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Help us to finish Episode 2 of the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle. A comedy point-and-click adventure game set in Victorian London
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May Updatification

Posted by Seb Burnett (Creator)

Hello Dear Backers. How are you?

I'm sat here feeling slightly under the weather as I seem to have picked up a case of ComicConventionitis at MCM London last weekend. I had a great time showing off A Bleaker Predicklement there and thank you to everyone who came over for a chat/played with my Inexplicable Meat Mound.

A real-life Inexplicable Meat Mound
A real-life Inexplicable Meat Mound

Thank you to Lady Asabat shown above for so elegantly demonstrating the Inexplicableness of my Meat.

Now, back to the more serious side of Game Dev. Many of you will have noticed that it is now the end of May and you will recall I very boldly announced that A Bleaker Predicklement would be released this month. However, I'm very sorry to say I have to push back release once more. The task of editing the 2500+ lines of exquisitely recorded dialogue and lip-syncing it all took much longer than anticipated (my humble apologies to Elise who had the pleasure of that task). 

The good news is the game is now content ready with only the intro and outro scenes to be animated. But we still have to spend the next 4-6 weeks bug-testing and polishing up puzzles and interactions. This means that we are now going to release in July. Definitely. I promise!

Victorian London in all it's smoggy glory
Victorian London in all it's smoggy glory

Once again I'm very sorry to postpone the release like this. I can assure you that it will all be worth it though and A Bleaker Predicklement will be be the finest Comedy Murder Mystery Adventure Game set in Victorian London you have EVER played! In the Kickstarter I promised to make this episode longer, puzzlier and more punny than before and I can honestly say that we have done that. A Bleaker Predicklement now has around 6 hours of gameplay and the puns are so bad that I made the Mayor of Punsylvania cry.

Now, back to the Adventuring Board.

Best wishes and humble apologies, Seb


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    1. Seb Burnett 3-time creator on

      Thank you for all your patience and support! It really means a lot to us!

    2. Sio on

      Wonderful news! I always expect games to be massively delayed, so I'm just pleased as long as things are moving along. And extra pleased when a release is announced. So now I'm extra pleased!

    3. Mark Baars on

      Great honest update, as said below take as much time as you need. It's finished when it's ready, no need for a deadline �

    4. Lafazar

      That's a perfectly reasonable delay and a perfectly reasonable reason for a delay, so take all the time you need to make the game as good as you can. Best of luck!