorian London
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Bug Fixing

Posted by Seb Burnett (Creator)

Hello All

We are currently fixing the issues that are causing the instability on some iOS devices. A lot of it is due to optimisation, the scenes the crashes happen in are all the most memory intensive. As soon as these are fixed I will send out the remaining iOS keys

The problems in the Steam build seem to have started since we put in the achievements so we are reverting back to an old build until we can get that fixed too.

I'm very sorry your adventures are being sullied like this at the moment, but rest assured, I am unthwartable and I will get the problems resolved.

If anyone HAS managed to play the game and enjoyed it I'd love to hear about. And any virtual hugs/cups of tea you would like to send my way would also be gratefully accepted.

I'm going back to thrashing my urchins now until they fix this blasted game!


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    1. Missing avatar

      David Fleischmann

      Thanks for the update Seb, really excited to play when it's ready!

    2. Missing avatar

      James Woods on

      Any idea when I'll be getting my code to be able to download and begin playing?

    3. Missing avatar

      Karshtakavaar on

      I've not finished yet but I'm definitely enjoying it. There's more challenge in this one than episode one which is very welcome. Having a couple of save games on the go at once both to look for bugs and in case I run into a game breaking one is making me appreciate all the subtle effort that goes into crafting the lines of dialogue. I was wondering why Fiddle talked about the bin being full of peels the first time I heard it. Now I know. Also, so many cheese puns.

    4. Seb Burnett 3-time creator on

      Oh! Thank you Tina! You may be the first to play all the way through! Huzzah!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tina Malén Hansen on

      I played through the whole game this weekend, and I LOVED IT!
      Thank you Seb and all the others for the wonderful game! A few bugs some places, yes, but that was no problem for me! Thanks for all the long hours making this, and I hope people are not complaining too much. It's worth a few bugs for such a wonderful story and such crazy characters! Lots of virtual hugs from Tina in Norway