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Help us to finish Episode 2 of the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle. A comedy point-and-click adventure game set in Victorian London
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June Update


Dear all!

Can you hear it? That whooshing sound. Drawing ever nearer! Yes! That is the sound of A Bleaker Predicklement! It is nearly upon us!

I may have gone slightly mad, so I shall keep this update short. We've had a really busy, but positive month and Jamie has smashed through the bugs like some sort of mechanical game-development rhinoceros. I've been busy looking over his shoulder in the most important of advisory roles and now A Bleaker Predicklement is close to being the GREATEST Victorian Adventure EVER. 

As always, I don't want to give too much away, but now, in these last few weeks, I really need to get people talking about the game. So here are a couple of clips which I hope will have you clamouring for more! Please feel free to boast to all your friends about how YOU made this Adventure happen! 

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 Meet Doug. He is a Bounty Hunter. 

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 Lord Wretchedly is a compelling host

We are looking at July 19th as the grand release date on PC with iOS on the 20th (subject to Apple). Android will be a week or so later. So hold on to your whiskers! Within a few weeks you will all be getting your copies of the game sent to you!

Thank you all for your patience! I must go now - Mother is calling...

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    1. Missing avatar

      nottoobadthanks on

      A fly in the ointment? Any idea of a revised release date yet?

      I'm already "too old to be playing games" and reach another milestone within the next week or so... help!

    2. Berian Williams on

      Any update on when the release will now be?

    3. Saodhar

      Most exciting!

    4. Seb Burnett 2-time creator on

      @James Do you mean enable backers to buy additional copies of the game?

    5. Sam Ackermann on

      I'm so excited that we're getting closer to the release date. I cannot wait to stream it and have a grand ol' time~

    6. Chris Ivens on

      I think I need to hibernate until it comes out. The anticipation is unbearable. Oh no, I've just thought, the wife has a birthday in July that I should really be awake for. Oh well, counting off the days it is then.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Galbreath on

      Seb, a question. The Kickstarter was quite a while ago, but now that the release is imminent, do you have a plan for us supporters to add copies of the game to use as gifts?

    8. Missing avatar

      James Galbreath on

      Perhaps when he said "July 19th as the grand release date on PC with iOS on the 20th (subject to Apple)" he was including Macs in iOS?
      I'm certainly looking forward to the Win10 version!

    9. Seb Burnett 2-time creator on

      Hello! @Matt the Windows and Mac versions will come out at the same time. I guess I should have said desktop!
      @Andy Physical rewards have been put on hold. My head was going to explode. I wanted to co-ordinate it all beautifully so that physical rewards arrived a week before the release, but with just the two of us working on this project at the moment it's not possible. As soon as the game is out I will dedicate myself full-time to getting those fulfilled!

    10. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Nice news, thanks! And how are the physical rewards coming along? ^^

    11. Matt Combes on

      So are you using "PC" in the general sense here, encompassing both Windows and Mac? Or does "PC" mean just Windows, and that the Mac version is going to be released at a later date?