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The folks from Cafe Gutenberg need your help to get the wheels turning on Richmond's first vegan sandwich cart!

Rooster Cart is an all vegetarian food cart hoping to open for business in Richmond VA this January 2012. Its the brainchild of brother- sister team Jen and Luke Mindell, (hi thats us!) who worked together at Jen's former restaurant, Cafe Gutenberg. 

Our concept is to offer restaurant quality vegetarian and vegan fare in a no frills environment where fresh, healthy and sustainable eats are the norm rather than a special request. We want to take the "hunt" out of concious eating and park it where you live and work so that real ingredients are as accessible as grabbing the fast food alternative.

We want to please the palates of vegans and omnivores alike by using flavor rather than filler to satisfy the soul. And we know we can do this- pass it on Richmond friends- this is tofu even your italian Grandma will love! Last of all we want to make it affordable. Rooster Cart isnt boutique health food, its food for everyone, and hopefully it gets us one step closer to seeing the high price tag of healthy living become a thing of the past.

These may sound like lofty aspirations but for our part we know we can make a little dent by keeping it simple and doing what we love. We'll keep costs low by putting our resources into the important stuff- the food- and rely on feedback from the community to spread the word and help us grow.

The cart was built by Luke and our Dad and the menu will be a rotation of killer recipes created by Jen. Our main product is baguette sandwiches, in particular our namesake sandwich the Rooster (crispy red chili mock duck with cucumber and scallions) and our menu is inspired by the meeting of French and Asian cuisine as seen in classic street food like Banh Mi.  This is our favorite type of sandwich as it captures all the elements of a great meal in one perfect little bite. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory, we want our sandwiches to pack a punch without being heavy or contrived. We use locally made bread, tofu and soysage, plus Virginia vegetables when we can, and think you will totally dig what can happen with just a few carefully chosen ingredients.

Well, less talk more rock... here's a few more of our sandwiches:

Tofu Banh Mi- braised local tofu, cilantro, jalapenos and daikon radish pickle

Oysterish Po Boy- crispy mock abalone, pickled green beans, curried cabbage slaw

Vegan Caeser- braised tofu, grilled romaine, nicoise olive vinaigrette

Zucchini Lox- pressed zucchini, smoked almond cream cheese, crispy capers and fresh dill

Miso Eggplant Sandwich- pickled ginger, avocado, scallions and almond cream cheese

Jackfruit Cuban- soy chorizo, jackfruit, vegan cheddar, rooster pickles and wholegrain mustard

All sandwiches are vegan though we will offer mayonnaise and rennetless cheeses from local producers for those who wish to add it.

Sounds great so what do we need your help with? Rooster Cart has come a long way but we still need your help to get licensed, stocked and legit. We'll hit the streets as soon as we can with some pop up events and a temporary permit and within a month would like to be fully operational, offering lunch and delivery daily.

Here's the breakdown of where your money will go, and please remember that Kickstarter is all or nothing funding- which means we only receive your pledges if the goal number is reached : deposit on a commercial kitchen, city and state licences and permits, bulk food startup like nutritional yeast, soy sauce, spices and other staples, tabletop mobile fryer, hotel pan and chafing dish inserts and lids, storage containers and service utensils, takeout and delivery packaging, electricity for night lighting and ventilation, a generator, and stencil and spraypaint supplies for our cart logo.

Your help is the last piece of the puzzle and we thank you so much for showing an interest in our project. Above all we cant wait to cook for you. The future is mobile and vegan!


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    Your name will be painted on the side of Rooster Cart!, and you will get a hearty meat and dairy free thank you on our facebook page.

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    We will paint your name on the side of Rooster Cart! You will also be put on the VIP list, earning you a free sandwich every time your birthday rolls around.

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    We'll send you a limited edition Rooster Cart recipe card. Plus you get the free birthday sandwich every year and your name will go on our wall of awesomeness for all of our customers to see.

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    Star in a Rooster Cart commercial on our Youtube channel! They are funny and edgy and we have a great time making them. Even if you don't live near us, we can use a webcam to capture your part! You also get the free birthday sandwich every year, a recipe and your name painted on the side of Rooster Cart.

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    A 2-hour vegan cooking class with Jen at the Rooster Kitchen for you and a friend including dinner. This can include vegan baking, vegan sauces and meat and dairy free flavor development. Plus the free b-day sandwiches, a recipe from the class and your name on the side of Rooster Cart!

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    We will bring Rooster Cart to you for a party or event, or even better we'll park it at your outdoor wedding! Perhaps the ultimate vegan tailgate party? Distance and date must be approved one month in advance. OR... If you don't live in the area, Jen will get a tattoo of your name! We'll send you the pictures and post em on Facebook.

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    *Deep breath* Luke, who has no tattoos, will get his first one OF YOUR NAME! (This took some convincing) Or... We will work with you to design a sandwich based on your favorite food, name it after you, and put it on Rooster Cart's menu. You also get the free b-day sandwiches, a recipe and your name on the side of Rooster Cart!

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